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... I've found part of my answer! We'll turn his bedroom doorknoba round,
so that it locks from the hallway. I'll hide the little "key" somewhere in his
room in case one of us ever gets accidentally locked in there.

Front door? Back door? Both open inward, so a hook-eye latch would
work... I guess that is the only option.

Sorry, sometimes I ask questions for the sake of talking (commiserating) as
much as the need for answers!

just so you know, there is a family in our Autism Support group that had a horrible time when Children's Services found out the kids were being locked into bedrooms. 

It is a situation I sympathize with.  Brett has a really high gate on his bedroom door and another at the top of the stairs.  I always used to put him in there when I took a shower in the morning.  One day, I got out of the shower and heard the dog outside just barking his head off like mad.  I finally got curious and peeked out my bedroom window - Brett was outside playing.  It just terrified me. 

He had climbed two gates managed to get the white doorhandle cover off the laundry room door AND managed to undo the deadbolt on the door leading out to the backyard.

Anyway, that family finally removed the solid bedroom door and installed a screen door  that has a latch really high up. 
I have been thinking about door locks (?) for awhile now, but dragging my
feet... Remember when Jair unlocked the front door and put Lia out in the
snow?? During our last hailstorm, I was watching the latest weather
update on TV when I heard the back door close. I went and found both
Jair and Lia hunched out on the patio in the downpour. ... Twice now we
have woken up to find Jair raiding the refrigerator/freezer/cabinets. He
can't reach the bananas now, but in the latest mess, he smeared a large
bowl of bacon grease all over the kitchen floor, followed by a container of
cocktail sauce. He eventually slipped and bumped his head, and cried,
and that's when we woke up.

We tried putting a plastic white door-knob cover on the inside of his
bedroom door, but he found a way to hang on it or something, enough to
turn the knob and open his door, and eventually to somehow (??!!) pop
the whole cover off!! I left it off after the second time he got it off, and
just thought I'd be "more vigilant."

We also had a problem with him and Lia getting into the utility room and
stuffing toys/trash into the cat litter box, and also eating the feces. I put
a white knob-cover on that door, and he hasn't messed with it,
fortunately. I've even ASKED him to open it for me, but he wouldn't even

Why does it always take me five paragraphs to ask a simple question?
LOL Well, the need for locked doors is getting more obvious, but I don't
want to mar the doors/jams, or have anything unsightly.

Thanks for any suggestions. sleuth38840.319375LOL, the piercing alarm sound would startle him so much, he might develop
a door phobia! (Which would be sort of nice!) I thought about a screen door, too! But it would still have a hook-eye latch
at the top... Children's Services didn't have a problem with that? I guess not.  It was back when I first joined the group and I remember that she was really upset.  I think one of the teachers at the daycare found out about the door locks and made a report, and it took off from there.  I know she kept saying at the meeting that the Case Worker that came out to the house just kept saying "if they can't be trusted to not run off, then you are just going to have to find a way to constantly monitor them."  And she was like - how do I sleep, shower, or use the restroom?

It was also around the time when that Foster Family was discovered to have been locking the kids into cages at night, so it was a real hot button topic. 

I know there are alot of door alarm products out there also.  I've really thought about getting one for our back door because that is the one Brett usually goes out of and my older two kids are really bad about remembering to reset that lock.

Door alarms would be good, too. Thanks for these ideas.    And it is so
true how impossible it is to constantly monitor. I've really tried! I have the door alarm. It was a last atemp to keep Trinity in the house. Not to scare anyone but see gets up before me and the cops have brought her home twice. i am so glad that she knows where she lives. I have notice that they are getting use to the noise now. I have also took old shoe laces and tied them to there door nob and the hall closet. I have a town house and everything is close together.

There are relatively cheap door alarms that they sell at wal-mart now, like 5 for 20 bucks and they make a piercing sound when a door is open. That may be a good temp fix. I am dreading when Liam goes through this stage!

Lia is Jair's little partner in crime, eh?

Hope this helps!

I worried about CPS too, as more than one family in our support group had issue with them [which infuriates me b/c there are SO MANY parents out there that truly are negligent!]

But, after my son was discovered by a neighbor roller blading down the street naked,

I decided that the "vigilant monitoring" wasn't working...I went with the cheap door alarms from target 4/. 

They make a loud annoying noise; at first he would shut the door and make it he just dashes outside with the alarm sounding.


But, we haven't had a naked incident since.


Here are some links:  (from the "Newbies" post)

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911 GPS Child Watch

We put slide locks high on the door, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, front and back door, where my son can't reach and make sure that there is nothing near the door where he can climb to reach and in his room we keep a baby monitor so that if he needs us we can immediatley respond.  I have these locks that this company installed for me. Theres two locks one at the top on at the bottom. There really thin too and the top one you push up and open it and the bottom one you push down to open it.There really neat anyways for any of us in Mass. The company is called Adapted Design... They install locks for Children with disabilities....They even installed locks on my refrigerator and stove because Kristian was climbing on the fridge and kept pouring things out and locked the stove for safety issues...