Golden Globes | Autism PDD


DOes anyone know why?  Is his child autistic?

There was that movie he was in several years ago.... Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis.  Can't find anything on the web other than that connecting the two (Alec Baldwin & autism).


I saw several of the celeb's wearing them!  Sadly, *I* didn't even know what it dh had to tell me.  But now I'm passing it on to everyone I possibly can!!Hey, I just turned on the award show and Alec Baldwin was wearing a puzzle
piece pin on his lapel. I really hope the general public can be made aware of
what this means. Hopefully people will ask and learn something about
autism! Thats awesome!

Here is some information that I found hp ,,20006775_20008589,00.html html

There were quite a few clebs. wearing them.  Most of the people were on show that air on NBC.  And Mr. NBC started "autism speaks" .  That was how I put the two together.