Your childs best qualities? | Autism PDD


He has wonderful behavior.

He is fun and has a great laugh.

He has this sparkle in his eye.

He loves to cuddle.

He is very intelligent.

He loves to learn.

And so many more....

Another super affectionate kid, here.

Has a ton of self-insight.

Has insight into the physical environment and a curiosity about it.

Has a wacky sense of humor ... and many, many interesting laughs





He is very loving

He loves the ladies even at 5 he says goodbye beautiful to adults.

He is Funny

His laugh is like hearing an angel sing.

No matter what he is always happy to see me .

He loves to fish with me.

He loves music and sings all the time.

Very cute with those BIG BROWN EYES


We spend so much of our day wishing away some of the characteristics of our ASD children and comparing them with typical kids that we often lose sight of some of the qualities that our kids posses that make them unique, special and sometimes even more well behaved than a typical child. What are some of the qualities that you admire in your ASD child?  Here are some of Ryan's:

1) He transitions really well from one activity to another. I can take him to 5 stores in a day and he will just go with the flow and not complain

2) I can always stop a potential tantrum by offering an alternative (ie giving him a lollipop when he wants ice cream), and hes always agreeable

3) He loves to laugh- his favorite thing in the world is asking me to sing silly songs so he can crack up. the hard part is stopping- i may have to sing the song 20 times but his laugh is infectuous and amazing

4) He never complains about going to school- he happily gets on the bus every morning

5) His obsession with elevators is a great motivator to take him on a trip to the mall. I tell him that if hes good, when were all done, we can ride the elevator.

Im sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now. There is plenty I love about my kid :)
- he comes up with the most unusual ideas and has a really unique way
of looking at things. I really enjoy it and see it as one of the blessings of
- he is affectionate
- he can be pretty insightful
- he is a good sleeper and eater (well mostly)
- he has curiosity
- he has a kind heart
- he has big beautiful brown eyes
I could go on but I better get off the computer, wake the boy up and get
him to school.
He has a smile that lights up a room.
He is always so affectionate towards me and his daddy.
He has a heart of gold.
He is so very smart it scares me sometimes.
His memory is amazing.
His behavior has improved so much over time.
He loves to sit and play with his mommy all day.
he loves his family so much and shows it.

Sense of humor.  Sense of humor.  Oh, yeah, sense of humor  Conan O'Brien and Will Farrell are his heroes.  Of course, he is also very intelligent, and quite charming when he wants to be.

My 6 Year Old:

Laid Back Personality - We can take him anywhere

Eats and Sleeps Well



Healthy - No Ear Infections, Rare Colds, Very Coordianated

Very Good At Math - Likes School

Gorgeous Brown Eyes with Ridiculously Long Lashes

Even Though His Language Is Very Delayed, He Does Not Let This Stop Him From Socializing - People Are Drawn To Him

Sense of Humor

My 9 Year Old:

Very Smart and Insightful - His Mind Amazes Me Sometimes!


Gorgeous Blue Eyes - Like Looking Into The Ocean


Very Healthy - Just Had His First Ear Infection This Year

Very Good At Science, Spelling, Social Studies, and Writing

Good Sense of Humor

I Really Enjoy His Company


R is just super loving- he kisses and hugs us all day - even at night he sleeps with his little arms wrapped around my neck

He cant talk but he communicates beautifully to me and his Dad

He is very curious about the world

He is funny and sneaky

He is very wellbehaved and obedient - whenever I say :" R you have to go and nap with Daddy" - he will wail but he will push me out of the room and close the door and get in to bed crying loudly but obeying none the less"

He is very gentle and sensitive - he hates to see me upset and will try to put his fingers in my mouth to shape my lips in a smile if I am looking at him sternly LOL

He is real intuitive aabout my moods

He has the most beautiful smile in the world and laughs a lot at silly songs - he is a real joy to be with

Thanks for this post idea - I was feeling a little down yesterday ( green eyed monster post ) and this has reminded me again of what a wonderful blessing I have in R

Her beautiful smile:)

Her witty remarks

Her gentle nature

mysterious & unpredictable at times

Very good and laid back

Very creative and her ability to solve her own issues

Very sweet, loving and cuddly

Adores her older sis and the two are magic together

Smarter than a fifth grader:P


An angel~truely:)

My Sarah:)


- he is smart

- very affectionate and emotional

- lovely nature

- beautiful smile

- amazing memory

- loves to cuddle and gives kisses and cuddles all day, every day

- curious

- loves to sing, to draw to learn, to ride bike, to swim...

- he is an angel I could not imagine my life him so much, words cannot describe it


Great sense of humor
loves to cuddle and be kissed
very friendly
good behavior-well at least at school
double jointed
very popular with other kids and adults
just an all around great kid

Ali is really perfect in her own way.  Here are some of my favorite things about her:

1. I love the way she laughs for no reason at all....and when you ask her why she is laughing, she says "I don't know" and cracks up even more.

2. I love the way she works soooooo hard, despite having a hard time doing things. (i.e. she tries to dress/undress though it is REALLY hard for her)

3. I love her smile.

4. I love her energy (even if it is impossible for me to keep up).

5. I love how simple things make her happy. (i.e. sparkles, rubber toys from the quarter machine, her ball collection, sprinkles, etc.)

6. She is very intelligent....and sometimes knows too much for her own good.

7. She loves music and sings no matter who is listening....she also dances in the middle of anywhere.

8. I love the silly way she words what she is trying to say.

9. I love her honestly.

10. She melts my heart with statements out of the blue like, "You will always be pretty to me", "You are the best mommy in the whole world" or "I love you thiiiiiisss muuuuuuuch!" (arms stretched wide)

11. I am fortunate she is verbal.

12. She loves animals.

13. She forgives and forgets (maybe not right away but when she does, she is so over it)

14. She is very giving.

15. She is very diverse in her interests and accepting of others who are different than herself.

Ali is my angel, she inspires me everyday!

My son kisses on command and he worships his sister! 

He only eats hot dogs and strawberries at the moment...makes grocery shopping a breeze for me! 


I put this one into the IEP, but it got eedited out (probably for the best ... ):

"I have never heard Tuhina say she is bored."

It IS funny ... but it is also truly WONDERFUL.

One of the things that amaze me is how many of us have children that are expressive with their love for us - just amazing what stereotypes there are of autism One of the best things about C to me are his incredible joy in the little things.  C is a kid who stops to smell the roses - literally - and says "wait mommy, don't hurry so much, you need to smell, aren't they so beautiful!"   I also relish the fact that he is so loving and affectionate, and that he has such incredible empathy for others.  He also spontaneously says things to me like "you're so pretty mommy" and it melts my heart.My son has a very very nice personality .... like his dad. Those two are the nicest people in the world ..... and I'm not the only one noticing it.[QUOTE=tzoya]

  He bravely walks through a world that is not his world.  I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a world where communication is a daily challenge and human connection is a mystery. But he manages to do it and remain happy. I love my son. And wish him love when I'm no longer around to give him those hugs and kisses. 


Sniff Sniff - u r such a good mommy

He "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'"  He gets pushed and prodded and forced to do tons of things that are enormously hard for him and he keeps on doing them. He tries his best to please. Not only is he a happy young man, he wants everyone else to be happy, too.  He's a pleasin' machine.  Of course, that doesn't means he's always compliant. He's a TEEN, so there is that rebellious streak in him. But if he sees that something he does or doesn't do makes someone else upset, he's all apologies and wants to try again to please that person.  He's a hard worker.  He craves love and affection and gives it, too.  He bravely walks through a world that is not his world.  I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a world where communication is a daily challenge and human connection is a mystery. But he manages to do it and remain happy. I love my son. And wish him love when I'm no longer around to give him those hugs and kisses. 

*Little emotional right now*

Reading all the wonderful things you all have to say about your kids makes my heart melt and keeps my spirits up. I am really missing Trinity right now(she is at my sis-in-laws due to her baby brother just having surgery)

Ok so I have to brag for a minute too.

~She is so amazing it's hard to try to sum up all her "awesomeness" but i'll try~

~She is very  affectionate toward us,but when it comes to her brother,he is HER baby and they just seem to understand each other.

~Her eyes are like a cloudless sky in July and her eyelashes go on for days.

~Her laughter fills the house.

~She will sit and watch Veggie Tales ls theor Backyardagains as long as I will let her and if she wants to watch them and I don't put them on she will herself,because my child has known for over 6 months now how to work a DVD player or VCR.

~(like mom of twins)She is very selective about what she eats so shoppng for her is easy(what 2yr old do you know eats a can of peas all to herself?!)

~She is fearless.

~She has a love for animals and nature.

~She loves music and plays the guitar or her drums for hours! Doesnt sound to bad either!

~Will sit and paint with her daddy.

~Knows how to use the camera on my phone and I find all these random off the wall p. ics on it.

~Doesnt cry when she falls down or gets shots

~The only shoes she will wear are her crocks,makes it easy not having to find socks!

Ok I guess thats enough but I could go on forever. I'd post up a pic for you to see just how beautiful she is but havent figured that out yet:P

Thanks guys!

My guy is just awesome :).

He is very smart

He is very methodical

Loves to laugh

He's affectionate

He gets pleasure from little things, like a rock instead of an expensive toy

He has beautiful eyes that have so much to say.

I love him sooooo much



His perseverance

...No matter how frustrated he gets, he will not give up. He may say, "That's it!" but two minutes later, he's right back where he was, trying to figure things out.

His memory

...He can walk into a room, look around, and in seconds he can tell you that the blue pen that was on the shelf has been moved. His memory is truly amazing.

His love for his little sister

...No matter how angry he gets at her, within five minutes, he's happily goofing off with her again. She's his best friend. With anyone else, including mom and dad, he will refuse to even awknowledge you for days at a time.

His computer skills

...He knows his way around a computer and the internet better than I do and has even been known to correct some computer problems all on his own without ever having done it before.

His attention span

...When he's interested in something, he can spend hours learning about a subject and never get bored.

His sense of direction

...He's my personal GPS. Tell him where you want to go, he can get you there. He certainly understands maps better than his dad!

His artistic ability

...He's gotten quite obsessive drawing signs lately, but when he decides to sit down and actually draw a picture, it's priceless.

He's an author

...Cleaning his room one day, I discovered a couple of notebooks left over from school. When I opened it and began reading, I was amazed to discover an entire notebook full of stories. what tickled me the most, is that they actually made sense and were full of adventure and humor.

His sense of humor

...It was along time coming, but he's actually quite funny! He was always silly, but his humor has grown and matured.

His proficiency at spelling

...This kid can spell words without ever having heard the word before. He has this uncanny ability to just know how a word should be spelled.

He's a primpo

...While this might not be a good feature to some, to me it is. The kid who would wear plaid and stripes together, a belt or suspenders and a shirt tucked in with sweatpants, a vest, minus the shirt, with shorts and boots, the one who refused to brush his hair, wash his face or brush and floss his teeth, is approaching teenagedom like any other kid. He has a style his own, but at least it looks good and doesn't incite laughter. He will wash his hair and brush his teeth. He freaks at the sight of a pimple on his nose and he'll use deoderant every day! YAHOOOO!!!!

He's loving, affectionate and quick with a smile. He's honest , kind and trusting. He's the sensitive child that's too preoccupied with death and wants us to know that if he dies, he wants his favorite bear buried with him. He's the one that insists he's going to live with me forever
~ His smile tops the list.

~ His love of being read too.

~ The way you can tell what he is thinking by the look on hs face.

~ He loves to be sung too.

~ He can be redirected so quickly and a tanurm is never last for more than a minute or two.

~ The way he is begining to manipulate people.

~ His charming personalilty

~ His loving nature.

~ His wonderful appetite.

~ and last but certainly not least his easy going maner.