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Free picture schedule program

Thanks Norway - you link goddess you!Thanks.  I've actually started a folder to put all you links in for future reference.  Keep 'em coming!

Much appreciated.
I just looked at it-love it! Thanks norway mom!!!!!

Most of my links can be accessed from the following topic:

"NorwayMom's Resource Collection:"

http://www.autism-pdd.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=22421&am p;PN=2

I came across this today and thought I'd pass it along:

"The interactive visual timetable was produced as a free resource as part of the Down's Syndrome Association's Education Support Disc for Schools . It allows you to easily produce timetables with pictorial clues in a choice of formats. This aids memory and sequencing, and promotes positive behaviour. Parents can also use it to tell busy teaching/support staff what's happening at home, to help your child through a school week. You can use the built in pictures or add your own, relating to the individual needs, objects and familiar people in your child's life."

http://www.helpkidzlearn.com/parents/interactive_visual_time table.html


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