What Causes Autism?

It is not known what causes autism but researchers have been trying to make headway to isolate which genes may cause it. Gene research is and exciting area of autism research. But this work is not ready to bear fruit just yet but here is what they know so far. What they have discovered is a number of risk factors that are associated with but not the cause of autism.

1.Genetic History – It has been shown that 30%-50% of autism cases are inherited. You might want to do a little homework and ask relatives did they or other family members experience any autism symptoms. When you visit your doctor be sure have this information available so your doctor can make an accurate autism diagnosis.

2. Risk factors in pregnancy and delivery are also risk factors. It is suspected that women with first trimester infections and lack of oxygen in delivery are risk factors that contribute to autism but are not causes. Make sure you have any pregnancy abnormalities available when you see your doctor.

3. Fragile X Syndrome– researchers have attributed 3% of the autism to this disorder.

4. Gene Mutation – This cause it what researchers are looking for. It seems there are a number of genes that are associated with brain function that may “mutate” to cause autism. It is unclear how these genes mutate. Read more about autism gene research.


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