Does your PDD-NOS child have mood swings? | Autism PDD


In our situation we finally had to see a psychiatrist because his mood swings got so out of control. 

He has been "unofficially" diagnosed with bipolar.  We are in the middle of finding the right med to help Mason deal with his mood swings.

It was very hard to tell if it could be a sensory issue with Mason, or something he was trying to communicate...but as we got better at reading the signs of his problems we noticed that there are many times when these mood swings are happening without any reasoning.  That is when we were recommended to the psych.  It is a very slow process, but we are making some progress.

Good luck, but if you aren't getting any help from sensory, or even picture schedules, etc, I might recommend seeing a psychiatrist.

 Totally! He has some serioius meltdowns and the screaming at a high pitch sure can break your eardrums.Thanks for all of your entries. Yes one on one helps out. I try to regulate his day as much as possible but getting him out of the house helps out and there are days were we do not need it and others when it is needed in a big way. Quiet time is something that I need to look into however, if I put him in his room to read he cries and cries until I come get him. (even after 20 minutes...)
when my child was about that age, she would have fits.  We would do brush therapy on her. Google it or have your OT show you and he/she should have info on it. Autism does fall under schizophrenia and a schizo trait is starring up. I hate the drugs. If kids need them, then they need them, but always try alternative therapies first. Brush therapy, hippotherapy(with animals, horses is exspecially good, the gait of the horse is very stimulating).

My older son used brush therapy. It works very well. However, Carter freaks out when we tried it on him. He has a huge tactile issue. He only likes deep pressure. In the morning we have to rough house with him and that helps. Carter is very hard to figure out. Everyday is a puzzle. He is am emotional roller coaster. We bought a trampolin this weekend and he loves it. He throws himself onto it Finnally a purchase that paid off!

My son was a mess between the ages of 2.5 and 3.  It was probably the worst time in his life, and mine.  He woke up in a bad mood and the day never got better.  He would tantrum for an hour at a time over the most minute detail (a puzzle piece wouldn't fit, for example).  I tried him on Tenex for a month, but it didn't help other than to slow him down a little.  Tenex might help your son, but beware that it may cause afternoon naps!  My son would wake up from these naps and scream until bedtime.  Going to school helped immensely...he learned to self regulate there.  My son is very moody. Some days are way worse then others but hes always moody. He cries for no reason or the tiniest reasons. If I ask him what he wants, this or that?, hel tell me then gets upset because he dosnt want that. He gets very happy laughing then all of a sudden  hes screaming for everyone to be quiet and hyperventilating. Often hel be laughing and acting really wacky then hel grab onto me and start stimming until he feels better I guess then he runs off and continues being wacky or whatever else hes doing at the moment. He doesnt seem to regulate his emotions very well at all and it really is driving us crazy over here too! I know two other kids on the spectrum who have a lot of mood swings.
My ds does not at this time (knock on wood). I kind of think that autism
impairs the ability to regulate all kinds of functions and which functions
are affected is different for every kid. Some kids have a very hard time
with emotion regulation.
Actually I should add that while my son is pretty even tempered during
the day he gets a little 'wacky' in the evening. He will cry very easy over
the weiredest stuff and then get grumpy and then just stare into space
and say that he feels like something is very wrong in his live. I guess
someonet here called it an 'autistic stress reaction' before. When stressed
or tired my ds does not regulate emotions well either.micki39334.691875Hi! I don't know if you give you ds omega 3-6-9 supplements, but I've been
told from several professionals that its very good for mood regulation and
heart healthy too! We put our ds on them. While I can't say for certain that
it was the cause of better behavior, it certainly didn't hurt.

Good luck!My son 8 and diagnosed PDD/NOS.He has always had terrible outburst since he was born.The only thing thats helped{still in progress}  Is  quiet,still,one on one time.Hes been on risperdal,geodone,tenux,a few others not coming to mind.But NONE have helped him.He is very aggressive and lost all at once.Sorry I  couldnt recomend much but try talking to him rubbing his back to soothe him.Good Luck.My 2.5 yr old has been having mood swings like no other. One minute he is laughing the next minute he is stimming on lights fans ect and I am making a huge point to keep it limited until OT sees him. He has crying fits at least 4-6 times every hour and it is killing me and the family. This is has been going on for about a month. It seems as if he does not know what he wants. They last for about 5 minutes sometimes longer at a time. We feel like we are beating our head against wall. Has anyone put there child on a drug that would calm him down? He is more on the hyperactivity side so I do not know if he feels lost at times. I get him out alot to run and play. We have alot of stuff outside for him to do in and outside. its weird cause many symptoms of AS, HFA, ADHD, ODD, and im sure a few other overlap. Thats why im always very leary about multiply DX's in children. Indeed, your son sounds very confused, like hes getting to much stimulation from the environment and has no real way to deal with it, not an appropriate way to communicate it to others (or u).

Indeed, a dr should be consulted, their are drugs out their, just is so rough of a decision cause hes so little. I dont like the idea of of drugging little kids but sometimes its the only option.

I wish ya good luck!I to am not a big fan about multiple DX's Autism is an umbrela of DX's wrapped into one. Thanks for your thoughts.