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We are busy making  Autism/PDD Resources Network  your community site, so send us your stuff! Kids’ artwork or stories, comments, complaints…whatever!! You can email artwork or photos as attachments.

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1) Danny’s story – age 16

2) Ben’s writing – age 8

3) Poem by PDD child, age 11



Danny – made recently at age 16.

Amanda – age 13


Danny – made at age 7                                          Daniel – age 9Stephanie – age 10                 Danny- age 6                   Jonathan – age 12 Children Books

Kids Corner 


Thinking Skills Fun
The Electronic Zoo
Library for Schoolkids
The Nine Planets
Smithsonian Museum
Life in the White House
NASA-Space Science
Old Sturbridge Village Space Image Library 
Research-It Martian Sun-Times


Support: Sibshops and Other Sibling Programs


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