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Okay, if we hold T back she will be in Kindergarten next year.

We had MINIMAL teacher-parent communications this year.  I am considering writing daily reports into her IEP (I am sure that is a big demand on the teacher ... ).  So -- has anyone requested or designed a formatted behavioral/ academic checklist for teachers to use daily?

I am thinking of things like ...  did/ not nap for x minutes.

Played with ...

Academic successes:

Behavioral incidents (good or bad)?

Something like that.  Will the teacher appreciate this effort to structure our communication, especially if she has input on its design?  Or will she think we are nuts?

foxl39192.3316435185HOURLY -- WOW!  That is wonderful!Yes, my son's teacher was required to complete a daily report on him and it was written in his IEP.  The sheets were mostly related to his behavior, since that was the biggest issue.  Every hour, the teacher wrote an assessment for him detailing his interactions and behavior.  That way, we could see if there were particular times of the day when things were worse. 

My teacher uses one. I would like it to be a little longer, hers is very basic. But its the same form everyday and she cirlces the right one. Looks like this:

Something fun I did today: (she doesn't always fill this one out)

Breakfast: I did not eat / I ate a little/ I ate all or most of my food

lunch: same

nap: I could not rest / I rested / I slept

Behavior: I had a hard time following rules today. / I followed class rules for most of the day /  My behavior was great today!

The only problem I have is that her aide fills it out usually and he will put ate all when they didn't and behavior was great when it wasn't, the she sees it when I'm talking to her and says no no no, he should of put this. If they actually filled it out right it would be very helpful. LOL!

Here is a draft ... for a more academic setting (she is pretty high-functioning)

               s Daily Report







Today during free time, she played with


Describe play activity:


Her mood was mostly _______ this morning.

                                       _______ after lunch.


Her eye contact was good / effortful / poor today.


She did/ did not nap.


She  participated in class by:


Did she initiate any participation, herself, in class or in play?


She participated in small group activity by:


She interacted with the teacher by:



Academic work:


She worked hard / not so hard / very little at:


She paid attention and followed teacher instructions well / mostly / poorly / not at all


Her attention span was good/ so-so / poor        overall.


She did particularly well at:


She did less well than usual at:



Additional remarks:


What do you all think?


Yes, mine is written into his IEP that a daily smile sheet is used and if behaviors are bad or progressing badly to email or call me. The smile sheet is :)/ straight face/ :( for listening, doing work, following directions, not hitting...there is also a note field that we write stuff back and forth on.

Okay -- this is encouraging!  I AM on the right track ... now if we can get our team and teacher to agree!

Thanks ... anyone else's ideas?

Hah! I hear patience is a virtue

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Oh a daily communication report is a great idea!!  We had one written into my sons IFSP.  We designed it and involved his speech therapist, ot and suggestions from his teacher.  They were more then willing and its a great way to get more involved and get more information.... not to mention it is a daily reminder to the teacher of those goals ... Great idea, I might go ahead and steal it. I have had few interactions with
my ds's teacher this year and the ones we had made clear that she is
lacking any skills to deal with asd kids. Because it had been so
aggrevating I mostly just communicate via the principal or school
psychologist. I also requested that a mandatory inservice/course for the
classroom teacher on teaching asd kids would be added to the IEP. I like
your idea of a daily report, because even if relations are strained there is
still communication and accountability.Oh, BTW I mentioned my daily sheet and guess what?  The SpEd teacher ALREADY USES THEM with many kids so was completely open to it!