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I love ALL of these ideas...thank you...thank you...thank you....

He HATES getting messy and I have noticed that it has gotten worse over the summer (and I believe it is because we haven't done enough crafts...messy crafts)...

Thanks for the advice...we will get started today and I will let you know how it goes!

This summer my kids are into those little plastic beads that you melt with an iron.  I think it might even help my son with his motor skills because those things are so darn small!!  I also bought them an easle (sp) with a chalkboard and dry erase board on opposite sides that you can put a roll of paper into.  They won't stop drawing on the paper.  It was only at IKEA.  They also like stickers and those little buckets full of foam shapes and stickers.

Maybe go to a craft store and let them pick something that looks interesting to them. 

We've started going through the list of museum passes at the library to keep busy.  Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum and today we're going to a Cartoon Museum.

Good Luck!!

Joe loves painting birdhouses. He loves that no matter how messy it gets, it still looks like a birdhouse. We keep finding them at yard sales, and of course craft stores. He also loves  to paint with real artist acrylics, very thick paints in tubes. We got some from a cousin, and we play music as he paints. He also enjoys using my rubber stamps and scraps of fabric and ribbon to make cards. He loves printing out pictures from the net of things that a person loves for his cards too, and making them a collage. Try going to they have some craft ideas as well as some pictures you can print to have stickers placed in the circles -helps with fine motor skills.

I've got millions, Optimistic...

-Playdough with cookie cutters

-Golfball painting - Put a piece of paper in a shallow cardboard box.  I like to use the ones that cases of drinks come in.  Squirt a few quarter size dots of paint onto the paper.  Add the golf ball and tilt the box.  Watch the ball "make tracks" through the paint all over the paper. My son LOVES this activity and he hates art....

-Paint with water-- Go outside and paint with water on any flat, dark surface..think flagstone, slate or macadam.  Watch the sun make your art disappear!

--Draw your child's favorite design with glue and make him use rice cereal or gravel to cover it! One piece at a time!

--Use photosensitive paper to make designs with natural items (leaves, flower petals, twigs, etc)

--Take a nature walk and collect flowers to press.

--Help your child make a scrapbook of all the things HE wants to include.

Have I helped you yet?  There's plenty more where these came from...

While you are using glue, be sure to get some on his hands...once the glue is on them, hurry up and get those noodle on his hands BEFORE he knows what is going on.  FingerPaints are "always" FUN!  How 'bout a wreath??  Glue some flowers on a picture frame...trace around his hands...let him color and/OR paint them...hang them on a string...make a mobile of things he likes...fall is just around the bend...make a scarecrow..sit him on a bail of hay...make some crows to sit on his shoulders...later on you can add pumpkins  :)

CAden recently started liking beads and jewelry.. he showed me a necklace and I said cool beans so now he calls his necklaces "cool beads" (coo bees) he LOVES them I was thinking of getting the oversized wooden beads and helping him string them to make necklaces..
homemade wrapping paper is fun idea too I cut shapes out of the end of raw potatoes.. let them dunk them in paint and dot on a big roll of white paper.. if nothing else it would be a big fun mess I havent done this with caden yet. but my mom and I used to do it every year at xmas time :)

Eric loves to bake vanilla sugar cookies, cut out with different cookie cutters, then decorate with frosting and small candies (mini M&M's, skittles, sprinkles,etc).  Eating them is the reward!

I am just not crafty and any craftiness I have has run dry (alomst dry)...can anyone give me some ideas to help me out through the rest of summer....(crafts for a 4.5 year old)...I am okay with fact, that is good since ds hates stuff on his hands... My son likes to use popsicle sticks and glue to build forts and longboats. also macroni for necklaces and braclets.