Support & Assistance, Independent Living

Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living 

A national network of rural independent living centers and other programs.
Brookwood Community – Brookshire, TX
CIL’s by State, Territory, Country, International
Directory of Independent Living Centers.
Centers for Independent Living
Links to centers and resources for the United States and Canada.
Devereux Pocono Center
Creates communities for persons with special needs, including mental retardation, developmental,emotional/psychiatric, behavioral disorders, and autism.
Disability World
FREED: An Independent Living Resource Center
Independent living programs
Independent Living Research Utilization Overview
Information, training, research and technical assistance in independent living.
Independent Living USA
Resource for individuals with disabilities.
National Home of Your Own Alliance
Help people with disabilities to own and control their homes.
Opening Doors
Provides information and technical assistance on affordable housing issues to people with disabilities, their families across the United States.
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