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Hi Sevenup....I so wish the insurance would have covered our stroller when we got it.  Of course, this one is not as expensive, but still an investment. We have had ours for over two years and Skye was not diagnosed at the time we bought it.  I just knew that I needed something she would fit in.  LOL!

If we have to see about getting another one, I will definitely check with our insurance company first.  They are really nice strollers.

I don't have any advice on a stroller but I bought a backpack/leash item at target that I use everyday with my son! It lookss like a puppy with a long tail and the tail part is the leash- I swore I would never do that when I had a child- but I never thought I would have one that is such a fast runner!

I use it about 1/2 the trip to the grocery store then put him in the cart to rest- or I use it and take short trips to the mall or the park, etc. It gives him a little more freedom than the stroller and teaches him some skills in public as far as staying with me and following directions.

I have a Maclaren umbrella stroller.  It can hold up to 65 lbs.  I found it in babies r us, for 100 dollars (about a year ago).  Here is the link to their website g,en/.

my son is 7.5 years old, and 50 lbs, so he can still use it if we're out shopping and he can't walk for too long.
This is the stroller that we have, he's almost too big.  It's up to 140lbs.  It does fold up real easy.  It's very expensive, but it made it so much easier to take my son places he otherwise would have never been able go.  Not to mention the harness is easier for his mental control.

Our caseworker through Sunmount DDSO (we're in NY) got us the money and all we had to pay was the tax. 

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kllylynn39834.5650810185I've been using a running stroller for my son for years. My parents gave it
to me soon after he was born and we have been using it ever since. I finally
broke down and got a new (to me, it was from a yard sale) one last summer,
as the old one was 6 years old. They are worth every penny. I can take my
son just about anywhere in it. Maybe he looks to old to be in a stroller, but
like someone else mentioned, it keeps him from bolting.
HarrietI also have a MaClaren stroller but it fits a child up to 150 lbs.  They make a lot of different strollers for different types of disabilities.  I use the larger version for my daughter (8 years old) who is on the spectrum but also has epilepsy and needs it after a seizure.  She weighs 60 lbs but she will need the stroller for a long time so we bought one that holds a larger child.We bought a Dreamer Design Axiom 3 for our son.  Normally it retails for around 00 but we found one on Craigslist for 0 and it was brand new.  My son LOVES his new wheels!   My younger son uses a Dreamer Design Manhattan and seems to like it okay.

One word of caution on the jogging type strollers, if your child doesn't like sudden movements or gets scared going backwards - look for one with a swivel front wheel.  Otherwise to turn them you would have to pop a wheelie or go around backwards. 

Anybody use one... or have one they like?

Matthew's can't walk far without getting tired.  He'll be 4 in May and while he still fits in our stroller (Chicco Capri) I know it won't be long before he's outgrown it.  I don't think he'll outgrow his need for a stroller any time soon though. 

Just wondering what other people have done and used.

Running strollers are GREAT!  And are designed for bigger kids.


I sure do!  LOL!  Skye turned 5 years old the day after Christmas...and she still uses a stroller, especially when we go out in public to like the mall or the zoo.  It is the only way to keep her from bolting and running off.  She likes to run and thinks its a game and so unaware of the danger that it frightens me.

When she outgrew a regular umbrella stroller, hubby and I decided to go to Babies R US and we bought a Maclaren that will hold a larger child.  It was a bit on the expensive side, but we have made great use out of it.  Maclaren also makes special needs strollers, but they are very high dollar.  But if you need it and you use it all the time, the money would be worth it.

At first, I was concerned about how people would view me pushing around a kid that definitely looks normal, but a few times when I had to chase her was all it took.  I now have a button pinned on that says 'Please have patience with me...I have AUTISM' on it.

We've been waiting to get our special needs stroller approved by insurance for our 4 yr old daughter.  They are supposed to give her the Maclaren for older special needs kids. Em still has the same one he had when he was two