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For you fans of the Rosemary Wells books and of course, Noggin's Max and Ruby cartoons, do you think the author wrote "Max" as being mildy autistic?

She wrote a childrens book ages ago called "Shy Charles" and Charles is definitely autistic!  The book is not so politically correct, as it captures the father's frustration that his son is crummy at football, and threatens to stick him into ballet classes if he doesn't straighten up.  And of course, "by Tuesday, Charles was in tights."  The story goes on to show however, that in an emergency situation, not only is Charles actually able to make a phone call and converse clearly, he is empathetic and kind to the babysitter in dire straits.

I just wonder if Rosemary Wells has an autistic child in her family.  I sometimes mention to Jack, my younger NT boy, that Max doesn't do a whole lot of talking with Ruby, but he is smart as a whip and really loves Ruby.  I'd love to see bumper stickers with Max and autism on them!  It might make our children's condition more easily accepted by other kids.

Just a-pondering while my boys are getting their weekly Max and Ruby fix!

Sarah doesnt like cartoons so not too familiar with the would be nice to have a popular figure that all kids love to represent autism though:)Really interesting observation! Max is always saying his one word "outside"
or what have you, much like our dd. And he is quite the mischief maker,
once he gets his mind set on something! I never really thought of it!! Of
course, my older daughter's major concern when she watches it: "Do they
have parents??? Where are their parents???"
I don't know, but I do know that Don really relates to Max. I actually cringe
when Max and Ruby comes on, because it generally results in Don throwing
a fit, screaming at Ruby in frustration, because she doesn't let Max do what
he wants

I can always tell when it's on because wherever I am in the house, Donny is
suddenly shouting "YES!" at the TV...

I do know I always feel kind of bad for Max - Ruby's not always a very nice

very intresting!  I'm like your daughter, Elle22, I'm always wondering where the parents are, lol!

Mason too is obsessed with this cartoon, maybe you're right mandy...maybe they have some sort of connection.

That is too funny that you are asking that because me and DH were just talking about that. It came on Wed when he was home for lunch and he had never seen it. I made a comment about how it reminded me of DD and DS. And he was like why does the boy not talk?? I started thinking about it and he really doesnt'!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!! I'll have to watch an episode.   That's an interesting obeservation and you're right about having an autistic character to help children understand and accept. Turtle39276.4068634259

That's what I thought too as Max says only 1 word each time and keeps repeating the same word throughout each show.

Mikey loves Max too and totally identifies himself with Max.He loves to imitate him which is the only problem I have with the show because in every episode Max always ends up getting what he wants eventually although Ruby tries in vain to get him to do what she wants.

I remember the "bad egg" episode where Max refuses to eat egg for breakfast and wants strawberries instead.Ruby tries to convince Max by modelling to him by eating some of the egg to show how tasty it was.She ends up eating all the egg by accident and Max gets his strawberries eventually.I fought with Mikey for 2 weeks with food,thanks to that episode, coz he kept going " bad egg" each time he didn't want to eat


My son never watches Max and Ruby, but I'm going to!  That's so funny.

On another message board, someone speculated that BamBam had autism.  They also speculated that Winnie the Pooh has sensory issues because he doesn't wear pants, and that Napolian Dynomite and Doc from Back to the Future were Aspies.  There were more, but I can't think of them right now.  It was a pretty amusing thread.

My son used to watch Max and Ruby and we had books.  You might be on to something LeAnne.  Maybe Seasame Street should introduce an autistic muppet.  What do you think?

Skylar is just getting over an obsession with Max and Ruby cartoons. (Thank goodness) That is ALL he would watch, day in and day out for a solid 4 months. Drove me batty at times.

But I never stopped to ask myself "why?". Now that you have brought it up, it all makes sense, maybe he was able to make some kind of connection to Max. Max and Ruby remind me a lot of my ds and his sister Zoe.
I *HATE* Max and Ruby, but Daniel enjoys it. I have totally thought that Max was autistic for the longest time.

But recent episodes I've seen make me think not.. The episode today where the boy comes over and the girls want him to play one of their games, and he just keeps saying "no" and finally ends by saying "car" "Vroom vroom".

There's also the episode when Ruby's best friend brings her cousin with her and he and Max get along great. The cousin didn't talk much either.

Are they just trying to say that guys don't need to say as much to get their needs met? That girls talk too much? *shrug*
WE LOVE her books and the cartoon! I had never thought of him as having Autism, but now that you mention it I think you may be right. Gage's favorite book is called Timothy's School Day or something along those lines about Timothy having a hard time making new friends at school. My kids just love them. We don't have cable but we buy the DVDs or check them out from Blockbuster all the time.

I'm mostly familiar with Max and Ruby from the nickjr website, and I think the voices are a little annoying.

Shy Charles is mentioned in this article about autistics and emergencies, btw. tml

Brendon totally loves this show too.  I've thought that about Max before, but then I see the pretend play and think not.  I definitely think Max has "issues" though rofl.  There are some other cartoon characters that I think need some help too.  Donald Duck definitely needs speech therapy.  I mean his nephews speak perfect English so what's up with him?  I've thought that pooh had sensory issues because of the pants thing.  I've also thought Tigger has ADHD.  He never seems to slow down.  There are a few others too, but it's time for quiet time to be over and the boys are about to bombard me with noise....and what about the Tazmanian Devil?  Tazmanian Devil really does have speech issues.. I think Donald's lisp is what causes him to have so much anger management issues.. Maybe too much teasing by the other ducks growing up. I never really thought much about pooh, but piglet definitely has some anxiety issues, and I think Rabbit is "confused."

Though maybe I've overanalyzed the cartoons too much. I definitely can tell you the ones I despise.. And most of them why....

MandyAnthony - this one's for you...

Goooooooo Wonderpets, yea!  Yes, this complicated symphony wafts through my brain too.   Although the BackYardigans have great harmonies!  Seriously people, I'm thinking we need to get out more.


Now, I will be wondering also if Max is autistic [QUOTE=Melody]Tazmanian Devil really does have speech issues..[/QUOTE]

Do any of your children watch "Wonder Pets", the little chick also has speech issues. My dh has even asked if it was a good idea for ds to watch it, due to he imitates the little chick. I have watched it so many times with my ds that I find myself singing the theme song.
my kids love the Simpsons...and I totally think homer has to have autstic tendancies... the way he flaps his hands and stands on his just the way that savannah does.


I couldn't figure out how old Max and Ruby were supposed to be.  I just thought Max was very young, but I see now that he should be talking more.

My kids love the show, and I won't look at it the same way again!


Mom to Jeffrey (5) and Erika (3 1/2) both ASD kids.

P.S.  An autistic muppet on Sesame Street is a great idea!!


You never saw parents in the Peanuts(Charlie Brown) comic strips years ago either. Liz

P.S. Real tasmanian devils snap and snarl and are nasty just like the cartoon one!

[QUOTE=onlinedizzy]You never saw parents in the Peanuts(Charlie Brown) comic strips years ago either. Liz[/QUOTE]


But at least we heard them talking occasionally "Wah Waah Wahhh, Waa Wah Waaahh Waa Wah"  LOL  At least some reference was made to them.

Edited to say, I guess we heard them on the t.v. specials...not the strip.  But at least we knew they were there.

JulieA39278.2768981481I am cracking up at this post.. Because i was thinking the same thing.. Why does he only say one word and yes where are their parents they do have a grandma that comes to visit.. Weird i think.. But my son loves this show he watc hes it all the time.. And the wonderpets which i like to watch also.. LOL

Actually, adults existed on the Peanuts comic strip as well - you never saw them. Well, occasioally you might see their feet I believe. I'm a HUGE Peanuts fan. Charles Schulz was not a big fan of adults and wanted the strip to be all about the kids - he felt the adults would just get in the way.

Perhaps that is the same with these other shows we're mentioning here without adults.

BTW, my kids are currently in the background singing the "WonderPets" theme song. They have only watched the show about 10 times total - and it already has sunk into their brains!

Somebody else mentioned that on Charlie and Lola, you never see the parents but they at least recognize their existence!

Think I'm going to download a picture of Max, laminate it, and glue it to the front of Cole's communication folder from school.  Will make Max our own secret mascot!