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I think that all kids, special needs kids or tipicaly developing kids go through this but the differacnce is the "normal" kids care about what we say to them and the disabled kids just do their own thing!

One thing I have learned from andrew is that nothing we say has very much effect on him.  My other kids lick things and put grose things in their mouths but when I say NO NO, they take it out.  Andrew just acts like I am not even there!

Both my boys did this as well but got out of it..lolMY SON LICKS TOO!!!!!  the wall and anything in his way.  It was weird because up untill a few months ago he had never put anything in his mouth. He had never even put a toy in his mouth.  If you were to put a spoon in his mouth with food on it, that would be ok, but he would not do it himself.  But now all of the sudden he licks everything.  he will be 3 in october.  I am so glad that other people go thruogh what we do!!!!!!!!!!Have you contacted an OT?  My son has had a licking fascination but now I realize he has stopped momentarily!LOL  The OT will be able to give you some advice.  We used suckers and popsicles to help so that he was licking appropriately....I know it was embarassing when he went around licking other people .  We tried to substitute the licking for a more acceptable form.  Good luck, these kids always keep us hoppin'!Oh, one more thing....have you tried a chewy tube?  They come on a keychain thing that can attach to their belt son used this for a while and it seemed to help.  You could ask the OT or check around in the catalogs..Pm me if you need suggestions. marlowefrank38859.2941666667

before we had an official diagnosis EVERYONE thought we were over-reacting etc... but my mom babysat one night and lula was having a bad night, she went out on the deck and started licking the wood, my mom tryed to get her to stop.... needless to say my mom has no doubts now! when my mom told me what happened i wasnt shocked like she thought i would be, i guess she just never heard me tell her stories about lulas days, she had to witness it first hand

What is the deal with my dd's need to constantly LICK things. She mostly licks ME, but also mirrors, doors, herself, WHATEVER she can get her tongue on. One time I took her with me to get my haircut and she licked the hairstylists metal tray that had hair dye on it. So far she hasn't licked the cats but..........

She also bites and slobbers (drips her spit onto me and laughs maniacally). Those seem to happen mostly when we are playing around and she's feeling lovey towards me. The bite still hurts but it doesn't ever seem to be out of aggression.

I have heard that licking is due to an underreaction to oral sensory. But that confuses me. I don't understand what that means.  She is so adverse to EATING anything, but she'll LICK anything no problem. WHAT IS THAT?? Sometimes she just licks her food and doesn't eat it or sometimes she does both.

I haven't read any of the sensory books yet but I guess it's time. Is Out of Sync Child the best out there or do you like others? I have looked through Out of Sync in the bookstores and it seemed complicated and overwhelming which is why I haven't read any sensory books yet. So far, she has not received sensory integration therapy but we are in the process of getting her more services.

Any help in the meantime would be appreciated. Thanks!

The out of sync child is a very good book. I've just started reading 10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew which so far is also very good.

Our son used to lick everything and will do it still sometimes. He also will spit on things like the dog, floor etc. He will sometime steal the dog's food and eat it but won't touch his own food. Ugh! Sometimes I think they just like to get a rise out of us adults but I do believe it is sometimes sensory related.

 My daughter does this also! In the Ped. Neuro. office she licked the bottoms of both of our shoes and then he said`..... "UM, Yeah, she has Autism!" She stoppped doing it for a while but recently started up again!

oh yes!! lula licks EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! wherever we go she will lick the floors but like someone else said, she wont eat anything but she'll lick it. she has started licking her finger, touching things, and+ then putting it back in her mouth.

gross story coming up....

lula was running around naked and peed on the kitchen floor, as i was getting a towel the dog ran over and started licking it up...yup, you guessed it before i could stop that (as if thats not gross enough) lula was on all fours licking the floor! i have never moved so fast! yuck!!

My daughters licking issues havent been as bad as they once were.  SHe licked everything, including my parents dog.  It was gross.  I dont why she has suddenly seemed to outgrow it, but she hasnt been doing it as much.  Last week I caught her licking the bottoms of her feet.  I asked why she was doing that.  SHe pointed to the door way, then went over and climbed up the door frame.  Who knows.