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We add the super-nu-thera to apple juice (also splitting 1 tsp 3x/day) and DMG in his cranberry juice.  We also crush a multivitamin and add it to cranberry juice (we water down all his juices, by the way, so he at most gets 8oz of juice daily).

Incidentally, we'd gone away over Labor Day weekend and for some reason Luke refused to drink his juices (maybe be/c of different tasting water); hence, NO vitamins.  It was amazing the difference: he had less eye contact, more stimming, and wouldn't speak (whereas last week he said about 10 new words in 2 days).  Now that he's back to drinking his juices with vitamins, he's more interactive and saying "Go!" when we say "Ready ... set..." (he 'learned' this on Thursday with his OT).  Maybe those vitamins don't help some children, but I'd say they definitely help Luke!



My son is on supernuthera as well.  I give him 1 tsp/day but I disperse it 3 times throughout his apple juice.  I found the lemon line is best with apple juice.  I give him TMG as well.  I take the powder in the capsule and mix it with pear sauce (or you can try apple sauce).  If he is on GFCF diet, try rice dream or soy ice crea, as well.  Actually the TMG powder doesn't have must taste to it. 

Good luck.


Okay, this is NOT working. I think it's because I accidentally bought the
capsules instead of the powder or the liquid, so we have to crush up the
pills and try to dissolve it in stuff. It turns his milk bright yellow and he
takes one look and says "NO!" I'm really bummed because it was
expensive and I can't return it since we've opened it and used it.
We're either going to switch to just a B-6/Mag combo or make another
large investment in the Nu-Thera liquid or powder form. Which do you
guys use?I bought the Kirkman's everyday capsules. You just open the capsule and mix the powder in applesauce or something else like that.

DS still wouldn't take them. LOL!

We just use Yummy bear vitamins now- He happily eats his "bear". srs-mom38610.4579166667I herd want a kid to eat it cover it up with sweet stuff. Some kids can tell though. I do it and it works.

This might sound dumb but what is supernuthera and what is it good for




John, there have been some studies and some anecdotal evidence that
ASD kids who take relatively large doses of magnesium and vitamin B-6
(and other stuff) show an improvement; Super Nu-Thera is a multi vitamin
that contains these, as well as others.

We've actually noticed an improvement in Jake's energy level, which is
great since he tends to be a bit lethargic. His language also seems to
have improved some. The only problem is getting the stuff into him!
Somebody else posted about how their kid has a 6th sense about these
things and Jake is the same way. Now he doesn't even try his milk
anymore, he just hands it back and says "all done."

Maia, we've always used those vitamins, Jake thinks he's getting a treat,
it's awesome!John, go to to find the vitamins. The SuperNuThera were created specifically for autism.
We actually *just* got these in the mail. the UPS guy just left. I am really glad the SNT will last SIX months! makes the cost seem reasonable!
I got the calcium/magnesium too.
I pray JadenGrace likes the taste!
I just wanted everyone to know- large doses of  B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy. Since DS is not verbal enough to say" Mommy, my feet are tingling"- we opted not to do the mega doses.

Also Magnesium can casue stomach upset/diarrhea- so keep an eye for that. 

No one knows what causes Autism, so no one knows what will help. I think we all try many different options. I just want you to be beware that just because something is  "natural", "herbal" or "vitamins" does not make it safe or without side effects.
Thanks for the caution!  I had read that large doses of B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy and keep it in the back of my mind.  As the resident physician here , could you tell us what constitutes a "large dose"?  Does that mean anything more than RDA?  Obviously, I'd guess it has to do with the child's weight.  It's so hard to know what to do sometimes.  All I know is that Luke speaks more when he has the SNT and noticeably less when he doesn't drink it.  I don't want to patch one problem to cause another, but have been unable to find a decent doctor in Ohio to help me make these decisions!
ThanksWell, we've given up on the SNT and switched to individual doses of B6, DMG and magnesium.  And I don't know if it's related, but Jake has been doing AWESOME the last week or so.  All kinds of chatting, less stimming, but the best part is he's been doing stuff he's never done before.  New, good stuff!  "Windmill, Daddy!" he'll say when watching the Teletubbies, point to it and look at Daddy to show him.  I think I even heard him say "look, Daddy" once.  And yesterday he was holding a Pullup, and Daddy said "That's Buzz Lightyear on your pullup." And Jake looks at it, says "he's flying" and then "flies" the pullup through the air while making airplane noises.  It was AWESOME! Jill! Sounds so wonderful! GO JAKE! We're starting Jake on Super Nu-Thera and DMG, we'll see how it goes!  I'm wondering how you guys get the stuff into them.  We've tried putting it in his milk, but it really changes the taste and the color.  We're also tried making our own gummy candy, but the candy molds are so small, he'll have to eat a ton of them every day to get the right dosage.  Any suggestions?

I don't have any personal experience with this vitamin, but a friend of mine told me about a family that blends it into a smoothie every night for a special "desert".  They use a marguerita type sweet/sour mix to disguise the taste and it seems to be working great for them.  My daughter gets suspicious no matter how hard we try to disguise vitamins or meds - it's like she has a 6th sense about it or something!

Good luck to you!!

That's AWESOME!!!!  I am sooooo happy for you and Jake!!  Way to go!

RDA for B6 in an adult is 1.3 mg.  One tsp of SNT has 225 mg.  So, no matter how you look at it -it 's going to be large.  According to data available adults can take 100mg without side effects. Most cases of neuropathy were for adults taking over 500 mg, but there were a few cases between 100-500mg.

Hope this info helps...


So, I guess the SNT is like a Megadose of B6 so it could be potentially harmful.  Am I understanding this correctly?

Okay, I'm going to have to SERIOUSLY research this stuff before we try it.......or don't try it!

Thanks, Maia


thanks, to all I will try low dosage at first

We purchased the supernuthera too and can't get my son to drink it consistently.  I mix the tropical flavor in with his OJ, just a half teaspoon per 8 ounce sippy.  It doesn't always work, but might be worth a try?  We can't tell if it makes a difference yet, because he isn't getting a full dose.  Good luck!

My son is on liquid super nu thera with PHP....the only way he will take it is 1/2 teaspoon doses in cranberry juice (it took us a little while to figure that one out).

Amy....we were told by the Ped. that the majority of the population expels unused B6 when the go to the bathroom but that there is a number of people who have numbness in hands, feet, fingers, toes and that there can be a muscular reaction. We were told to keep a close eye on our son and stop if we noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I can tell you that his speech has picked up quite a fact it is non-stop talking all day long (music to my ears). The problem is that he was a "scripter" to begin with and the scripting has increased quite a bit (which is a little troublesome to say the least).