Mild/Moderate vs. High functioning autism | Autism PDD


 I have asked this same question a 1000 times! I recently read an article in the Advocate magazine(first addition 2006) there is an artilce by James Coplan,M.D. - there is a scale that shows the different degrees of Autism. This depends on the severity of expression. Severe than moderate than mild. This is only the first model shown. Then it also states that ASD changes. This is due to age and IQ. I learned so much from this scale. My daughter is HFA/aspergers so she would be after the mild area on scale. Does this help? I think if you could find this article to see the scale it would be clearer! I hope I did not confuse!

Hi everyone,

I have a 3 year old boy who is diagnose with mild to moderate autism. Can someone please let me know what is the difference between mild/moderate and high functioning?