Best autism center or doctor in the US | Autism PDD


Yale is excellent. The May Institute in Boston.  NYU Child Study Center.  The Cody Center on Long Island.  And tons of other large centers around the US.  YOu might get better results if you post about Canadians who've gotten help for their kids.

Thanks for the replies.

They will be coming from canada.

I heared about Dr. Max Wiznitzer.

Also I read in ABC news about Dr. Fernando Miranda of the Bright Minds Institute. Do you have any idea about it? n3.12.05.html

Thank you


Where are they coming from?  Where will they be located? Where are they going to take the information? There are lots of excellent autism centers in the US (KK in Baltimore is terrific) but medical science helps far less than education.  If they go back to a country where good autism education is simply not available, no doctor's report will change that.

I don't know, but am curious to see the replies.

If I had to guess - probably Kennedy Kreiger?
My nephew is 5 years old and his parents suspect autism. They will be visiting the US for a thorough evaluation and to investigate possibilities. They would like to go to the best autism center any where in the US; any idea? Thanks for your help.