Licking things | Autism PDD


oh yeah...the er explanations.  I've been there.  Brendon swallowed something bad once.  I childproofed his room by using sheetrock nails to hang a sheet up over the mini blind.  Someway or another this child worked four of those nails that are not supposed to be able to be romoved easily and swallowed 2 of them.  I was asked so many questions by social services it wasn't funny.  I had to explain to them that everything Brendon comes across goes into his mouth. 

Gotta licker here too... the computer screen, my feet (??), his clothes... it seems to be on days he is unraveling his control only now... not all the time.


My boy likes to lick polished finger nails and toe nails.  He will also lick the tv.  He also still puts everything into his mouth to "test it out."Kylie used to either lick everything or put it in her mouth.  She doesn't do this near as much anymore although I still occassionally catch her doing it.  I still get scared she is going to accidentally swallow something or choke on it and I will be taking her to the ER trying to expain how this situation happened. Carlo still licks and smells everything.He also likes to rub your arms and cheeks at times.I think the rubbing helps calm him.mom2carlohehe...we went thru that phase too....I have to say, I don't like my "goodnight kisses" when she was going thru that!!Argh! I've recently noticed that Katy is licking, things she sees laying around the house. The other day she had her shoe in her hand and was just gnawing away on the laces!

Mine smells all and licks all things,when he was a younger toddler,and as a baby..but then it settled down..but its been lately hes doin it again, and if people laugh who do know of his DX he seems to love this attention..n will do it I SAY PRIOR to being around my friends n others,i say please christian NO LICKING,N THE USUAL..BITIN,HITTIN.ETC...but sometimes he will lick but then it simmers again..its down right now..we tht it was cute as a baby,but not now.this is common in autistic children they are feeling there surroundings.   

Ans has always mouthed things inappropriately.  I think it's partly the oral-motor stimulus and partly the developmental age thing (she mouths things like a 12 month old would).

If it makes you feel any better, though, my oldest (NT) went through a phase when she was about 6 where she would do weird things to get our attention (this was right after her sister was born, surprise surprise)!  She would say "Mom, I licked my pencil" or "Mom, I walked backwards down the stairs."  Just silly things...weird actually.  She thought she was such a rebel!

Also, when she was 3-4 yrs old, she constantly pretended to be dogs, cats or other animals and would lick her "paws" and do other silly things like that.

I wouldn't worry about it too much right now, unless she just starts licking everything all the time and it goes on and on for a long period of time.


She isn't ALWAYS licking stuff but she does do it quite often.  Is this common w/autism?  Or is this just some thing special to Anna.

I know she may be pretending to be a cat or dog but sometimes, like tonight, she just licks. I asked her why she licked my kness and she just said "I just licked it" so I don't know. 



We got licked occasionally, until about 1 yr. ago. I'd kinda forgotten. Ours was pretending to be a dog. We also got bitten once in a while, her sister was bitten as recently as a yr ago..... Hmmm, turning 6 must have been important or a coincidence....

Keep in mind we have no dx yet, may not help confirm or deny your own suspicions. It adds to mine though!!LOL



Yes, this is  typical of an autistic individual.  They will also smell things as a way to identify them.  Andy ( now almost 15) did both when he was younger.  Even now, will lick his hands as if he needs salt.

We've had more problems with him stimming from sniffing his fingers after he's inserted them into his rectum! 


Andrew has really just started the 'licking phase.' I am constantly worried that he is going to get soem terrible germs from doing this. If he is not licking, he is in the face sniffing. I am glad to know we are not the only family dealing with this. I guess I really need to bring this up to his OT at this next appointment.  Nan