Books about Autism Spectrum Disorders

 B O O K S  T O  E X P L O R E 

Targeting Autism : What We Know, Don’t Know and Can Do to Help Young Children With Autism and  Related  Disorders – Calling attention to recent advances in early identification and educational therapy, this book offers up-to-date research findings within a scientific framework enriched by author’s own observations and narratives from parents and adults with autism.

Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals is honest, yet optimistic about the strengths and weaknesses associated with children having this disorder. Helpful and practical, will be useful for quite a while.

The World of the Autistic Child walks you through the prospect of Autism/PDD from the initial diagnosis through treatment. Balanced discussion of the multiple issues any parent needs to consider. If you haven’t already, you will soon discover that the treatment community is highly polarized. This book help you sort out what you read and hear elsewhere.

Play and Imagination in Children With Autism goes beyond the usual autism literature by examining the complex problems children with autism experience in reciprocal social interaction, communication and imagination,  by looking closely at the nature of the disorder in relation to play’s role in childhood culture and development, as well as contemporary intervention practices.

The Out-Of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Integration Dysfunction is not about autism, however, a very common  condition in autistic children; can manifest itself in excessively high or low activity levels, problems with motor coordination, over sensitivity or under sensitivity to sensations and movements, and other symptoms. This book carefully details many helpful routines and remedies.

Teaching Children With Autism:discuss the behavioral characteristics of autism, intervention methods, and key topics such as spontaneous language, along with concrete ways to support families, focus on long term gains and short term problem solving.

Laying Community Foundations: For Your Child With a Disability : How to Establish Relationships That Will Support Your Child After You’re Gone address specific ways to help disabled children, teenagers and adults establish these crucial long-term relationships, offer insight into relationships with siblings, give general time frames for  accomplishing the various steps in a long term care plan, and offer examples and checklists.

Autism : Preparing for Adulthood is clear and practical, essential for anyone concerned with the challenges facing teenagers and young adults with Asperger syndrome, PDD/NOS or high-functioning autism.

Growing Up With Language: How Children Learn to Talk is a reader friendly book, that is not intended to offer a course in linguistics.Throughout the book, Baron illustrate many language learning milestones.

Teaching Children With Autism to Mind-Read: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents
This is the first guide on applying Theory of Mind–the ability to infer the mental states of others and use this information to interpret their behavior–to children with autism. It concentrates on the effective treatment of social and communicative abnormalities in children with autism, guiding the reader through the underlying experimental and clinical principles. It then gives a graded program for teaching children each of these skills. 

The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed. Child  clearly outlines IEP, how to arrange the best possible program for a child, how to resolve disputes with school districts, have  letters and forms which can be copied, and more.

Pragmatic Development (Essays in Developmental Science) provides an integrated view of how children acquire
the various subsystems of rules for appropriate and communicatively effective language use,  including expression of communicative intents, participation in conversation, and production of extended discourse.

Intervention Planning for Children With Communication Disorders: A Guide for Clinical Practicum and  Professional Practice  explores the problem solving and decision making process involved  in clinical intervention planning across categories of children’s communication disorders. Includes case studies of four children with language, phonology, fluency, and voice disorders.

Soon Will Come the Light : A View from Inside the Autism Puzzle
Thomas McKean, an autistic author,  successfully provides the reader with a new wealth of insight into areas known only to those individuals with autism.
McKean’ description of what he experiences when he “tunes out” is quite fascinating.  He enters a world of alternate reality created within the boundary of his imagination. A scary darkness leads to majestic mountains, a castle, a dragon field, a domed city, ocean, sunken ship, red fluorescent caverns, forest, and abandoned mansion. He expresses a fear of exploring too far and being unable to find his way back… How many of us wonder what our children with autism see when they have that far away look in their eyes?


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