Imus | Autism PDD



First, I'd like to say that I do not support what Imus said on the air. I don't feel it was necessary or appropriate. However, it is a shame that he lost everything because of it, especially his show. If anyone doesn't already know Imus, for all of his sins, was a huge supporter for fighting Autism and often talked about the seriousness of Autism while on air. We have all lost a very big advocate  for the battle that is Autism today. I can't say I ever listend to his show so I really don't know much about
him but I just felt hugly offended by the comments he made. I have
people in my life who I care about who have autism and people in my life
who I care about who are black and I don't care for anyone who feels free
to put either of them down.I am glad that he was fired and I hope that it stays that way.  The Lady Knights worked extremely hard to achieve what they acheived and he had not right to make such horrilbe comments about them. 
Have a good night
Paula (Rutgers alum)