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My son shuts his eyes real tight for short periods of time over and over to, I believe it's a visual stim. The nose wiping sounds like my sons hand licking.

What about nose wiping?

My son will wipe his nose with his hand ALL the time! How do I know if it's a stim or allergies? I know he has allergies---but he never complains.

Chronic nose-wiping is called "the allergic salute."  It may be caused by itchiness, not running.

-- not that it could not still be a stim.

This is what I have found so far....

Stim: Short for 'self-stimulation', a term for behaviors whose sole purpose appears to be to stimulate ones senses.  Many people with autism report that some 'self-stims' may serve a regulatory function for them (ie. calming, increasing concentration, or shutting out an overwhelming sound).

Stuttering could be a form of muscular tics. Eye blinking and head jerking are motor tics. It just so happens that not all tics mean Tourette Syndrome. Many are brought on by emotional stress.

mandyanthony39276.2547800926Thats a good question, my son blinks his eyes when he is nervous. Can anyone answer this?

What is the difference between a tic and a stim behavior? I notice tonight my son will blink his eyes really tight--not all the time--but a few times. Is that a tic or a stim? He has never had tics before.

When is it a tic?--when it's continual for a certain amount of time?

My son is on zyprexa and our doc told us tics can occur but they usually don't start showing up until after about a year.

I would definitely notify his doctor about the episodes you have been seeing...I know our doc told us that with zyprexa most of the times the tics can be permanent...not sure if that is the case with all meds, probably not.

But just to be on the safe side, it doesn't hurt to tell the doc.

good luck.

Thanks for the info!

Yes, my son's on meds, but he's been on them for a long time. Risperdal(2.5 years) and strattera(almost 1 year).

He actually is getting the full blown allergy testing(intradermal) in about 10 days. I plan on doing the non-FDA approved "drops". Shots are pretty painful! At least the ones I get are! (I get 3 allergy shots every week!)

Does your DS take meds?  Some meds can cause tics.

Just a thought.

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a stim  and a tic (especially complex motor tics).  Here's how they compare (source:  http://p069.ezboard.com/ftourettesyndromenowwhatfrm5.showMes sage?topicID=134.topic)

Table 7.2 Characteristics of the movement disorders of Tourette Syndrome (tics) versus autism (stereotypies)That is very helpful, thanks.
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