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thanks wicca i know i cant put a lock on anything same here he eats what he wants i give him what he needs.My son eats like there is no tomorrow. He is 7. I had thought about the Prader-Willi syndrome as well but he was never tested for it. My son just has to have something in his mouth. He got to old to be sucking on a pacifier, that seemed to help before but now he is eating me outta house and home. His grandfather and QP suggested that I put a lock on the cabinets and refrigerator but that would only make matters worse. My son is a very picky eater and will only eat certain things. I know what you're going through. Hang in there.


He was always very hungry even as a baby he had to have lots of bottles and would spit up cause of drinking so much. We had tests for reflux done on him and he was on meds and all and the doctor told me it wasnt reflux and he didnt scream anymore or spit up over time but still demanding food or at least lots of drinks. At one point he demanded drinks all the time and was treating the milk like his formula and filling up on that. I later figured it was a behavior when the therapist taking care of him said would eat for her.

As a toddler he would eat like 5 yogurts and scream for more i am serious that many at a time and get mad because i took him out of his highchair after eating that many. He'd rather eat food then play with his toys and if he noticed i went in the refrigeator for anything he would stop playing and scream. He use to fill up on milk as a toddler and wouldnt eat but demand drinks and certain foods but drink and drink until he had diarrhea

Now as a preschooler it has gotten worse after he has eaten he notices i eat and gives me glares cause i have food. He demands food all day and he is never satisfied. It is usually the sweets and carbs but as i said after having feeding therapy he can eat everything but prefers certain foods. It's tough cause after he eats i have to watch his sisters food cause he is all over me damanding that he eats her food and gets mad at me when i don't give it to him, cause she eats very slow. If i give him a snack he eats at the table with that snack for close to an hour then demands a drink. Then 15 mins later demanding food again. So yeah i think i may have him tested. What can they do for PWS if he does have it? Maybe he doesnt and it is just sensory related who knows. I wish i could help him i give him all i can and that isnt enough.

I know some kids on the spectrum are picky eaters and have sensory issues but my question is do some kids on the spectrum never feel full like constantly want to eat? Also do some kids never feel hungry or at least not that much?

I know even typical kids are different with their appetites but my one child doesnt stop eating and when he doesn't get 5 pieces of cake he meltsdown, goes into a rage and angry at everyone. I know kids go through growthspurts and i always feed my kids when they are hungry and even more after that but when does it become obsessive to them to eat all the time. My child wants to stim or eat that is mostly what he does i know i cant give him bubblegum either because he will possibly choke on it. I was just thinking of something i can give him so in case he just needs to chew it would give him what he needs. But i think it's just he craves the actual taste and texture of the food. I tried a chewy tube and no such luck. Of course he isnt overweight now but if he can get into the cabinets everything would be gone and he still would be crying. Someone mentioned Prader Willie Syndrome to me about him but i never got bloodwork done on him yet, i heard there is a test for it.

Does he eat a limited number of foods?  He may be craving something he's addicted to.He has a somewhat limited diet but he now can eat just about anything though he prefers what he prefers and he gets that usually. Problem is when he is done eating that food and a snack if hes still hungry and 2 or three cups of milk he is still demanding food. He poops a lot too after he eats all of this and is still asking after that for more food/drink. He is very passionate about food and if anyone interrups him when eating he is very angry and rages, and he has to finish everything too he licks his plate and crumbs off his plate and he overdoes it about how good the food is making sure everyone knows he loves it. Does he ever get full? could he not be realizing when he's full?

Sam would snack all day if I let him. He particularly loves carbs and sweets.

Pws was put as a possible dx for Taylor during one of my first IEP's. She had the poor muscle tone, cognitive problems, eating issues and was overweight. However, she didn't have inversion of Chrom. 15. She does have inversion of chrome 1, but since it is rare, inherited (paternal) and unmapped specifically, they still didn't know if it was also a cause of her eating behavior.

Colin is totally the opposite. He will eat at routine but rarely ask to eat during the day. He is small, thin and eats regular portions. He also has the inverted chrom.

In Taylor's case, it is sensory-related, as I said in someone else's post. However, testing is now better than when she had her testing (even though we know the 15 deletion or inversion is not present with her) so, if you suspect it, the testing is just a simple blood test and doesnt take that long to gain the results. Most major hospitals with a genetics clinic can do it.