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Lindsey, all of my kids are over the virus, now.  It lasted for 4 days with DS and one night for both of the girls (though they vomited enough during that one night to at least equal the output of my son!).  No one was sick during the day.  Just at night.  Quite mysterious :)Ya Damian is still sick, we havent been giving him melatonin just to be safe, hopefully he gets over it very soon. I will keep everyone updated. The doctor said he feels if it was the med, then he wouldnt get sick if we didnt give it to him. Its just really odd that he is only vomiting at night, but hopefully its just nothing.

Yes Damian is finally over it too, it was such a stange bug, only sick at night Im just glad to be done with it.


OK that's good, that it isn't the melatonin.  I was going to say my guy never had those kind of side effects, my oldest has  taken it at times on his own as I have, and we have never had side effects either.


NYMommyof339149.316712963We went to doc today he said he definately thinks its just a virus, said to call back monday if it still going.Has anyone's child ever expirenced vomiting and diahrea due to Melatonin. Damian has been since weds, and the only time he vomits is at night so im worried its the melationin we havent given it to him for 4 days and he is still getting sick we are going to doc but im just wondering.Never had any for DS of DH.Melatonin

Other Names: MEL, MLT, N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine

What side effects should I watch for?

Major Side Effects

Melatonin can affect the normal body production or the supplemental use of certain hormones. Blood levels of human growth hormone (HGH) may be increased, while luteinizing hormone (LH) may be decreased. HGH stimulates growth in children and helps to regulate metabolism in adults. LH is important in the development of eggs and sperm. Other hormones may be affected, too. While no serious results have been identified, laboratory tests for these hormones may be inaccurate if the tests are performed during the same period that melatonin is taken. Individuals who take melatonin should inform their doctors before having any laboratory blood work.

Less Severe Side Effects

Other side effects reported by individuals taking melatonin include:


No answer to your question, but it's intersting that you mention the vomiting at night thing.  My son has vomited three of the past four nights!  He's fine during the day, but he's yakking all over the place in his sleep, poor guy.  It reminds me a bit of a Norwalk virus he had before, but the night puking is a little strange.

Let me know what the doc says.  My son doesn't take melotonin, but maybe there's some virus going around that causes this, for some reason.

Could it be acid reflux? If I eat within 2 - 3 hours of bedtime and I'm laying down on my back flat or tummy I feel the urge to purge. I don't during the day usually because I am upright.

My son's had a cough for several weeks, too - we're thinking that an accumulation of mucus might be triggering it at night (he has a high gag reflex). Does damian have a cought, too?

My son has never had any side effects but the desired one.