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spiders crawling in head

My son complains often of spiders crawling in his head. I thought it had to do with his seizures but the past couple of days hes been complaining more than usual, altho im not seeing the head hitting that usually goes along with it. I told his neuro about it awhile ago when it was bothering him alot and we had an mri done which came back normal.  It kind of went away (meaning he only mentioned it every other day or so) and he was started on a seizure med- trileptal.

His teacher told me about him telling her about the spiders and they at first thought he had nitts and checked his hair and found nothing. Then she told me that she has something similar when she has migrane headaches and maybe hes having migraines. I called his doc and his assistant called back and said he said hes probably just got a headaches but I told her this is the same thing we scheduled the mri for and more often than not hes not complaining that its sore but more feeling weird. So Ive got an app. next week.

Does anyone have anything similar that theyve felt like spiders crawling in thier head? Im afraid it could be auras because ive heard alot of people talking about them feeling like that but the migraine headache is new to me, so?? Any thoughts would be great, thanks!

Also not sure if this has anything to do with the spiders but they had a little song they were performing for the parents and besides the fact that my son was the oddball he did pretty well considering what I was expecting but during the song his eyes started bothering him and he started screaming for everyone to stop singing and basically halt the show for him (basically he thinks the world evolves around him lol) and he ran to his teacher and told her the lights and flashes from the cameras were hurting his eyes. Could that also indicate hes having migraines also and connected to the spiders? I know this is also normal with autism and he is sensitive to lights and reacts this way spiders crawling in his head or not, so I guess its pretty pointless to tell you guys!

Ill ask about the cluster headaches. When his leg falls asleep he gets upset and tells me it hurts and is a different reaction I get from the 'spiders'. Hel usually either all of a sudden make his eyes look up and exclaim "o man!' and cover his face or slap his forehead or hel just hit his head. He describes it by putting his fingers on his head and moving his fingers around. He gets upset when I persit and ask him over and over if his head hurts and hel yell I said no! Unless it does hurt hel tell me so it dosnt always hurt.

He isnt on any meds just his antiseizure meds which cause dizzyness but hes been complaining about this before he even started it.

Thanks guys

I think it’s good that you are checking with the doctors on this, because it honestly does not sound like a migraine or a cluster headache. I hope they can get to the bottom of it and find some relief for ds.

I have had migranes most of my life.  I can't describe them as spiders but I know they make your scalp and head very sensitive.  With migranes there is also typically light sensitivity, naseau, vomitting, sound sensitivity, and pain on one side of the head.  So it is possible that if he is having migranes the camera flash would hurt his eyes and head.  Sometimes just a damp cloth and lying in a dark room will ease some of the pain.  It is taking away the stimuli and finding out what is triggering the migrane.  (In my case it is usually caffeine or sleep withdrawl) for others I know certain foods trigger migranes.  I would definetly have the neurologist look and see if they can figure out what is triggering him because it is odd for a child to have noise and light sensitivity without something going on.  Good luck hope this helped a little.

Thanks amie for your suggestions, I will definately try the damp cloth and see if it helps him. As far as I know he dosnt complain that his head hurts when this happens as much as he says it feels weird, even if hes pounding away at his head and gets upset when I ask and i ask him all the time, does your head have to hurt when you have a migraine? Ive heard from his teacher that sometimes it dosnt altho it sounds kind of off to me, I dont know anything about migraines. Thanks for your reply 143hayden39352.6818634259

I have been getting migraines for about the past 20 years. They started when I was around 19. I have heard children can be affected by migraines. Mine are not like spiders, but migraines can be different for everyone. Something to consider is cluster head-aches. I have read they are more common in men than women. It might be something to ask about. I don’t know the age of onset that is typical for cluster head-aches. In thinking about it, sometimes my head feels like parts of it get that tingly feeling like when your foot or arm is waking up after being asleep. Has he ever sat on his foot or slept on his arm and experienced the feeling of having it “wake up”? How does he describe it?

Is he on any meds? I know this might sound weird but some meds can make your scalp "tingle". I have had this happen to me a few times on certain allergy and antibiotics. It could be a med reaction. It does have a tingly creepy crawly sensation to it. Just a thought......Poor guy - spiders - YIKES!- hang in there. I hope they figure out what is causing this feeling soon!

Allergies?  I know family members who have them tell me their eyes, nasal pasages and throat itch.  Liam does have them, but is not very verbal, so I am not sure how they make him feel.  But when the allergies are at their prime...he scratches his eyes, nose and the his forehead and scalp.  This is the worst time of year for allergies in many states.

Good luck.

My son has also been on stage with his class singing, and started screaming for it all to stop.  It's a very challenging situation for the senses -- sounds, crowds of people, lights, etc.  So it wouldn't surprise me if your son reacted, migraines or no migraines.

My youngest son has been complaining about bugs on him, and for him it has been the sensation of light touch that is caused by our ceiling fan or other source of draft.

Good luck getting this figured out.

yeah I just wish I could get in his head, its frustrating!

Thanks everyone!    As far as I know the only allergies my son has is rubbing iodine but il look into it. He dosnt have a problem with itchiness that I know of. I know I get a really itchy feeling in my throat but more my throat glands in my neck and up to my ears when I drink a green tea frappacino from startbucks and it sucks! That used to be my favorite drink until I connected the feeling recently (actually someone told me thats how dense i am lol) after drinking it hundreds of times! When he started screaming for the world to stop spinning I figured he was getting overstimulated and pretty much expected it because he was donig way to good lol But then I thought later maybe it was associated with migraines? Just searching for answers! Its so hard I wish he could tell me exactly whats going on and how he feels! Hes very verbal but asking questions dosnt work alot because he only repeats often what you say or goes off to talk about some more "interesting" to him and he just not very focused! I wonder about the wind, maybe? He is extra sensitvie. Ill bring this all up at his app so we can try elimination. Anyway thanks everybody!

Your kiddo is only 4 years old, so I'd guess that his inability to communicate clearly about his symptoms is pretty typical for most kids his age.

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