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If your child is school age, he MUST get a report card that shows his progress.  Just checking NA does not count.  At the same time, you MUST be informed about his progress toward goals on his IEP.  Around here, this happens quarterly.  Some school districts send report cards every 6 weeks.  If so, you must be informed, in writing, every 6 weeks of your son's progress. Your school district is out of compliance otherwise and you should probably lodge a written complaint.  Speak to an advocate who is familiar with the laws in your state first.

Thansk Tzoya- Ill have to talk to my advocate abt this-thsi is something I wasnt even thinking about-sheesh...LOLOLOL

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DRew2 -- Probably both of the dev. ped's are right.  ASD is a dev. delay.  HOwever, when the "delay" continues into school age, suddenly dr's begin to realize it was an ASD.  Really, a medical diagnosis shouldn't be necessary for the school to address a particular child's delays.  It's just a short cut if you DO get the DX.  It helps those who work with your child get a leg up on how to address his deficits.  It's kind of like having an instruction manual when you want to put a bike together. Sure it's possible without it , but it sure does help.

Mommyt -- So glad you have an advocate.  She should be able to address all your questions.

Thanks Toyza-as of right now-well school is out right now-LOLOL, but my last meeting with teacher she didnt really let me know how Bailey was doing -only relating to the whole class and how he was so far behind them. Are they supposed to go over the IEP goals and let you kno wtaht way-or include their progreeswith the whole class? That was the only thinsg taht I learned-is test results-the same tests the class took and how he had scored compared to the overall class average etc. Thsi doesnt sound right-but I was just wondering how thsi all works??? My son is in 1st grade and I recieved no "report card" no grades etc-the papers every quarter just said NA-and then showed averages and zeroes etc-it was very upsetting to see it lined up that way :(Grades yes-but no average for the quarter-well the same expectations as the other kids-kwim-is this how it is supposed to be?

  ItsMe-   {{{HUGS}}}

That is WONDERFUL news that you have recieved all the supports taht you wanted for your son!!!!!! :)  :)  :) WOW! and even picked up on othr things!!! That is wonderful-I am soooo happy that things have been worked out!!!  You have made me feel much better abt everything going on :)

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The Dev. Delay diagnosis was just that.  We discussed him being on the spectrum however the Dev. Pedi did not feel that at this time he met the ASD criteria.  I'm not quite sure of the 2nd diagnosis, the PDD-NOS  on occasion either.  There are days were I think, if his speech was where it should be then we wouldn't think there was a problem.  However time will tell.  He'll be starting school and we'll be watching to see which direction he goes in.  In the mean time he'll be getting some intensive services which I think is too much, but I realize what the research shows for early intervention.  I'll probably be asking for advice about his ABA therapy in another thread.  Some people are struggling to obtain services, and here I am complaining that they're offering him 30hrs/wk.

Mommyt---  I can understand your frustration.  The teachers are what you expect to be the professionals and you HOPE they would have some knowledge base and some experience, not learning as they go along.  I also think that having an adovacte is a great idea and resource to have.  GOOD LUCK.

The law states that the parents need to be informed of their child's progress at least as often as the parents of general ed students are informed of their progress. That means, every report card period.  Since pre-K kids tend not to get report cards, you can always call a team meeting with the appropriate teachers and staff present, and ask.

Right now, I would make sure that the autism consultant will be there immediately when school starts.  S/He should observe your son and then consult with the teacher and staff about the techniques he suggests should be used to help your son learn and comply.  I would ask that he meet with you, too, so that those techniques can be carried over into your home.  If your son is having particular behavior problems, have the consultant perform a Functional Behavioral Assessment and then set up a Behavior Intervention Plan based on the results.  Most regular psychologists know how to do this and ALL autism consultants do. BTW, you have a right to ask to see any staffer's credentials, even the consultant's.

I approached my board of ed on my own and requested that the Autism Task Force do an evaluation on Kyle and it worked to my benefit. They picked up on learning issues that I didn't even notice and validated things I suspected. That was last year. This year they had another person evaluated him again for the purpose of introducing assistive technology and a one on one aid. Again, they validated what I was saying and introduced new ideas, so personally, I had great success with school Autism consult being done.Any time the school wants me to sign something, my eyebrow goes up..automaticially these days. (lol)  I, too, am gonna ask for an autism consultant to come to this school district.  Since I am "requesting" they hafta give???  I don't care who tests AJ they hafta "catch him" first (lol)  I believe the new spec. ed. teacher needs to learn more about teaching children with autism...the different methods.  Is the autism consultant for THAT purpose??  Hey say MomT??  You are doing a wonderful job advocating for Bailey!  Once you establish yourself, you "should" be taken more seriously!  Don't let them baffle you with BS, and always, Always, ALWAYS watch to be sure they are following the IEP, and to be sure Bailey's benchmarks and annual goals are being met.  :)

 Thanks everyone for your suport and suggestions in this :)

 Tzoya-yeah I need to remember that this is fairly new to EVERYONE-not just me. It just is aggrivating when the reg teacher has more questions and wants to understand and learn as much as she can than the so called professionals at the school. The teacher thsi year was wonderful. I have already recieved word taht Baileys next years teacher is a bit concerned????? What a thing to inform parents about-eh? !!!!!

Screech- The reason that I wanted the consultant to come in was that the school psychologist still has no idea what exactly is setting Bailey off and I thought the teacher could use some support in the classroom-as she had no idea for spur of the moment problems-kwim? But I dont exactly know if this is what I am getting for next year???? LOLOLOL How exactly is the school supposed to let you know how the goals are coming along-is that supposed to be in the IEP?

Drew-yeah I have come to that agreement too-it will be interesting just to see what the test results are-IM just worried what the school will want to do with these results-kwim? LOLOLOL I just dont want anything to change.....

  Thanks agn everyone :)

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I have a Master's Degree in Special Education. I got in in the ancient times -- 1975.  There was exactely ONE PARAGRAPH about autism in the whole two year program.  It said autism is a mystery, that the kids injure themselves and often rock their cribs across the room.  That a psychologist named Bruno Bettleheim thought it was because the kids' mothers were cold and called it "refrigerator mothers" but that that theory had recently been debunked. That the cause of autism was unknown and there was no known cure or even treatment.  PERIOD.  Many teachers who got their degrees back then are still teaching.  The fact is that Asperger Syndrome, though first observed by Asperger back in teh 1940's, was not entered into the DSM until 1980.  I believe PDD-NOS was only entered shortly before that.  Our current boom in autism only BEGAN in 1991.  Before that, autism really was very rare.  I've found the most important thing over the years was not as much whether or not a teacher understood autism BEFORE my son got there but whether or not she or he was willing to learn everything about it WHEN they got my son.  Thankfully, autism info is MUCH more available in the past 5 years or so.  The INTERNET has been really helpful in this.

Just wanted to let you know that I had my soon to be three year old son evaluated recently by two major and reputable hospitals in my area.  One facility came back with a Developmental Delay diagnosis and the other, three weeks later came back with a PDD-NOS diagnosis. 

I would try to remain optimistic that which ever testing is conducted would hopefully be to the advantage of you and your child.  AND if the testing is not to your advantage then I would look at the experience and the qualifications of the tester,as well as many other factors...childs mood, tempermant that day, is it just one evaluator, how long did the test take...Some of this questions could even be asked before the testing and is it possible that you could be present. 

Thanks Pammer-

 Well I called my advocate and the Utah Parent Center here-they basically told me that the school has a right to do whatever kind of testing they want in regards to Autism-as I signed that paperwork in the beginning about testing for this......

  I think they are wanting the ED label placed on him as they have already told me they think his behaviors are deliberate etc...sigh.... I just cant get through to them at all.

 I have decided to go ahead at let them test Bailey-dont know if I even had a choice in this, ...LOLOL, but anyway if they want to tell me that he isnt even on the spectrum then I am done-Ill just take my child and scoot..... I am so done with playing their game......... I dont want anyone teaching my child if they are so blind to ASD's in the first place-Bailey would continue to get no understanding and I cant be a fly on the wall to monitor them and what they are doing 24/7

  I am really happy with how things are-but if this test changes things then I wont be ...kwim....So I gues swe will just hav eto see whta this test results are......I know in my heart what my sons difficulties are and I will do fine without the school......*keep telling yourself this Tammy:) LOLOLOL*

 I guess Ive just got to see what the schools response will be and what the test will show etc. Thsi will tell me what their true motives are etc..... Then I will figure out what to do then....

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Tammy, that gets me so mad. I guess each state  is different. I would blow a gasket if they told me Lucas acts that way on purpose or if he needs ED/BD. Cyber-hugs (((hugs))) and I wish you the best for your precious Bailey. I hope you get all the supports you need!THis is what we had to do. Our school didn't want my son to be labeled autistic because it's a very small district (50 kids graduated in the Senior class last year). Every body is public funding and this district doesn't have help for ASD kids. We had a NeuroPsych report. I called the State Department of Public Education, usually located at your state capital. I asked for the Special Needs Advocate, and, unlike the school district, they were highly sympathetic to my son's needs. They intervened, which is not something any SD wants to deal with--bad publicity plus a stronger force on the side of the parent. On top of that, the Special Needs Advocate for the state put me in touch with a local advocate. They cost you nothing. They are parents who know the law to the oomph degree. Once the SD saw that I refused to be a lapdog to what they wanted, and had hired serious help, they paid more attention to me. They still hemmed and hawed though so my advocate called and said she was requesting mediation. They knew I'd win because the NeuroPsych would never be ignored through Mediation so they jumped and suddenly my son got the placement and every intervention we wanted. The SD didn't even test him for the disorder--frankly, they don't know how to look for it. They just gave us the placement and interventions we wanted. Sometimes you have to not worry about being a compliant parent, not making waves and take bold steps to help your child. We didn't want to "go there" but we had no qualms about it once the school district started getting "cute" with us. I recommend doing what we did. It's nonsense that your child needs to jump through yet another hoop. It's so true that our kids are more "Typical" on certain days, and I personally would not put up with this last bit of nonsense. Good luck :)

Thanks Tzoya for responding-I called the district lady-whom I loathe-LOLOLOL. Seams that when I asked the principle abt everything on the phone she didnt know what she was talking no its not a prerequesit, but the school psychologist  and herself thought that test was a good idea?? She said something about not every district had someone who could give it so she was having to search ard.and she was just concerned that maybee their focus was mixed up abt behavior or academics-as resent dev in Baileys academics have been revealed-ex: if he WANTS to he can do the work fine, which is not what the IQ test showed. The district lady just wants to make sure they are putting the right emphasis on things etc.???? I dont know abt that??? Sheesh...sigh....

 I just find it funny when I asked at the last meeting she was totally agnst this and then this out of the blue. I really stressed that I was concerned that the teacher wasnt getting enough support in the classroom and that I was wanting to make sure that this next year would be different. At the last meeting when asked how she was doing-Baileys teacher broke down and cried :( She said she feels like a 5th wheel, wanting to help bailey, yet also haveing 20 other students to teach etc-the principle chipped in too that next years teacher is pretty concerned already, so maybee the district lady was concerned abt all this info coming forth etc. ???And felt FINALLY it was time to bring in the consultant-but she was questioning the diagnosis of Autism that they had labeled him with at the last meeting etc.

 If this consultant does come back with a no on the Autism-does this test have precedends over an outside eval-or school eval that the school tests show? Im just wondering how much weight it has in regards to other tests etc.

 I looked up this test on line and looked at the qualifications the tester has to have to administer it-I find it no where equal to a professional MD or psychiatrist, or am I  wrong. Plus it cant be the sole factor in determining a label-right?Especially if ALL other tests have shown otherwise-right?

  I dont know-maybee I am just getting worried for nothing etc-they are asking me to bring Bailey back to the school next week-after school has been out to administer it etc-so its not coming cheap to them. ???

  Sheesh-I just wish I could trust them in thinking they have Baileys best interests at heart-I think thats the most frustrating part in all of this. I dont have a problem with the test being done, I think in any other case it would be quiet helpful, Its a trust issue though etc. :(

   Thanks agn Tzoya{{hugs}}

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Thanks Pammer-

 No One-I repeat, No one understands ASD's at this school. They think when he runs he is trying to get them mad-that when he is laughing he is trying to be mean and that he knows what he is doing-since he laughs. Its sooooo frustrating I have TRIED to let everyone know that emotions that Bailey expresses arent exactly clues as to what he is feeling-or they are REALLY overexagerated, but they dont get it and want to say well bad kid...sigh......because laughs. But they just see me as a mother who refuses to admit that her son is a monster-LOLOLOL-that I am in denial-good grief!!!!

 So basically when he bonks his sister on the head its because he is just a mean little kid-they dont see that he doesnt understand how to get his sisters attention. When someone falls down he laughs because he is just heartless......To me they just need to look at themselves-LOLOL He is sooo remorsefull and usually cries when I point out exactly what the other person is feeling by his actions-but I guess they arent really listening or trying to look at it that way....

  Its really frustrating-I thought I would get some support from the school psychologist who supposedly knows sooo much abt Autism, but he hasnt been saying much GRrr! LOLOLOL

  Thanks for the encouragement Pammer :)

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 Hi Everyone,

 I went to my final IEP meeting this year today-everything went really well and my concerns were heard and responded to well.

 I had mentioned to the team before that I had wanted an Autism cunsultant brought in and when I get home a message on the machine was that they were thinking about this and needed my permission. I guess the autism cunsultant will be giving an ADOS test to my son.

  He has already been diagnosed as PDD-NOS by a Childrens Hospital and many of the schools testing already shows many autsism traits etc-so why are they asking to do this testing with the consultant? Is it just me or are they thinking or trying to get out of this Autism label that they have classified him as?

  Maybee I am just paranoid, but they said this testing needs to be done as a prerequesit before they can work with her????

  Can anyone give me any advice on this-I told them okay???? Dont know if that was right of me to do or notor samrt, but I wasnt thinking I guess.....???

  Has anyone elses child been given the ADOS test by their childs school-and is thsi true that it must be performed in order to recieve cunsultant services?

   Thanks for any info or advice in this,

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We have had MANY autism consultants over the years, and many of them have done a variety of testing.  But NEVER as a prerequisite for working with a child.  If I were you, I'd ask to speak on the phone with the consultant.  THe ONLY drawback I see is that if the consultant somehow gets a score on the ADOS that says your son really isn't on the spectrum ( we all know that there are days when our kids seem more typical than others), she may challenge your son's classification.  I guess that's something you've thought of, too, and are nervous about.  I can't hurt to ask to talk to her or to get the school district to explain further on her behalf.Tammy, when my son went to meet the Special Ed teacher, before I put him in the class, she looked puzzled and asked, "What is PDD-NOS?" I think the difference is she wanted to learn and I was full of information .. lol. She's done a great job with him. I'm amazed that a Special Ed Teacher  had no clue what PDD-NOS is, but she knows now :)