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Field trip resources

One of our members does an e-newsletter.  The latest issue is about field trips.  She made the point that field trips give life experience that can aid reading comprehension, I thought that was a good point.

The newsletter also includes tips, articles and three sample social stories on field trips (also included on my list below).  Thanks, Nicole, for another great issue.

Here's the link to the Positively Autism newsletter (P.S. you might want to sign up to get notified of new issues).

Sample social stories about field trips: - Going to the state fair and renaissance festival (with photos). sh-Down.html - field trip to a water park (also linked from Positively Autism). - rollerskating field trip (with simple visuals) 070426142914.SocialStory.doc - field trip to an interactive art museum, with photographs. -using-mixbook.html - social story about visiting a children's museum with hands-on activities like music and bubbles.  Made using mixbook software. - to prepare kids for a visit to this particular museum. - going to the grocery store with school. l - field trip to McDonalds, Wendy's, bowling, circus, and a generic one (focusing on the bus ride and snack). df - field trip to an aquarium.


Related resources: p;am p;KW=bus - bus-related resources, including social stories. p;am p;KW=potty - potty resources, in case you need a social story about public restrooms. p;am p;KW=elopement - elopement resources, for kids with a tendency to wander off. p;am p;KW=safety+resources - misc. safety resources, including stranger danger.


Any other resources to add?