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My 2.5 yr old son cries uncontrollably just out of the blue. It's the kind of crying that's more like screaming or shrieking as if someone was putting a knife through him & it's so heart-wrenching, it's awful. I just hug him & pray or try to sing for him but sometimes it makes me cry with him because I just don't know what to do to for him. Fortunately, it doesn't happen frequently maybe about once a month on average. I used to think he was in extreme pain maybe in his head but I've noticed that sometimes he will stop suddenly if something distracts him like suddenly hearing the Barney tune or the front door opening. He hasn't done the laughing in many months.

Is this kind of crying/laughing a common thing? Have any of you experienced it with your children? Is there anything you know of that calms them?

Could it be frustration? My ds is non-verbal and once in a blue moon when
he cannot communicate his need he will scream and cry. It does not happen
very often because most of the times he finds a way to communicate but
when the desire is too abstract that's when he gets frustrated.

Another thought is that your son may be overstimulated. I have no
experience with that because my ds is undersensitive so you may want to
observe any patterns in his behavior or changes in his environment before
the crying starts.

Good luck.My 8 year old daughter (PDD-NOS) goes through phases of laughing uncontrollably.   It might sound fun, but it is not. When she does this,she is not really connected to what is going on. Seems to be something she is thinking about that is unrelated to anything happening at that time. Fortunately this doesn't happen all the time; she goes through phases. No crying though.

I don't have any advice because this is something I have been trying to figure out also. I will be curious to read about experiences of all of you.

thanksmbmom39428.7120949074Don't know about the crying, but my son will laugh like crazy out of nowhere.  It makes me laugh, but drives my middle son nuts as he thinks HE is being laughed AT.Mine laughs at absolutely nothing all the time.  It is actually nice to hear and makes us chuckle too.  Too bad there's nothing funny behind it - its just something he does.

Last month or so, however, he started crying - again for no apparent reason.  Sobbing crying with tears!  He never cried tears before in his life that anyone can remember.

If anybody out there figures it out - please let us know. (Maybe a weird sensory issue?)
yes, the laughing and screaming happens here too.  The laughing is fine to deal with but the screaming, the only thing that helps with DD is taking her to her room and playing her fav soft music with the lights off and me leaving.  If i stay it makes things worse.  I think for us, Dd is frusterated but beyond the point of anyone trying to talk to her to calm her down.  It started right around 2 1/2 yrs old and she is almost 4 and it's not any better but we know how to deal with it now.  It seems like anything i do makes it worse.

I am not sure if screaming/crying is the same as the laughing but a lot who follow biomedical would suggest that the laughing like that is a yeast issue.

This is quite a good site to find out some of this http://www.danasview.net/parent3.htm 


Don't know if this will help anyone, but when my son gets on the whole crying and screaming thing (and when I try and ask him to stop he tells me he 'just can't') I find that holding his feet works really well at calming him - to the point that he often now asks me to hold his feet sometimes out of the blue.

I guess it's some sort of sensory thing - but it seems like it almost 'grounds' him.

Anyway - it usually works for us.

My son used to do this, not very often, but I remember the crying when he was under pressure or emotional duress.( like using the bathroom )and then he would think of something funny and start laughing. I also think a lot of people with Autism are more emotional than NT"s. His reactions were always to the extreme and still are at times.  [QUOTE=equinn]

...It actually makes me angry.  Some behaviors need to be nipped in the bud.  He's just too big.  It is difficult when you have a very smart kid who takes charge, decorates the whole outside house with lights humming silent night, rigging cords etc, that suddenly screams like a two-year old throwing a tantrum. 



Please don't be angry with him no matter how old he is. I REALLY think it's involuntary - they CAN'T help it. It's sort of like having a siezure. In fact, the Pediatric Neurologist that saw my son said it's possible that these crying/screaming episodes may be mini-siezures of some sort. But all the tests, EEG, MRI came back negative so nobody can do anything about it.

Daniel laughs at things that aren't funny. He has a rude attitude at times as well. Sadly I'm a screamer also. How do you get our kids to get the rude thing when even negative behaviors are a joke to him. Sharlet used to do this daily, she now still does laugh uncontrollably, often until she vomits.  She does cry like that too sometimes but it has gotten less as she has gotten older and also the risperdal has helped immensely.
Between 2-3 i often thought there was something seriously physically wrong with her causing pain.  she would often wake up in the middle of the night crying a pain cry, or would just do it suddenly and sometimes for hours.

My ds replays clips in his head at any given time and sometimes it's funny scenes of anything.  So, it will make him laugh out of the blue.  I can ask him to recall any sitcom or movie and he will do it, easily, to tedium. 

Latelly, we have a high piercing screech on this end that makes me shudder.  It's usually an overload and feeling of helplessness, I know.  Still, I reprimand and explain it's not fair to neighbors, someone will call police thinking somebody is really in trouble etc.  He stops, listens and it seems to make sense to him (I think), but we still have a few of these.  I tend to get overexcited about minor things (working on it) and so I think it takes it to heart.  Still the screaming has got to STOP!  He's too old (8!).   

I remind him that I don't scream, that no one in our neighborhood screams and that this is not an appropriate response. I don't dare give him a consequence because this would result in further meltdown, more elaborate and extended.  I just can't deal with it.  I think just looking at him, jaw dropped, wide-eyed is enough. It stops him in his tracks.   I literally treat his behavior, sometimes, as if he's flipped his lid. Maybe this is wrong.  But, when I witness something nutty, I call him on it like a high piercing scream.  I tell him "you're out of your mind...shoo...go away...go in the other room" and I know this is probably wrong, but it really shakes me up when he does this.  It actually makes me angry.  Some behaviors need to be nipped in the bud.  He's just too big.  It is difficult when you have a very smart kid who takes charge, decorates the whole outside house with lights humming silent night, rigging cords etc, that suddenly screams like a two-year old throwing a tantrum. 



 J laughs at the wrong time like the time J tried to drown T.
 T cries, sounds like screaming off and on all night long, every night.  The screaming adds a lot of stress! I have to go check on him 3-4 times.
amberwaves39429.4718055556ohhhhh yea. my daughter does this on occation
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