Reliv? | Autism PDD


A distant friend of ours sells it and tried really hard to get us to try it. She is a former nun, so it was hard to just push her off. She didn't know our ds had autism at the time - but my dh told her and said we just don't have extra money to even begin to try something like this.

It is like a pyramid scheme and, while the supplement may work (I have no idea - but I have a hard time believing a former nun would lie to us - she is an EXTREMELY good person) the whole thing smacks of a scam to me.

Anyway, you could just try the approach that you have a lot going on right now and just don't have ANY extra money to try anything and you are very happy with the progress your ds has made at this time.

It isn't going to CURE autism. And kristy, from what you have posted, your ds seems to be doing so well - I wouldn't even think of trying something like this. But, that's just my opinion!

I got cornered in the parking lot after church by a well meaning acquantiance who has a friend who apprently just became a Reliv distributor and thought we'd be interested because apparently Reliv can cause great improvement in kids with autism.  He wanted to know what would be a great time to "get us all on the phone together."  Thankfully, my kids chose that moment to start screaming at each other so I was able to make a hasty exit.  However, I doubt I've heard the last.... 

There is no way I'm getting put on the phone with someone I don't know so that he can try and hard sell me a product I know nothing about LOL!  I've never heard of Reliv before, but I googled it and it appears to be a nutritional supplement.

I'm curious if anyone here has ever tried this with their kids and if so, what your experiences were.

There is another drink Xango, that sells for .00 for about 64oz bottle.  I hear people say its really good but I just cannot justify spending that much money on a bottle of juice.  There are lots of marketing geniuses out there, we just have to not get too desperate.


I have herd the testimonies on this and kids are doing well on this who have disorders. I read Liquid Health is another good one. Network marketing isn't a scham. That is no different than selling AVON or Mary KAY products. All those type companies all make money off what that person sells. Another words they all get a certain amount a profit off each sale they make. It's called Residual income. This is the new way to make extra income today or have your in home buisness. The more people under you go build their buisnesses also the more all you all make. Each person get's paid  for each person under each others person that sells that companies stuff. The other 2 are this way also. It's all multilevel marketing.

My parents bought cases of Reliv for my son and nephew. I found it detrimental to my digestion with 2 weeks use and no help to my autisic behavior. I cannot tolerate most supplements or any drugs. I used NingXia Red juice as a supplement - at only a day it is not too bad. I ran out for two weeks and lost my job as well as unable to function mentally with decreased mobility. I used it 4 years, daily for over 2 and lost high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, joint pain, allergies and asthma. I am cf and mostly gf, but those health conditions are coming back without the supplement which I cannot afford now.

I saw no change in ds using Reliv (raised on Feingold diet-selfmonitored from age 8), but they claim big change in my nephew. I suspect it was the change of living situation rather than Reliv since he was not gf. My dm does great with diminished dumping on gf but cannot control her craving for gluten. She did not find benefit from reliv. Df claimed he did feel better and thinking clearer, but he gave or sold most of off when dn gone from their home.

If you can afford the product or diet that does not harm and can give it a reasonable trial, I would say to try. I must notice a clear change within a month or two of trying a product or a clear change on discontinuing it. (sometimes change is subtle) There are only a very few items that have met my standards - most are usless and worse - so I am not a fan of much. Sometimes only a certain brand works as in Jade kava which of course was taken off the market. I am income free now and can afford nothing to be productive again. (maybe the alleged concussion contributes to keeping me nonfunctional to be fair)


I got the cd-rom from a mom that sold it and and was using it on her son she claims wasnt on the spectrum no longer but in my eyes he was still very much affected... super hyper, no eye contact and still very behind in speech...

I am very scared of things like this but love hearing any success our kids make whether its' diet, ABA or dolphins...if it helped that's great! 

I am one to have to see it to believe it though....

I do have my kids on it and myself (when I can afford it).........and NO it is not a cure.

 I think our kids absorb the liquid nutrients better. I do feel better when I'm on it and my kids seem to look and act somewhat more  happy (I guess happy is the word). 

I have also tried the super Nu Thera from Kirkman Labs.  I wish I could afford to both of these more regular,.........but as someone posted above 40 dollars a bottle or more is alot of money for many of us. And I don't like that they promote these things as a cure.  All these companies Know that we all hope for a miracle and we can be easy prey. They use that.

All the supplements are exspensive, and you never know what will work or help your child. Here is my testimonial for a  cheap, easy to   get  onet that  has helped C..cod liver oi. Sundown brand, I buy it at Publix(grocery store)for 5- a bottle.(60 capsules that are small enough to swallow in applesauce) I really believe it has helped with speech and communication, and also comprehension.

Well, Avon and Mary Kay are cosmetics. People buy them because they want to look nice - they are not touted as a "cure" or something that will change your life. To me, that is a big difference.

Reliv may work for some people and help them. I don't know. It was very hard to say no to our friend - but what they were asking for was a HUGE investment of time and money. We didn't have either.

As far as cod liver oil - just make sure there is no mercury in it. That is REALLY important for our kids!

A girl i worked with sold reliv and I did try it out on my mom - and yes she did look better (but it is expensive and she got sick of the mixing/powdery taste).

The girl recently sent me a few cans of the kids mix but to be truthful - Lachlan hates it. No matter how much I try and make it look like a milkshake - it just doesnt and he point blank refuses it. If he would drink it, I probably would buy it.

Why is it though that they always have a 'friend' who has seen a magical cure for Autism and wants you to speak to them?

Definately not knocking the product - if it works for you great! Not for us though.

I got "cornered" by someone who sells reliv as well.  I wound up buying it only because it had a money back guarantee.  But if I were you I would tell the guy that you are starting something else right now and want to see how it works.  This lady would call me constantly and it wouldn't be a short call, hooked me up with someone else to tell me how wonderful the stuff was for their autistic kid.  It was like they were reading a script and the last call I just hung up on them.  I wound up sending my reliv back because as with most things I could not get my DD to take it.  Oh and I only wanted to order 1 can but she suddenly said to the person taking the order (that was another thing she was always involved like I can't place an order myself ) So my thoughts on it was dealing with the people was a pain in the a** and not worth my time.