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Ds and dd are both light sleepers. Currently, we have a fan in each of their rooms and one out in the hall to mask noise so that if we are talking or watching TV, it doesn't wake them up. It is starting to get colder and the fans won't be able to be used for much longer. In the past, we used a humidifier (in our old house) but now in our new house, we don't need a humidifier - unless they're sick, of course.

Anyone know of a good white noise machine that might work to put in each of their rooms (one that is fairly durable but not horrendously expensive?). I know I"m probably dreaming, but you all are usually so resourceful I thought SOMEONE might have an idea! Thanks!

I swear by cool mist humidifiers. I use them all year round. My house is not new so we can always use them. My pediatrician always recommends them to even without the colds.I was thinking along the same lines.  A cheap CD player with those "mood CD's".  There is one with ocean waves that I've heard.  All very soothing.

Thanks guys! I'm kind of not wanting to use a humidifier all winter long if we don't have to. It is a pain to clean them every week and re-fill them every day. Maybe since this house isn't as dry we wouldn't have to re-fill them EVERY day (we had a really big one in each kid's room at our old house and it would be almost dry in the morning!). And I definitely need something that runs continuously all night. An air purifier might work - I hadn't thought of that. I'll also check into the Brookstone sound machine - that sounds good! Does it have volume control?

Do the air purifiers dry out the air at all?

I have a few air purifiers that I have running year round in the house.momof139363.5560416667We use a Vick's Cool Air humidifier and a Brrokstone Sound Machine (like 50 bucks) and keep tha on "waves."This is slightly off, but Target sells these "mood" cds for various activities.  There is one called "Sleep" that has some low, background pulse to it...we sometimes put it on replay and the thing knocks me out like a sledgehammer.  Keeps Cole down, mostly.We use the Brookstone sound machine. My dh originally purchaesd it for me
as a gift and, well, it eventually ended up in my son's room because he
needs it more than I do. Up until recently we had it on the "white noise"
option, but recently he was playing around with it and decided he wanted
the "ocean waves" sound. He's a very heavy sleeper once he's asleep, but I
keep in on all night anyways. It has a volume control and you can also
purchase additional discs with new sounds if he ever tires of the pre-
programmed ones that come with the machine (I believe there are 6 in all).

It's a very nice, sturdy unit, with good sound quality. Yeah, a little pricey,
but it will probably last you 20 years.

HI!  My son is the same way.  We have a white noise maker and it works wonders.  we keep it on the floor right by his bed and he sleeps through alot of distractions now.  We also use fans in the summer to help keep cool.  no cleaning required and it is small and portable if you go anywhere overnight, the same sound is soothing!  check out this website, we have the dual sound one...hope this helps!




Shenom - how much is it, do you remember? Cam seemed to think it was about . Which is a little higher than a quality humidifier, so I'm okay with that!


Brookstone has 3 products right now in it's Tranquil Moments line.  One of them is a white noise generator deisgned for babies.

http://www.brookstone.com/search/search.asp?pid=448597&c m_re=B_Hdr*Search*N/A&N=0&Ntk=product&Ntt=tranqu il%20moments&D=tranquil%20moments&act=A30&search _type=search&search_words=tranquil%20moments&cmid=hd r_search&cm_re=B_Hdr*Search*N/A

There are a bunch of Tranquil Moments on auction right now on ebay.

http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&_trksi d=m37&satitle=brookstone+tranquil+moments&category0 =


I use a sound generator that makes *whoosing* sounds. I got it from JC
Penney, and I love it. Just another option.I loved having an air purifier it seemed to help in the winter with the kids because they are also sick but the problem I ran into is it was expensive and didn't last long. It didn't try out the air which is kind of a bummer for this area because it is wet all year long. A couple things we have used is at our dollar store they sell a cd called mothers heart tones and all it is is white noise with a steady heartbeat that runs through it.  I put it on a cd player and let it run on repeat all night.  The other thing I like to run is any of Jim Brickman or David Glen Hatch CD's.  They are all piano music that is fairly soft.   Another option is like they said the febreeze air cd where it is the music and sent they have a couple that are pretty nice and quite.  We use an air purifier and it is wonderful.I keep my fan on all year long, tho when its winter i just turn the fan away from me, so i still get the noise but it does not blow on me. Nice cheap alternative, a thought.

This winter im planning on having air conditioning installed so when summer comes i can ditch the fan, similar noise but i dont sleep well when its hot, so thats good and ill only break out the fan in the winter time.

Thanks Kristy! The problem is that the reviews on the products were not great. Some were good - but I guess I'm not willing to pay close to 0 for something that isn't top-notch. It seems the new models have glitches in them - like the battery doesn't back things up. The full-size one stopped working after a short period of time for several people, etc.

Anyone know of any other models of white noise machines? Someone mentioned one at JC Penney - anyone know a brand name, price, quality, etc?



How about a cheap CD player with a continuous play feature and a CD like this:

http://www.amazon.com/Soothing-Sounds-Sleep-Hush-Little/dp/B 0001WA6Y2/ref=pd_bbs_2/105-8912085-7154047?ie=UTF8&s=mus ic&qid=1191893404&sr=1-2

The think about the machine, or any machine, is if you buy it and it doesn't work, you're out quite a bit of money.  The CD's are pretty cheap.  Even if you have to buy a CD player and this whole exercise doesn't work out, you can still find a use for a CD player.  (My old boom box is now in the kids room and they play music on it.  It's their "stereo" LOL.)


That's what we do with the el cheapo Target "Sleep" CD.  Also, the CD player itself has the sounds of crickets, with a faint periodic Hoo-Hooo; ocean waves with a periodic seagull call; and something else.We, too, use our fans all year long.  In the winter I turn them away from the bed but you still get the noise (which is what we're used to.)I have to agree with the fan fans!  We have them going all year.  I just turn Dooder's away from him.  Mine, however is blowing on me all year long.

The one I have is by Homedics.  It's called the Sound Spa Platinum, model SS-6000.  It is a CD player, clock radio, and sound machine...it has one of those blue projection lights that shows the time on the ceiling, but I turn mine off.  I asked DH and he unfortunately has a bad memory, but he thinks it was the home shopping network.  But yes, he said he paid less that .00 for it...it was actually on one of those payment plan things where he paid and change for 3 months.

I did check Ebay quick and it looks like there are a couple for about , but then they want over for S&H.  But you can still get an idea of what it looks like.

Happy searching, lol.

Oh and the sounds are--rain forest, ocean, thunder, summer night, rain and water fall and you can choose how long--15, 30, 60 minutes or continuous play.

I'm VERY interested! I would love to get something like that for less than ! Because I'll probably need at least two!

I did look on-line for CDs and they actually have one that is the sound of an electric fan! I'm thinking I could probably just record our fan for a few hours (since they are on EVERY night) myself and put it on a CD player. However, I don't think any of our CD players have continuous play that works anymore! So, we'd have to invest in at least two new CD players as well - not sure I want to do that. Although I could maybe see if one of the Hello Kitty CD players have continuous play and it could be a Christmas gift for my dd. Hmmm....

Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes the fan all year long, lol.  I always point it away from me in the winter but dh complains that it still makes the room cold.  He bought me a sound machine last year...it has 6 sounds--beach, thunder, rain, I can't remember the others.  Now I use the fan and the thunder, lol.  He said I was supposed to replace the fan, but I just can't part with it, lol.  The sound machine he bought me though has a radio and CD player...I know it was fairly cheap, maybe around .  I actually think he got it on the Home Shopping Channel.  I could ask him if you are interested.

We looked into white noise machines, but they were a bit pricey, and they're not so portable when we travel.  I was also leery about how well the machines would work after seeing this page: http://www.purewhitenoise.com/whitenoisecdormachine.html

Based on my research, I opted to go with white noise CDs.


We have two sound machines, both purchased in the pharmacy/beauty
section of WalMart. One for Don's room, since he's a light sleeper, and
one for our room, to attempt to drown out my dh snoring so that I can
actually sleep lol.

They were about each, and have been running every night, all night,
for around 2 years with no problems. They have a big dial in the middle
to control volume, a switch on the side to control whether it stays on or
goes off automatically after an hour, and then about 10 different buttons
around the top to choose your sound. Everything from white noise, to
waves, to a heartbeat, to bird song. We (dh and I) sleep with "rain". Don
uses "tropical rainforest".

If you check around in places like walmart (look where they keep the
massagers and such), you should be able to find a similar product.I have one from brookstones that is a lifesaver.. It has white noise, car ride, ocean, in the womb, and something else.. It  has changed our lives.  Otehrwise I use to use a humidifierWell, weird as usual.  We tried different white noise machines, fans, vaporizers.  The ONLY thing that works for my son (who has always had terrible problems falling asleep and staying asleep) is to keep the TV on low all night!  I think part of it is he's scared upstairs by himself and the voices make him feel not alone???
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