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These may not be what you are looking for, but they were great for my son. They help teach labeling everyday actions, emotions, etc. After each action, a couple of questions are asked. We encourage him to answer in short phrases.


Do you know any DVD to help language developement  for the kids who have started using 2-3 words sentences? We have used baby bumblebees for months and they were VERY helpful but I think it is the time for using more advanced ones. I am looking for something like bumblebees that teaches very simple sentences.




We absolutely love the dvd's for playdates, school and home skills.  It is geared specifically for our kids that are very visual..Sarah loved them! They have real social situations with real kids modeling how to act, look and engage properly..lots of modeling and rules needed for school. A new one just came out for older kids called "conversation skills"..All the dvd's also come with a cd to print out social stores for free!  They all seem to concentrate on getting our kids to pay attention and look at teacher/peers ect.. also how to take turns, stand in line, reciprocate with people, handling "no" when someone doesnt want what we want, greetings and tons of social skills:)

..check them out:)

They also have lots of free printables, links..nice site:)

The monarch videos present someone doing an action. Then they ask, "What was the boy doing?". Then it presents the action a bit longer an answers, "The boy is brushing his hair." It addresses pronouns in this way. It then presents some question about the action. i find it has been helpful. Sometimes my son has to be prompted to answer in a full sentence--but it does give a great model. We started about 2 months ago and he can label all of the actions on both of the Actions videos. He could not labeling any of these previously. i feel it is important to sit with him and prompt and discuss.We have those modelmekids and they have been great for more advanced language. I am still using the baby bumblebees, but not so much the basic words ones anymore. We use the opposites, the alphabet, colors and Otis and olivia. The Opposites DVD have the single words in the begining and then they have full sentences, the girl  is running slowly, the girl is running fast. Plus they have "stories" using those words. the Otis and Olivia one has done the same thing, its about friendships, But the modelme kids is more practical, like Hi, my name is ___. May I have juice? Yes. Which juice would you like. THings like that. Unfornutately my kids aren't as interested in those as babybumblebee.

[QUOTE=UTBcool]The Hooked on Phonics sets come with DVDs.  I think you can get them at Walmart ot Toy r US now.  My son loves the DVDs.[/QUOTE]

I looked at them. It seems they teach reading. What I am looking for is a DVD that shows different actions and name them in simple sentences. I want my son hears simple sentences with correct pronounciations. Baby bumblebees DVDs are excellent but they just teach single words not complete sentences.


Daddy39296.4618287037The Hooked on Phonics sets come with DVDs.  I think you can get them at Walmart ot Toy r US now.  My son loves the DVDs.