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My oldest son gets allergic shiners due to his seasonal allergies, but probably from too much eye rubbing. 

As far as being underweight goes, the skin around the eye is very thin, and perhaps someone who's underweight has even less subcutaneous fat, or maybe is pale because of a nutritional deficiency.

Wrongdiagnosis.com listed 16 reasons for dark rings under the eyes:

"This section shows a full list of all the diseases and conditions listed as a possible cause of Dark circles under eyes in our database from various sources."


http://wrongdiagnosis.com/symptoms/dark_circles_under_eyes/c auses.htm:

Can also be a sign of yeast die-off.I have heard the allergies being called 'allergic shiners'. You say that she
has had them since you moved to a new place. Is there mold in the
basement or walls? Mildew? Animal droppings (like mice, rats,
cockroaches, bats?) Dustmites?

Was going to ask everything that Micki did.  So anything in the new place?  Could even be in the vents, they may need a cleaning out and the filter changing, management should do this regularily but they don't. 

Also the other obvious is lack of sleep or just plain tiredness or stress.  I have them right now as I am getting next to no sleep. 

I have them as well, but I am an insomniac from hell.

I have also heard that allergies play a role.

We've had this discussion on here before - more than once.  Do a search and see what you come up with on our boards.  Anthony has them too.  The most common reason I've heard is allergies.I have hear that lack of iron can do this as well as allergies.  my ds has them but he sleeps terribly !!!

Our naturopathic Dr. told me that the dark circles are a sign of food intolerances -- wheat, dairy, soy are big culprits. We took both of our DDs off those, along with corn and chicken/egg on her advice. My youngest DD stopped wheezing within 48 hours and the dark circles disappeared in a few weeks. It takes time for the allergens to clear out completely.

Stan Kurtz also talks about dark circles on his site about anti-viral treatments for ASDs: http://www.stankurtz.com/


Mom said I had this problem at a time when I was about 7 and she thought I was underweight as a result of eating poorly. Not sure if you have the same 2 issues, your post did not say. DR (back in the late 80's) said not to worry about it and as long as I was healthy and active to let me just eat whenever and what I wanted and if things changed to go back, I never had to go back for that anyways, but always remained skinny even to this day, and the dark circles dissapeared.

I have been trying to do some research on what could be causing my daughters dark purplish under eye "circles" I call them.  Then I read in a post here that it could be allergies?  Allergies to what? 

She never had them up until this winter.  We are living in a new apartment.  It's an old house with steam radiator heat, so I thought it was better than forced air heat.  Anyway, I am not aware of any particular allergies she has, though I suspect she has food alllergies for sure.  I have gotten her off dairy completely, and am working on lowering wheat in her diet.  But so far no changes, except her stool is better than it used to be when she ate dairy.

Anyway, could these purple circles mean something dangerous?  She is getting plenty of sleep and seems to be healthy (over all colds and flu she had a few weeks ago).  Thanks.

JETTAGIRL39486.321412037I have heard they are related to allergies..both my dh and dd have these and both take allergy meds daily. Some kids that go on GFCF diet helped to get rid of those dark circles. Maybe the wheat? Good luck finding answers:)Our Doctor saids allergies as well. My little guy gets this when he is about to
get sick as well.

Okay, I have always wondered about this. Because I have had dark circles since my teenage years (well, that's when I noticed them at least!) and I have never had any allergies. This is the only sign of allergies that I've ever had.

Anyone have thoughts on that?

Typically it means the child has allergies. I'd have him checked by an allergist or at least have the ped try something like Singulair.

Thanks for the replies.  It seems like most of you mentioned allergies.  How would I know if she has allergies?  Take her to an allergist?  Just curious how that would go for an ASD 3 yr old who is terrified of dr's...do they take blood or anything?  Not a happy prospect, but maybe I need to take her.

She is underweight in my opinion.  She eats lots, and for the most part, eats healthy foods.  She takes 3 hour naps during the day, then sleeps about 9-10 hours at night.  She has never had any respitory issues since birth (preemie in NICU on O2 for 49 days).  But I always worry asthma or something could suddenly appear.  And I do worry that she can't put on any weight.  She has not gained a single pound in at least a year.  She's 3.3 yrs old and weighs 29 lbs.  Sorry for rambling.  I better get her checked.  Thanks for the advice.

Allergic Shiners. Can be caused by any sort of allergy whether it's environmental or food. Also--colds, sinus infections, etc.

We have them in our family. But---my son is the worst. My 11y dd and I get allergy shots every week. My son couldn't be tested due to the fact he's allergic to the numbing cream they put on his arms for the intradermal testing. Intradermal testing is the only "accurate" way to know what you're allergic to (environmental). You can't test for foods this way though.

Here is an interesting article I found:



Allergic shiners is what our ped calls them. All three of my children have them terribly. DD#2 have gotten better since having weekly allergy injections. My oldest child has them the worst. Could be just some genetically dark circles around the eyes too.  My grandfather had them.  My mom has them and has all my life.  I have them.  The boys have them.  All of my mom's brothers and sisters have them (this is the side that doesn't have an autism gene present).  My dads family...nada...and they have the autism genes.  B's seems to be more pronounced if someone gives him milk or if he's getting sick.  Jacobs get more pronounced when tired.

Dairy allergy is the most usual one- as others have said

dark circles can be yeast issues as well which is exacerbated by high sugar intake.

Riley used to have them but no longer.

My daughter has them at the moment after a trial with gluten/wheat... so could be a number of allergies that may cause them.

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