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I am hoping that someone can help me with answer to this question.  Does MA cover the cost of diapers for children diagnosed with Autism?  Thanks in advance!

Actually I did get diapers covered for Jeffrey before he was 3.  But he had very sensitive skin.  So I had a prescription from the doctor and went thru a medical supply company that gave me the dye and perfume free diapers.  I think that really depends on what state you are in.


Hi Cyndie,

Thanks for your response.  My son is 3 years old and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Autism.  He is 44" tall and weighs 67 pounds.  We have been buying L-XL goodnites because nothing else fits.  Zach is definitely not potty trained although he has gone on the potty on several occasions.  Would the goodnites be covered? We also live in PA.

HI JEN, I know that MA  DOES NOT COVER diapers,but pullups at age 3,some kids r potty trained then,but special needs kids are not sometimes.,But I had issues with this controversy,w/MA..but thats what they said to me..age 3pullups is totally covered.This is in PA.maybe another state is different and they change things everyday.cyndieCall them and ask! My son has a medicaid card and they started provifing his goodnights (he wears them 24 / 7) after he turned 4 years old. Each state is different and here, a child must be 4 years, in your state it may be 3 and since there should be a toll free number- it cant hurt to ask. My son wears the XL and he weighs 50 pounds, but they are getting smaller and tighter, the package says up to 100 pounds but I sure question that...

HI, I live in PA and my daughter who is autistic gets diaper through her medicaid.  Her pediatrician writes a pescription to the medical supply store and I recieve her diapers every first week of the month.

I actually was told about this through Early Intervention. It has helped alot.


OCDD is covering the cost of Brendon's pull ups now.  They started at 3 years old and say they will cover them until he's potty trained.I talked with my son's doctor who wrote a prescription for the goodnites. A nurse from the office then called the medical assistance insurance which for my son is Gateway.  After receiving special authorization, a medical supply store was contacted.  My son now gets goodnites delivered each month.  It has been a Godsend!  Definitely check it out!

Well, that's just awesome! I'm gonna call my son's peds today. Six years of diapers and pull-ups sure add up. Now-a-days a small package costs like 15 bucks!

Thanks Jen My son is 6 yrs old and is still in pull-ups. He's very thin (about 48 lbs), but I know soon the XL won't fit him. He receives medicaid also and we are in IL. Where exactly do I call to find out?? I called one medical supply company and the woman who answered was kinda snooty.. lol, she basically was no help. Then I emailed another one and she said to call my insurance. So, I'm not sure who to ask???I suggest you call your local medicaid hotline and ask them. My daughter is nine and wears adult disposable underwear (like Depends) which MA pays for thankfully. Great info, I'll do that today