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Any one's child get naked inappropriately?  My son wants to be naked when he goes in the bathroom (pooping) and would proceed to go around naked thereafter.  When we go out he would start to pull down his pant before he gets in the restroom.  If anyone has encountered this how did you stop it.  


concernedpa.39244.6280092593All 3 of my boys did the same thing. The only thing I can tell you is that they eventually outgrew it (for the most part)...My middle son will attempt to walk around the house naked, he is 10. I think it was a sensory thing...not liking to feel the clothes. To this day my youngest hates socks and shoes. Hope this helps you some. Hang in there!My son is ALWAYS naked! Hopefully someone has answers! I have tried everything from duck taping his diaper, onsies, belts, putting clothes on backwards...he still manages to get naked! He even strips at local parks the second he gets a chance to! I believe this is sensory, it HAS to be!

My son will strip from the waist down almost wherever he is if he has to have a BM, but we're still waiting for him to go in the potty.

He loves to run around naked after a bath...I'm sure it feels good with no itchy clothes, seams, tags, etc.  (although I do my best to keep him in comfy clothes).

VERY common. It's a sensory thing. Lots of kids are afraid they'll get something on their pants. My son says that wetness on cloth HURTS him. I believe him. There's also the good feeling of nakedness.  I'll tell you a little secret that parents of older ASD kids keep their mouths closed about.   LOTS of older ASD boys (I don't know about girls) LOVE to walk around naked at home.  Or as naked as they're allowed to be.  Since it seems to relieve stress, lots of us parents allow it.  My own 16yo generally hangs out in boxers.  So sue me. This gives him comfort and hurts no one.  He knows he can't be that way if there's company or if he leaves the house.  We all deal with this differently.  I just wanted you to know that it's not uncommon.  If you want no nakedness, you'll have to get your child in the habit of being naked ONLY in the bathroom. And ONLY at home. Our kids tend to stick with whatever habit occurs. So it pays to arrange for a GOOD habit to stick.My NT 4 year old strips down to go poo lots of times.  He at a minimum takes off his underwear, shorts/pants, socks, shoes.  Don't fret just yet!  Its a kid thing, not an autism thing.

I never considered a real problem.  And at age 5, dd once walked right out our front door, starkers except for dress up shoes! 

Once they are verbal enough to understand, it is easy to explain.  At least with girls.

Thank you so much everybody.  This is one of the latest habits we are trying to break.  I was hoping to "nip it in the bud" this summer.   Breaking habits takes so much work with my son, I was hoping to find a shortcut that does not stress me out too much.   



My 7 yr old son has the same issue.  Also has an issue of wiping his rear with t.t instead of his hands.  I don't know what to do.

My 7 year old son is naked at home whenever we don't have company over.  He wears clothes when he goes out and totally understands that he needs to but as soon as we get home or as soon as company leaves he strips.  I hardly notice it anymore. 

If we let them, my boys would be prancing about in the buff 24x7.  They used to strip anytime we left them alone for any period of time, and at age 3 we would put them to bed in pajamas and find them in the  morning naked.  Now they are more compliant.

Now, they both still take their pants completely off to poop, but we make them put them back on again.  We make them wear clothes in the house, but they can choose the clothes as long as they are inside (e.g., shorts and a tank top in the winter are fine inside, but if we want to go outside to play in the cold/snow we need to change into "winter clothes.").

At night, after baths, we let them run around naked for 20 - 30 minutes before we ask them to get dressed for bed.

One habit we are having trouble braking is the "strip where you are" routine.  If we are in the kitchen and I tell the boys to get their bathing suits on, they will strip naked where they are standing, and then run naked toward their bedroom.  I then make them come back and pick up their clothes, and then they are running down the hall naked carrying the clothes.  I can't get them to wait until they get to their room to take the clothes off. 

My ASD son is actually more compliant to following "get dressed" directions than my NT son.  My NT son likes to stand there and "negotiate" more "naked time" and gives me excuses why he doesn't want to get dressed at that moment. 

My girls are kind of take it or leave it when it comes to clothes.  They have no problem running around the house all day in their panties, but they are starting to notice and laugh at each other when they see the other 'nekkid', which I think is the beginnings of self conciousness about nudity - not sure.

fred39245.4533101852My boy drop his undies down on the floor to poop. To pee he drop it to his ankles

Both my kids take off their pants completely when they sit on the toilet.  My autistic son will often forget to put his pants back on.  My younger NT son is better about it, but often goes and gets a new pair of pants.

We also have the strip-where-you-are problem with our autistic son, if he gets wet or if he's headed for the bathroom.  I attribute this to having trouble waiting.  He has the idea in his head that he needs to get undressed, and needs "closure" on that idea ASAP.

We also had a problem with my autistic son stripping when it was chilly in the house on extra cold winter days.  He gets his signals mixed up and thinks he's hot.

I don't mind them walking around in their underwear, but the problem is that my autistic son will run outside or run and answer the door and doesn't think about getting dressed first, and I can't always catch him in time.  So I make him get dressed, at least in pajama pants (they're more comfortable). 

Good luck with everything.