My son does this also, although it's gotten a lot better. I would just suggest redirecting him. He needs to learn to use his central vision ( as opposed to peripherial).  We tried vision therapy- but the closest vision therapy place is a 5 hour drive and $$ so we haven't goen back in a while.



My 3 year son has always done his rituals as far as holding objects close to his eyes and studying them for hours.

It seems to be getting worse.

Anytime he see's a fence or anything with vertical bars and or lines he runs back and forth with his face very close to the object, for instance the park fence.

He even will scoot around on the floor studying his pop out tunnel repeatedly for hours doing crazy things with his eyes while he looks at it.

Does anyone else out there experience this?

And I would love any info you may have to share. I have been looking into vision therapy as per our Dan doctor but know such luck so far.


Vision therapy is what helped our son to learn to read. He also has  prism lenses since k. He still struggles after 1 year of the therapy. This is pt for the eyes. Dr. Shidlofsky, Plano tx. is where we go. Ins. doesn't cover therapy either. It must be done daily.