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Keri, your little man is likely autistic.

Begin to research and ask for help: call the school and ask for an evaluation. They have special ed preschool he can attend. Call early intervention services--you can usually get the phone number from the health dept--and they will come out to your home once or twice per week to give him speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, depending on his needs. Go to websites that teach you about diet for autism. Here is a very helpful one:

Find a DAN doctor to help you treat your sons body. Most autistic children have serious issues with digestion, yeast and bacterial overgrowth, and immune issues.

(scroll down to find your state or one close to you)

Learn all you can about ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy. Excellent stuff there. Learn about a therapy called Floortime, and another called RDI (Relationship Development Something)

Stay here on the boards and let us support you as you walk through this.

I am sorry you have to face this.

My dd tiptoes a lot.

My dd came back severe on that test when I did it and moderate when my dh answered it.
Hi i am in the middle of assessments for my son who is 2 1/2 so he does not have a full diagnosis but he is classed as having asd. he has recently started walking on his tip toes and i cannot get him to stop the school where he is being assessed told me to look out for it but did not fully explain why and only tell you about your childs developement at the end of term the reason for this i do not know cos i spend most of my time banging my head against a brick wall with them so i was wondering if there are any of you out there that have also been through this tip toe type walking and explain to me why they do this and how do you get them to stop.

T only occasionally does.  I think it is consdered normal at 2.5

Both my husband and I recall doing it well into elementary school years ... and I remember beign TEASED for it!

It is consdered to be a symptom.

By the way, have you been assessed for that head banging (jk)?


BTW,  ASD is called PDD in the USA (more or less the same).[QUOTE=kerijsmith3]


Welcome to the club ... I think the assessment has been the  toughest part.  Once you get past it you realize it is the same kid you;ve always had ... you just have more professional input on him.

 I have 2 toewalkers. They haves special shoes. I don't use them.  It can be a sensory issue. When the brain does not register the touch feeling on the feet.  yeah - red flags are possible symptoms of asd but they can signify other probs too. It appears he has sensory probs, but so do a lot of children .How's his speach/social skills, imaginative play and interest in other children? Did you take the childbrain test? it's quite good.

[QUOTE=horizon]yeah - red flags are possible symptoms of asd but they can signify other probs too. It appears he has sensory probs, but so do a lot of children .How's his speach/social skills, imaginative play and interest in other children? Did you take the childbrain test? it's quite good.[/QUOTE]

he does speak when he feels like it but he can not put two words together he has about ten words that he will use and will sometimes copy a word that you have said but wont say it again after that he has finally relised that i am mummy not dad as i have been called for the past 3 months!!

he does not pretend play as we would call it i have tried this many times for example i have got dolly out and a tea set and tried to get him to give dolly a cup of tea and he just looked at me like i was mad and walked away i thought i had a breakthrough once when he lifted the teapot to pour it in the cup and when he saw that nothing came out he threw it at me and then bit me as if to say get a life mum i will keep trying though

he goes to a mainstream pre-school but does not mix with the other kids if a child trys to join him in playing with something he will walk away or will start ranting at them in this weird language he has developed no one seems to know what he is saying apart from him and on occasions he has been violent towards the other kids if the persist to annoy him

i took the child brain test it came back - poss severe pdd? score 163.



i think i have worked out that red flags are possible symptoms?? am i right?

when i went back to see the pediatrition for the second time as the first was very unsuccessful i took a friend with me who works with special needs children and she suggested writing everything down that he did that i found odd and read them out at the appointment. here is what i had written down i wonder if you would be able to tell me what you would class as a red flag as i read them out to the pediatrition and she said straight away i had to start attending a special needs school with my son and that they would mention the word autism alot to me and then she had to rush off to another patient. 4 months later i still have no explination and i am still trying to get my head around it all and do not know what triggered her to react straight away and refer me i mean i know that alot of these are symptoms but they can also be shown seperately in a child who is not asd. im sorry if this is too much but my head has been spinning for months i feel as if i am seeing all these specialists now and they are not saying a word to me!!

mckenzie has no sense of fear whatsoever

he repeatedly will push the same button one a toy for hours on end until i get to the point where if i hear it one more time i will explode and have to remove the toy but he never will tire of it

he will flap his fingers and twist his wrists especially when excited or frustrated

he will hit, bite, kick, headbutt me if angry

he can stand and stare at nothing for very long periods of time and no matter how hard you try to get his attention its as if he is lost in another world

when he seems to be having what i would call a bad day he does not seem to feel pain and can really hurt himself and not even wimper like he would if he seemed to be more with it

he has no fine motor skills

no hand eye co-ordination

when walking he often just drops to his knees like he has lost the use of his legs for a few seconds

does not take kindly to his routine being disrupted and the day will be full of screaming, violence and anger if it is

does not like to be shut in and will often try to climb out of windows no matter what floor he is on

when he is mad he will bite himself very hard and does not seem to feel it when he does it but when he has calmed down he gets very upset that he has hurt himself

he has no sense of objects around him and very often walks into things and is always standing on the baby who is crawling around has actually sat on his sister on the couch not even relising that she was there

 he does make eye contact if he is in a good mood but when he is not very happy he will not look you in the eyes at all and will just turn away from you if you try to get him to look at you

he has developed a great fear for rain he screams with terror and reacts as if the raindrops are burning him or something but he loves that bath as long as the water does not touch his face

Hi and welcome to the board!  Toe walking is a sensory issue.  The books "Raising A Sensory Smart Child" and "The Out of Sync Child" are 2 great books about sensory issues and tips for dealing with them.  

Here is a recent thread about toe walking you might find helpful: p;KW=toe+walking

Toewalking- why stop?  Just curious.

Ali toe walks 98% of the time.  I toe walk and always have about 75-80% of the time.  For me it is no issue.  For Ali, she is clumsy and trips, I am not sure if toe-walking is the problem or not.  I just walk that way...not sure why, but I can say it comes naturally and when I walk the "right" way it feels weird and takes concentration.  I think I have less balance when I walk normally. I am still trying to figure out why walk heel-toe/normally?  To me, that seems weird