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PANDAS has come up a few times on this forum.  I don't have direct experience with it, but this is what I understand:

Strep throat puts autistic kids at risk of an explosive onset or increase in tics and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, so it's important to rule out suspected strep as early as possible.  The condition is called PANDAS, and you can read more about it on this FAQ:

I'm not aware of PANDAS causing a language delay.  Good luck with everything. 

gators, I would go to the doctor who says yes for PANDAS  (he/she did test for this right?) and have her treated...I belive they treat this with zithromax over an extended period

BTW make sure  you are throwing out the tooth brush and tooth paste and washing  any toys that can be washed


EI = Early Intervention aka ECI = Early Childhood Intervention (name changes
from state to state, but means the same thing). It's the state agency that will
evaluate your child free of charge, then if child qualifies (has delays), they
will provide child w/ therapy/services for either free or a sliding scale fee. If
you are not already working with them, your doctor can give you the phone
#, or just look in your phonebook (or online). Sometimes listed as MHMR.

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (just message board abbreviation)

Keep us posted on things. Good luck!

Ok this may sound a bit goofy, but do you have a dog? Is she letting the dog give kisses? What about other environmental factors? what about chronic allergies or sinusitis? What about chonic ears?  I'm thinking these things all being a potential source of the strep.

When they check for strep throat are they doing a quick office check? I don't know if another test exists to do a culture with sensitivity to determine that the antibiotics prescribed are the correct ones. I'm thinking resistance to antibiotics?

When I googled p.a.n.d.a.s. the information discussed a very close relationship to onset of the strep infection that is preceeded by the specific social-emotional symptoms.  Is this your situation?

I agree with the person who suggested to be treated for the p.a.n.d.a.s, go back to that doctor with your concerns.

I have had to clients with PANDAS. In my experience it does not cause a language delay but does cause extreem OCD/Tic behaviors that go above what you would expect to see in a child who had AUtism and not PANDAS if that makes sesnse.Yes, PANDAS is something to be wary of.  My son can be a CARRIER of strep. He doesn't get symptoms, just GIVES them. However, once the strep got so out of hand that he got the tell-tale scarlet rash, tho he never did get the fever.  If your child tends to get strep, keep in close touch with the doc. He may need lots of antibiotic treatments over the years.

Has anyone else had trouble with Strep infections?? My 2.5 year old has been diagnosed with strep throat about 9 times in 2 years... Now she is language delayed and cognitive delayed... We are having problems with a conflicting diagnosis... One Dr. says P.A.N.D.A.S and another Dr. says 100% sure she has autism?

She had a tonsillectomy a month and a half ago, and just yesterday was diagnosed with acute pharengitis....No growth, but I know the strep is there...

Has anyone ever heard of this before? Any help would be great! Thank you in advance...



Please someone help us!! I really don't know where else to turn for help????

Any suggestions, thoughts, anything at all would be great!!


Hi there,
I had never heard of PANDAS, so I googled it--wow, didn't know that
existed. I can see how it could be difficult to differentiate between the
two. I think the more important issue is whether your child is getting
services through ECI (or EI), regardless of the dx or what is causing the
issues/symptoms. That aside, IMHO, a T&A may be the best for your
child. I had recurrent strep throat as a child, had a T&A and have not had
another strep since. I wonder--would doing the T&A, cure the supposed
PANDAS? I didn't read it all, but I'm not sure if it's something that goes
away when the strep goes away. I would get a 2nd opinion w/ an
infectious disease and/or immunologist to see what they say (I imagine
labs & review of medical history could further determine this for sure).
Then go from there. Getting some early intervention is key, whatever the
ultimate diagnosis is.


Thanks ELLE22...

She had her tonsillectomy, but they said she did not have adnoids....

She has also had tons of blood work, all genetic forms of autism were ruled out, but she does have an appointment with a genetic specialist.

We have an MRI scheduled... I think seeing an infectious disease dr. sounds great.. thanks


Also, can you clearify the abbreviations... ECI, EI, and IMHO?


I would also go back to the person who suggested it.

I suspected it might be what was behind T's exacerbated symptoms last winter and spring.  It was  that or stress from testing ... and strep was ALL over my kids, this last winter!

Most articles in PubMed seem to discredit it ... I am SO interested in knowing more about it, though.