Autism Diagnosis what you need to know

Legal Autism Resources
What are your legal rights for your autistic child? Fortunately there are laws to protect you at school and at your employer. There are also advocacy organizations to find the legal help you need.

School and College Assistance
Find out what special education programs are available for autistic children and how you can contact them.

Financial Planning for adults and children of Autism
Having a child with special needs requires additional financial planning, insurance considerations.

Autism Resources by State
A comprehensive guide to the support groups, agencies and other resources by state.

Disability resources
Resources for Adults with Disabilities by State Guide, Questions and Answers about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Autism Tips
Read tips from parents of autistic children. Find out from other parents how to interact with your childs teacher? Parent tips for working with teachers National toll-free numbers


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Legal ResourcesFinancial ResourcesDisability Resources

Autism Resources by State

Autism Tips

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