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OK, this is sooo weird and happens from time to time.  The full moon is in recesssion tonight and ds has stopped whining.  Ds gets very off kilter about once every three-four months around a full moon. Not every month ... just enough for me to blame it. He becomes a child I do not even know. I find myslef saying "where is my boy?"

He has been back to his angel boy status today. Whining was minimal and when I told him to do something (get upstairs, drink your juice, get your feet off the table). He did it w/out question. Hmmmm, maybe he knew I posted about him

Seriously, ds has a lot of sensory issues, could the tug of the earth be involved from time to time? Anyone keep track of the moon phases? Do I sound like a  crazy lady?

The word lunacy comes from the moon, so who knows, maybe there's something to it.  However, I did a quick google and didn't find any studies about autism and the full moon,  but I found some related stuff:

"Contrary to the myth, epileptic seizures are not more common during a full moon [...].  Other studies exploring the potential connection of lunar phases with heart attacks, birth rates, suicides, and psychiatric hospital admissions have found little or no association."

Source:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/05/040526065332.ht m 

I know at least one mom on this forum is sure that her son responds to her PMS hormones.  Does your son's behavior possibly coincide with your cycle rather than the moon's?

Another possibility is that the extra moonlight affects his quality of sleep, so maybe a room darkening shade would help.

It will be interesting to hear what everyone else has noticed.  I myself am rarely aware of the moon, so I wouldn't notice a connection even if there was one.


Hey Crazy Lady, come sit by me. 

I've heard nurses swear that more babies are born during a full moon, and teachers talk about kids being crazier, etc. 

My youngest son's teacher noticed that he is "off" around the time of the full moon.  She's brought this up a few times, and if you look at the paperwork tracking his behavior, it does seem to coincide.  Very odd.

Norway Mom, Cool to hear from someone on the same side of the planet as me.

I know ds feels stress ... I am so in tune to him and visa versa. So when I PMS (which is concurrent with a full moon currently) ds gets wiggy too. So, I need to chart whether it is co-PMS or full moon wigginess ....  

Normal does not happen around here anymore more!!!


I was a social worker in a nursing home for 7 years, and believe it or not, the alzheimer's patient's did more "sundowning" during the full moon cycles that any other times.  The nurses were actually the ones to attest to this.

I've always heard that OBGYN loads its staff up on full moon cycles b/c of higher birth rates. Also, my dad was a cop (LAPD) back in the late 60's ... even then they uped forces b/c of the full moon. But our kids??? I would love to know what the heck. I guess I will have to add this to my list of Big Guy questions when I get there.  Get ready Big Guy ... there are a lot of moms that want words w/you!!! My son is just like that.
He is highly affected when there is Full Moon
Thank you .... thank you all .... My OT and ST and Early Intervention Specialist all look at me like I am a whack head when I mention the moon. Now I know to watch for the PMS thing too. As if it weren't hard enough! Sheesh.

I wounldn't be suprised if there was some sort of correlation.

I once had to take my son to the ER, on a Saturday night, when there was a full moon and I thought I had walked into Armegeddon.  I kid you not.  The place was a war zone.  The nurse on duty told me that they actually add extra staff when a full moon falls on a Saturday night just to handle to extra load.  Apparently bar fights, car accidents, domestic incidents are all more frequent when there is a full moon, and when it falls on a Saturday night it is the worst. 

I remember all Liam's therapists would comment on how all the kids they see are different around the full moon.  I don't track it but when he is off I do look to see if the full moon is close.

This is funny because I have always described my son's behavior as a cycle in which I can almost predict what weeks he will be anxious and the weeks in which he will be more at ease. The Occupational Therapist thinks this is odd but it is very evident to me.


OK - so the next F/M is Christmas Eve ... how fun will that be for all of us! Merry Christmas. Santa may have to rethink whether is wants to drop his kaboose down our chimneys!

PS - I don't mean to offend anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, I know there are lots out there ... so please accept this disclaimer in small print. Ciao! T


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