Fred S Keller Schools | Autism PDD


Is anyone out there familiar with the Fred S. Keller Schools in Rockland
County, NY? We would love to hear pro's, cons etc- Any feedback would be
appreciated. Thanks!!


I don't know this school.  However I have experience with a private school.  If I know more about this school or your concerns in particular I will be able to share specifics from my experience.


Is this a private or public shool?

A program based? ABA or Floortime etc

Is it small or large enough that your child can get another teacher if the assigned teacher is not effective enough

Is there a checklist for knowing if the program is not working for your child?

What is your exit strategy if it's not working out?

Norwaymom's placement checklist should help.

Goodluck in your decision.



We are going to be attending the Keller in Rockland starting  this summer. The school is an ABA school using a CABAS model out of Columbia University.  I visited the school and a thought it was a perfect placement for my son (possibly both sons).  It is so organized and well run.  I have a few friends who's children have gradulated and moved on to mainstream schools (dx's PDD-NOS). 

I am familar with the CABAS method,  as the school I work in has a few CABAS  in classes.  The programis  implemented by highly trained Columbia Gradulates, most with masters and many with or working toward toward PhD's. 

PM me  if you would like more info.  I have the packet the school gave me at my tour and I can copy the info if you would like.


I believe there's a Keller school in Yonkers, too. It's a publicly funded (state approved) private school and, as such, functions exactly the way a public school does.  A school can be EXCELLENT and still not right for a particular child. The best thing to do is visit.  Good luck.

Agreed, a visit would be recommended, actually it is mandatory.  I at first was reluctant to the school (to ABA in general for that matter), but was pleasantly suprised by the warmness and the roundedness of the program.   Yes there a Keller School in Yonkers and some CABAS programs throughout Rockland within our BOCES program (older children).  We will be attending the Keller School, as it is for preschool (EI and CPSE).

We visited Keller this week and were really impressed with the structure,
methodology and staff. We feel it would be the perfect placement for our
son. Our CPSE is coming up and because Keller is out of county we are
hoping to not meet any resistance with our decision. Keller has put us on a
30 day wait list for their EI room as our son will only be 33 months in
September. It is a longer commute for him, but because of the intense ABA
that he will receive, he will not need any additional services at home AFTER
school, which is a nice trade off for the longer ride. None of the programs
in our county are autism specific and because the ABA is working, we feel
continuing it gives him the best chance at improvement.