Byonetics | Autism PDD


Actually my 6 year old has had the best week of kindergarten he has had all year this past week. His teacher actually cried over the phone to me as she was telling me about the difference she sees. Coincidentally we began the CDs this week. I'll keep posting the progress or updates if you are interested.

How is the byonetics going? I spoke with Jean about a month ago & was considering ordering the cd's.

Any luck?

I have heard of FastForward, and EarRobics, but never ByoNetics.  What does it all entail?  Is there an age group limit?  Please tell me more.  :)I would try this since we have had sucess with ait and listening cd's. It is not worth the not trying to me. The worst is no difference. I have seen this website.  It sounds like you simply play cd's at night that the sounds somehow rewire the brain.  Interesting concept.  My son's eeg showed spikes in temporal lobes.  Sounds quite suspicious though.  All the reviews sound like they are fake and it is kind of expensive.  Jean Genet claims to have cured himself of autism.  Please keep us posted on how it goes.I just ordered the CDs from Jean Genet of Has anyone had any experience with this?Update on the CDs ... still using them, but hard to tell if they are doing the good or if it the other treatments (medications) or a combination of both. I'll continue to keep y'all posted. Woody is having a hard time going to sleep the past few days - and I am leary to put him on a sleep aid. Go back to the doctor tomorrow.


Do you have any more update on the CDs? I'm considering buying them but really need some references. You said in your last post that Woody lost sleep after using the CDs. Did you still use them?