Funding for fences | Autism PDD


Does anyone know how to get funding for a fence for my backyard. We have a level one waiver, but got shotdown. My son is a 4 year old, high functioning Asd kid. We live in central Ohio. Help!!Thanks for posting that. I also live in south central ohio, and I would like to get a fence but can't afford one. So far I have found nothing.I have a call into Family Resources, they may help, I hope. We have that waiver and can't do anything with it.If you get anything accomplished, please let me know.I had a fence installed for my son when we lived in a trailer court. It was against the rules but they bent them considering all the circumstances. My son has kip funding and they paid for all of it. It was a nice white vynal fence so there wasn't any kind of maintenance. It did cost around 00.00 and we did take it with us when we moved as part of the agreement. Alot of people were upset to the fact we had a fence and they couldn't but we were having problems with the neighbor kids throwing pine cones, poking holes in his diaper(because he was 6-7) they would threaten to poke his eye out with a stick and one little boy of about the same age burned my sons chest by flicking cigar ashes down his shirt. (the cigar was compliments of his grandpa)My son would also pound on the neighbors home or lick their windows things like that. I really never had to worry about him wandering though as he pretty much always knew his boundaries and stayed within them. Kip funding also paid to have all the carpet in my home replaced with tile so that it would be more sanitary and easy for me to clean as my son is now 14 and not fully trained yet. I do know there is a list you need to get on for this program and if you have a social worker for your child you may inquire about it and they will fill you in on the program. I did not have too long of a wait and once you are on the program it will pay for any thing you may need for your child. Computer for communication, alarm system for your house so they may not get out with out your knowledge. It will pay for things school may be using that is helping your child and you may want to use at home as well. Things like that get pretty expensive I know. Hope this was of some help.Any suggestions for NH?  I would like to get a ION system for dd.  But too expensive!  So sorry for your boy!  reading that made me want to CRY!  Kids can be sooo mean to eachother!I will look into that. I have never heard of Kip funding..