how many of you carry autism medical ID? | Autism PDD


Good idea...There are many different types of medical alert tags, bracelets, necklaces, bands, etc.

The ADA = American Diabetes Association puts out a monthly magazine called "Diabetes Digest" I think (like "The Advocate).  Anyway, there are all sorts of IDs advertised in there.  Diabetics, especially insulin dependent ones, really need the ID.

We got one for Cole (the children's sizes aren't always available with every company, so check) last fall before we went to Disney World.  He doesn't like wearing it, so for now, its attached to his backpack.

I love this idea my son is 3, what kind did you get? I can't decide what he would wear.

i found this site and they are only , seems fair to me. you can engrave whatever you want.

Thanks for the info. My son has type 1 diabetes and autism and at the Diabetes Center the doctors have been after me to get a bracelet but he can't tolerate anything around his wrist. He probably will love the dog tags.


Thank you for that.  I've been meaning to order one. sport one look way better ,you can attach anywhere, dont like the chain ones son has been wearing the bracelet for years. he also will not wear any jewelry etc but when i explained to him what bracelet was for he kept it on much to my surprise. they do make tags for shoes if your child wont wear the jewelry.

the bracelets were cool but the sports band only goes as low as a 7" one. That is way to big for a 3 yr old. and she wont wear any of the other kind and wont let you attach anything to her in anyother place. She has something like the sports band one that is why i liked them but they dont come small enough for the younger kids.


Here is another link.....I have ordered items through here for both my son who has Diabetes and my daughter who is nonverbal and I am TERRIFIED of the day she gets lost and can't tell anyone who she is.

Another thought for anyone who is scared of kids wandering off......

through our local police I was able to "register" with the 911 operators.  So now there is a "file" for us that alerts 911 that there is a diabetic in the house as well as a child with Autism.  They have my children's pictures as well so God Forbid Erin did wander off one day and for some reason didn't ahve her ID bracelet with her.....there's a good chance they would already know who she was or at least be able to bring up a recnet photo of her to pass around.....I'd inquire with your local police to see if they offer anything like that.

here is a link for some really cute beaded type medical ID bracelets... =MedicalIDAlertBracelets