nail biting | Autism PDD


My son started doing this a few months ago. I do and I am sure that is where he learned it. We tried this no bite stuff on his nails, its like a clear liquid that is applied like nail polish and tastes horrible. Well that didnt work to well and he still does it. Not as much now as he used to though. I know its a bad habit and its something he should not be doing but I must admit it sure is nice not having him fight, kick, and scream when we used to have to cut his nails. I'm not autistic, but I've been a heavy nailbiter all my life. I didn't learn it from anyone. It's an anxiety thing--it soothes me (don't ask me I have no motivation to stop, and my nails look terrible, but I figure it's better than using I've been told it's an anxiety/OCD problem--trust me, it's as hard to quit nailbiting as it is to stop smoking (I don't smoke, but I'm guessing it's the same). I get a lot of relief from biting my nails. I'm exposing my own embarassing bad habit here to try to explain I've noticed lately that my daughter (age 3) has started biting her nails!!  When I see her doing it I give her her "chewlery" necklace and she chews on that for a bit, but then I see her hands back in her mouth.  Is there something safe I can put on her fingernails possibly to make her not want to bite them?  Anyone had this issue come up?  This is pretty recent, I'd say she's only been doing it for the last month or so.  I used to cut her nails and now there's never anything to trim!! lol my son started biting his nails when he hit 3 . so he has been doing it for the last 3 months. doctor told me it was anxiety. mines does it when he is waiting for something or if you tell him not to do something. so i would says when he is impatient or even nervous. he does it in the streets too.My son  chews on his finger nails down to the meat, and then he starts on his toe nails. I have to find something else for him  to chew on, but at 11 years old its hard to find something that is acceptable out in public. He also chews on the sweeper handle and tries to chew on my nails if his are to sore.  Grant just started biting his nails about 2 months ago.  He seems to do it whenever he is mad because I tod him no or am making him wait.   My carter does this and he just turned three this weekend! He bit his nails all day at his party!! It is frustrating and it seems as though nothing can stop it.

My son started biting his nails around 3 yrs old. We have tried everything to get him to stop biting his nails. We tried the "THUMB" anti-nail biting  finger polish to tabasco sauce and just reminding him not to chew every time we saw him biting his finger nails nothing worked. Then he move on to his shirts and straps of the car seat. (We noticed it when he was in a new environment or concentrating on something or if he was being overstimulated.) He is constantly chewing on something, I haven't cut his finger nails for 2 years. I've talked with his OT and speech therapist and they stated that it goes along with the sensory integration. Now I bought him some vibrating "Jigglers"  it helps a little but I worry  that his teeth will start to wear down.