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My daughter's friend's family have dark circles under their eyes - they are all iron deficient. Maybe another thought?


I have them really bad and so does my mom and my brother.  They bother me sooo  bad that I went to the dermatologist about them.  He told me they were hereditary and there was no treatment for it.  None of those "under eye dark circle treatments" would help.  And they don't.  I have since had sinus surgery and have learned that the darker my circles are the worse my sinues are.  I know allergies and sinuses go hand in hand sometimes, but i just wanted to throw the sinus part in there to make sure he doesn't have a sinus infection.

My son has really dark circles. But they do come and go. When he went gluten free--they went away--so I thought. It turned out that it may had been due to the gluten--or that we went on vacation to a different part of the country. I actually took him off gluten during our trip and he still didn't have dark circles. But when we got home---they came back immediately!! We already know he is allergic to lots of stuff. The biggest is probably cat. No cats on vacation and we have 2 cats at home!

I first went to an allergist for him and then the DAN dr-who did all the other allergy testing. I don't know if other DAN drs are like ours, but he is also an environmental dr and I feel its very important to realize whats in our environment that may be causing our kids to have these disorders. It is very good for all of our children (NT also) to be in a non-toxic environment.

they are called allergic shiners. purple marks under their eyes. i confused this for a long time with my sons lack of sleep. i wasnt looking for the obvious. they can be caused by elements-my bro would get them from mold or dust, or by foods, my son gets them from dairy.I have them, always have.  My daughter does too.  We are on the small side too.  My mom was told I had a milk allergy when I was small but as an adult I drink milk with no problem.  My daughter does not seem to have problems with dairy...I think ours is genetic.I suggest checking out the autism section of www.naet.com. This has helped us a lot with Kevin's food sensativities and the cost is not high.

Anyone elses child have these?  My son developed them after going GFCF but I can't find it mentioned anywhere that it could be a nutritional deficiancy.  I often hear it could be from allergies (of which he has many). We did take him off his allergy meds since we felt they were delaying his learning.

If you've heard of this let me know.  my dh and his mother also have them.


After reading your posts, I agree, they are probably his allergies.  He was on Zyrtec from 20 months until 36 months.  Then he took singulair for about 8 months.  After we took him off singulair the very next day he used his imagingation.  That is something he never did before.  I'm not 100% sure it's connected but he has improved so much since then.  My DAN is also an allergist (he's more of an allergist than a DAN imo) and he does a homeopathic nose spray.  I'm thinking of trying that.  We also eliminate as many allergies in our home - no pets, air cleaners, no carpeting etc.  I heard extra vit c can help.  we just started kirkman buffered c.  He seems to tolerate it fine, you need fairly high doses to help with allergies.

I hope he outgrows them!


They are ususally indicative of allergies.  Take him to an allergist as opposed to just relying on your DAN! doctor.  There are all kinds of meds for allergies these days. A large number of kids with special needs, not just ASD kids, have allergies.  You'd think the mainstream medical community would have investigated the connection long ago. My son's dark circles and postnasal drip went away when he was put in Singulair, which is VERY mild and caused no negative reaction in my son, in my husband (who has asthma) or in anyone else I know who has taken it.

How long has be been on gfcf?  Is he on a probiotic?

Not sure if this has something to do with it, but my kids will get the dark circles when they go through yeast die off.  The only thin I wonder with your ds is because he is on the gfcf diet he is eating less carbohydrates because he isn't comsuming as much as he did when he was eating wheat.  Reducing carbs and sugar can help starve the yeast.   

Jackson has that too. When we were going to the DAN doc (which we don't do anymore) he said it was due to too much yeast. When we got the test back, there was NO elevated yeast at all.

I think it's allergies.

As a small child, my son always had them.  Sometimes they were so severe that it looked like he had been hit in the eye.  The pediatrician said it was allergies.  He seems to have outgrown them now.


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