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The Ear Muffs!

I'm a Days fan myself, but what do ya know--today's All My Children is playing on the SOAP channel right now!  Haven't caught much of that character yet, but  so far I love that she's wearing the ear muffs.  We've used earmuffs with Josh at the movies, and seems to help.  Nice to know that we obviously aren't alone in our unconventional use of winter gear (even if it is a fictional tv character).

 I do not know if any of you watch All My Children? Well I usually just have it on during the noon hour here. Well, there is a character (young girl) Lilly, she has ASD on the show. She is starting a job at the local music shop. So her first day she shows up with ear muffs on! LOL! I thought this was cute! My daughter wears them also in class if needed. I think that the writers of the show depict a HFA child pretty well! She reminds me of my daughter a little. Just thought you all might want to see it! What do you think of her character?Traci, i usually tape As The World Turns, but i'll have to tape this one just to see her!  My son got all dressed up like a biker dude, bandana, leather gloves, leather jacket, etc. the whole nine yards (we live in florida 90+ degree weather!!) to go to the store with me one time!  I told him in a VERY loving way that it wasn't October yet and that he would be burning up!!!  He finally changed as soon as he stepped outside!I am going to have to check out that show.  I am a Young and Restless fan myself.