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I am looking into the biomedical treatment for my son. I have heard good things (from just one parent though) about Scott Smith who is the Physician Assistant to Dr. Neubrander and who treats his own patients (I have been told by their office that Scott has his own approach). I would like to know if you guys have heard anything about him.

Thanks so much! I appreciate your answers.


Christine I will be visiting dr. neubrander in early june. I will gladly let you
know of our experience with his approach and methyl b-12 as soon as we

My son was a patient of Dr. Neubrander's.  I can't tell you much about smith except that he use to wor with Jeff Bradstreet who is a well known DAN Doctor in Fl.

Scott Smith was our DAN when he was in Florida. I would recommend him. He is very smart, efficient and has a child with autism.
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