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not a topic but a question....I'm sure many of you have your child in a hippa therapy program, but I;m curious about it's effectiveness and what results anyone has had with hippa. any reply is welcomed and I look foward to your responses. My youngest daughter was diagnosed early Jan. this year(austistic), and i'm just looking for help!.....

I have her in a program here in Ga. known as Babies Cant Wait, and I am now learning what is available to her. She has speech therapy twice a week @45 min. sessions and I do follow up on what her therapist suggests. She also has ano.t. scheduled for the beginning of the year.

thanks for your replies and thank God for this forum.....


HI Chris and welcome to the board!

I also have a daughter with autism and I live in Georgia as well.  We haven't done Hippa Therapy yet, but are thinking about trying it.  I've talked to several people that had success with it, and my daughter responds SO well to animals that I think she'd do well. There are several places in our area that offer it.  We also get services through Babies Can't Wait and they've been great.  My daughter will start special needs preschool in March when she turns 3.  How old is your dd?

Are you in the Atlanta area?

hi amyleigh,

thanks for your reply!!!! yes I am just south of Atl.(about 20 miles) my Sierra will be 3 in May and will age out of the Babies Cant Wait program. I also am considering the special needs preschool as well. I look foward to hearing from you more since we probably live fairly close to one another. thanks again.....



I"m not sure if you are talking about "hippotherapy" or some other type of therapy called "hippa" therapy?

If you are talking about Hippo therapy, I have alot of experience with it. I've been involved with horses all of my life. Specifically hippo therapy for about 7 years. I currently volunteer at a Theraputic riding stable where my horse is used in their program.

For some hippo therapy is a wonderful tool! I highly recommend trying it! My son loves it (he's 6 1/2 and has PDD/nos, adhd and anxiety/sensory issues)


Hey, I'm a physical therapy aide at ptdept@HollyDELL.org  in New Jersey, and we're having a Symposium on March 23.....I'm looking for any info on this subject because I am in charge of "RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR THOSE WITH DISABILITIES".....I'm researching this form of therapy and would appreciate any direction you may send me in. DO any of you know of any orgaizations, places, or groups that host this sort of therapy in NEW JERSEY?...I'm in GLoucester County, but our surrounding counties include, Cumberland, Salem and Camden counties.....I'd appreciate any advice or help you may send forth...THANKS!

I will check out the Ymca....but I thought possible throughout your travels, you could to direct me to some amazing places!




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