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Electronic devices for autistic kids..

That's an astounding price!  I was curious and checked e-bay.  They have 2 Dynavox units there now.  The price was lower, but there are still a couple days left on the auctions.


A dynavox is a type of communication device.  They run between $8,000 and $10,000 new.  I have yet to get insurance to ever cover one....usually goes through medicaid....and it is a long long process.I saw that....great prices if you can get it.  We are looking to write a grant at my school to get a device to have to try out with kids before families make the investment.  You can also get the software to put on a touchscreen computer.....I have it in my classroom.That is something tricare should be able to payfor. I saw something on it on their website. You know you can always call your regional office and see if its covered. I get the best info on rather or not something is covered from them.Thanks lindaThanks for the link norwaymom!!

I'm assuming you're in the US.  Here's a list of assistive technology "lending library links" for all 50 states at sandbox-learning.com. 

Sandbox wrote:  "Many states have non-profit foundations which support the lending of resources.  These resources range from extensive libraries of sensory integration toys, augmentative communication devices, and games or puzzles designed for individuals with disabilities to simple software or low tech devices.  [...]  States without lending libraries still have people trained to help with information and referrals for adaptive technology needs."

Here's the link to the list:   


Maybe someone else has personal experience with these devices so they can give you some tips.

Hi all. Well I know that they make certain electronic devices to help autistic kids communicate, but I dont know much about any of them. I know there is something with a screen where they can choose different items they want but I dont know what it is called. Does any have any more info on these types of devices?  Also, how expensive are they? Is there any way to get these devices free of charge? Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!! 

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