Weather changes | Autism PDD


Do you think this affects a autistic child ? It rain all day in Ohio and my Tyler acted up all day he was on edge all day nobody could touch him he would haul off hit his sister usually he likes to hug and touch your arms but not yesturday .

Weather can definitely affect a child with autism.  Changes in routine and sensory issues can throw them off.  The pitter-patter of rain might not necessarily be a calming sound for everyone, for example.

If you haven't done the sensory checklist yet, do so.  It might give you some clues as to why a rainy day might bother your son. g-disorder-checklist.html

Good luck with everything.

jeeze, i was actually shocked at that list, out of curiosity i looked it over, remembered how i was as a kid, and even how i was now, and could not beleive the many that seemed to apply to myself, even to this day, i guess u really dont grow outa this stuff, so most likly, if you or your kid has these problems, chances r they will always...

Interesting information that I will pass on to a friend of mine who has a young neighbor that she is very concerned about who she believes maybe on the spectrum. From what she has shared with me there are some red flags there  especially when it comes to some of the sensory disorder issues that she has told me about .I keep telling her to be brave , bite the bullett and  talk to the parents about her concerns.

Both my kids get antsy when it rains because they hate getting cooped up in the house.  One day I decided I'd had enough and told them to go play outside.  My NT son said "but it raining" and I said "so? you won't melt."  They couldn't grab their umbrellas fast enough.  My ASD son LOVES umbrellas.

When it's raining really hard I pull both cars out of the garage (we have a 3 car garage) keep the doors open, and let them ride around the garage on skateboards and scooters.  I've also set up easels in the garage and let them paint out there too.  One day I even set up a table and chairs out there and we all ate lunch in the garage watching the rain.

Just thought I'd throw this out there as ideas to try.  It's made all the difference in eliminating "rainy day syndrome" at our house.  Now the kids don't mind the rain so much because of all of the special rainy day activities that we do.