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Byonetics and Autism

I didnt even have to read through all of this to tell you ANYTHING that promises to rid a body of Autism you need to run fast and far away from!

from your link under Jean Developes Byonetics at the end, middle paragraph,.... Jean developed Byonetics to resolve these conflicts by resetting the energy of the conflict from a negative to a positive source of healing for the child thus redefining the child, free of autism.

If you are looking for ways to help your child, educate yourself on autism and different therapies. Ask his ST, OT, PT, BT everyone involved exactly what they do and how they do it with your child and consistently carry through the same things at home with him. If insurance will cover it or if you can afford it get additional therapies outside of school.

Whatever you decide to do, Find the information from a crediable autism source and thouroughly investigate it WITH your child's doctor BEFORE doing it.

EXAMPLE: someone on here may say their child displays behaviors XYZ and it sounds exactly like my child. They say well their Dr prescribed medicine A for their child and hes doing fantastic now, It doesnt mean Medicine A is what my child needs! I need to consult with the doctor first some meds can make other things worse. Just like some form of treatment can harm your child more than help them,

WE ALL WANT to help our kids, We are all desperate for answers. There is pretty much NOTHING any of us wouldn't do if it ment curing our kids. but there is NO CURE (YET) and anyone claiming they have a cure you need to get away from!

If a new medicine came out would you allow your kid to be tested with it? NO ONE KNOWS THE LONG TERM EFFECTS! It might help,... but it also could KILL. Is his disability so severe, and so unbearable, and so debalitating its worth risking his life?

please reconsider this form of treatment look for hard evidence from reknown medical studies/ professionals / universities. i know that my son's dev ped and i had a good laugh over the thought that swimming with dolphins could perhaps "cure " anything, other than perhaps one's fear of dolphins. now,we do  sacral cranial manipulation and we do use it with my son, along with reflexology, and and massage therapy. we don't use it to "cure " anything we use it to desensitize his tactile dysfunction. i implore you to talk to your child's doctor, a licensed ped, a dev ped, or a nuero psych, they will be able to tell you about the available and tested forms of therapies that may benefit you child. if something something sounds to good to be true, it's usually is.

Searched for it thru google and it only came up with one page of hits.  And half of those pages it came up with are not online.  I put his claim right up there with diet pills cure autism.  Just because it is on the internet doesn't make it true.


Okay, I don't think Chelation is going to be for us, after all of the pros and cons, and thanks to all you for your input. You can tell, I am really desperate to help my son

A friend sent me the link above today, have you guys heard anything about byonetics....

Hello. I'm new to the board all though not to autism. Not saying i know alot either but I have been doing alot of studying and raising my child with autism.  I have really been looking into byonetics also. At this time my son is doing speech, o/t (twice a wk.) ABA and infrored light steamroom 3x's a wk. I wasnt to hip about the hair samples and all that kind of "treatment" and my ped (which i respect highly) told me it was all a crock. BUT, I still went to this herbal dr. which sent off the hair sample and this is how we came to the steamroom. Everyone tells me at first its just a way to "steal my money" WRONG, this dr. dont even charge children to use his steam room and I must say I have seen a big difference with his speech. With the improvemets using this, I wont shoot down the swimming with dolphins o/t.  I'm actually sitting here waiting for a call to schedule. Its really not to awful expensive and its worth a shot. Not like theres a horrible side effect to it or anything. (the o/t dolpins) and after doing alot of reading, not just on the net there starting to use this for cancer paitents and so on. Dolphins have been used for many reasons and who knows. Theres alot of therpies that i wont do but theres also ones i want to try I have used the byonetics program and have talked to jean genet numerous times.. it has helped my son greatly.

why did i try this

as einstein said..  The mentality that causes a problem will never cure  or fix a problem .. one must use a higher level of reasoning to fix the problem..

that is why i looked outside the box to help my son

he is doing chelation .. natural only cilantro , edta and suppliments

info can be found on the willis chat group..

with suggestions on how to find a good dr to help you.

going to therapy after therapy ot, speech etc.. is good .. if you kid is healthy.

but if not that is like trying to train a lame person for a running race.. first you gotta get the legs better.. than you can run..

otherwise you will be frustrated

jean genet's program helped..not one thing will fix autism..

as everyone is different and every child is complex and needs different things as time goes on.

dont let fear of unorthodoxy paralyze you.. being mainstream and letting your kids get vaccinated (like i did) is imho what allowed my child to become crippled like this in the first place.. as he was a healthy talking child untill his bad shots etc..

now he is getting better.. laughing, joking with me.. talking more.. playing with his sister and the pets. and his toys.. their is hope as long as you still want there to be.

good luck


also.. be wary there are people / board members out there who just want to immobilize you.

follow your heart and your spirit. not what some dr who may not know what he is talking about stop you.

i had a prestigeous dr. tell me that upon getting my son's lead blood level that a 20 was nothing to worry about and it would go down on it's own.. like a fool i waited 1 year to test again.. did it go down.. nope..

my son is not typical so things are not typical with him..

i lost a year to this fool.. please don't let them get you off track .. jean genet thing may not be for you.. i am not just talking about him.. you know what your kid needs.. if you allow yourself to listen

please time is precious.. ask for guidance from what every benevolent  god  / being your believe in with all of your heart and soul and you will get it.  if you just let yourself believe.


[QUOTE=tara] also.. be wary there are people / board members out there who just want to immobilize you. [/QUOTE]

Tara I dont think board members want to immobilize anyone from treatments for their children. We are all in the same boat... loving and caring for someone with an ASD. Everyone wants answers and help and hope....

BUT  Many of us have also been through this for a while.... seeing different promises and cures that end up failing.... treatments that can harm or kill the child!

What scares the heck out of me are parents who are where I was when my son was diagnosed 7+ years ago. DESPERATE for help and answers.... DESPERATE to help fix or cure their child. MOST haven't ever heard autism until their child was diagnosed. They don't know what treatments have been around and what is new... its all new to them. They see "CURE" or "FIX" and jump on it with excitement (MOST of us can relate to that I think) They unfortunately many times dont see past CURE to think it through, thoroughly investigate, and make sure it is safe. The word CURE ofthen clouts their best judgement and the child CAN and often many times DOES suffer as a result either becomming seriously ill or worse.

I have seen where people have gone online to buy vitamins, secretin, and other "autism cures" because they can't afford the doctors and  do these treatments wihtout doctor supervision.... IN MY OPINION thats the same as casting a broken arm yourself or performing your own surgery. Bad stuff has been bought, poision, contaminated water.....  Kids have been over can result in severe consequences INCLUDING DEATH.

THAT is what I want to make sure people are aware of. Make sure parents who are in such a hurry to "CURE" their child STOP and THINK  and become educated about the treatment first. Discuss it with the dr, do it under supervision. Many of our kids have high pain tolerance and are non verbal or have limited communication skills, they also have problems with problem solving,.... MOST of our kids won't be able to tell us if they are having a problem with a new treatment and I think its important that parents realize it BEFORE trying some new thing that PROMISES to rid the body of autism.

AUTISM is a neurological disease for which their is currently NO CURE..... Now if something promises a cure and you want your child to be the guinea pig to try it out... the decision is yours... PLEASE think it through though.

Most of us will do anything, pay anything to help our kids. We feel if we don't try it somehow makes us bad parents.... I have heard parents say they will try ANYTHING....

I see many people here in the boards who are religious....... One would think there would be no harm in seeking help from the church to cure your child's autism..... Not too long ago there was a story in the news where a mom took her autistic child to the church for an exorcism to rid him of autism - it killed him instead.....  An autistic eight-year-old boy has died during a prayer service held to supposedly cure him of the evil spirits blamed for causing his condition.

ALSO - Heres an interesting site.............. 
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  • ALL I want to do is make sure parents who are just learning of this information who are devistated about their child's dx research completely..... Its too easy for everyone to believe the internet before finding out where the info really came from.

     Well said Michelle!!! I just want to say that in no way has anyone on this board ever made me feel immobilized ever, most of the time I have gotten the best info and help from the other parents, who infact have become like friends to me, I have only had a dx on my son for 8 months and I was so ready to have him detoxed once I read the testimonials from other parents who say that there child showed no signs of autism after this was done....... but this was when I was in major denial before I found this board and some of the most honest, caring people I have ever met. Michelle is right everyone is entitled to there own opinions and treatments but be very careful because no matter how much we wish there is no cure. I have learned with my own child that positive reinforcement...consistency....redirection......ABAtherapy.. ..OTtherapy ....and STtherapy have done wonders.....I know all children have different levels of autism and not all therapys work but I do know that with alot of hard work and love my son has come a long no means is he cured but he is able to function alot better with day to day life. I would not have known that a weighted blanket could help him fall asleep faster at night or that social stories could help us before we leave the house if it were not for this board and the GOOD true....real advice I have been given.


    Dear Mother of Dominique,

    After you have given up on conventional medicine try Byonetics...Byonetics is an alternative method of healing.  Just because something isn't easily understood doesn't mean it doesn't work.  I first heard of it about 4 years ago and was very skeptical.myself.  It can be used to treat disorders other than autism and my personal experience has been very successful.  I imagine that it must be as successful for autism because the developer sufffered from autism as a child.

    Convinced in PA.



    I totally understand your concerns...I also agree that "managed" is probably a better and more accepted description than "cured"...but if you met the man you'd never know he ever suffered from Autism.  There are no harmful drugs or herbs to be ingested which is why I tried it...the medications my doctors prescribed for me made me feel worse than the disease.  I don't know how much he charges for the program now but I can tell you that one of the benefits of the program is the best most restful sleep you can imagine...and to me that was priceless.      i'm going to be honest here and tell you how much this thread scares me.My son is far too precious to me to mess with the unknown.I know that everything has to start somewhere and if i truly beleived something would help jack i would try it but this kind of thing bothers me intensely.Autisim has NO cure it is a life long condition we all wish that it were otherwise but those are the facts.I find it frightening that this person claims to have been cured as a child in fact i find it rather sick,just MO but i hope that anyone reading this thread and considering trying this checks it out throughly and checks witha registered practioner before starting anything.One more thing and this may come across has been a bit harsh but it is not intended to cause offence and it is again just my opinion,as parents we need to be careful that any treatment we would undertake with our kids is for THERE benefit and not our own.This is in response to: "marieeugene" post on Byonetics.

    I am probably one of the most sceptical people on the planet, especially
    as it relates to those individuals promoting a cure for autism. It seems
    that the more letters behind the person's name the less results my son
    received and the more money it cost. I came across Genet's site: and began to read his parent responses. I just checked
    and, to date, he has posted 240 responses from parents just like me who
    have received benefit from his program. We parents have been dealing
    with autism for a long time and when we come across a program that
    provides the most amount of results in the shortest period of time with
    the least amount of monies spent, we support it. We are not wanting to
    manage autism, we are needing to end it. Ending autism and curing it is
    two different things. Ending autism means that my son has the
    opportunity to turn back on his developmental switches and enhance his
    ability to form speech, emotional contact, and mental focus to the point
    where he can be fully functional in society. Curing autism means that no
    child will develope autism after their vaccinations. The first person I want
    to talk to is that individual who has been successful in conquering autism,
    using research to define how it was done and to develop technology to
    replicate the success. Jean Genet is this person.

    My Gosh, folks.  The Byonetics Program is simply playing special "CDS"!!  That's it folks!  You'd think it involved giving them poison given the vociferous "anti Byonetics" posts here.  Look into something before you shoot it down and possibly keep a parent whose child might benefit from it from trying it.  There's no dangerous drugs, vitamins, creams, etc. involved at all just "CDs" folks!

    As for autism not being able to be "cured", I have over 20+ years experience in the field as a trained special ed teacher and also trained in Discrete Trial under one of Dr. Lovaas' Senior Therapists, and various other methods and approaches.  I have helped to recover childre, including my own child, have helped others make significant improvement, particularly in academic skills, and I have met and talked with both recovered adults and children, including Raun Kaufman (the boy in the book and movie "SonRise" who now designs and delivers training to parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities through the Option Insitute which his parents founded) on more than one occasion and Jean Genet, the developer of the Byonetics program.  Yes, not every child can or will recover completely, but many can given the intervention that they need.  I am so tired of hearing "autism can't be cured", when recovery IS possible for many, though granted not all.   And for those who do not "recover" significant improvement can be achieved.

    I can't tell you what it is like to have a recovered child whom another parent has met on more than one occasion and then hear her tell me in all seriousness that  "autism can't be cured", "no children really "recover".   Does she think my child was a "misdiagnosis"?  Or does it just make her feel better about her own child, who, while having made tremendous strides, has not recovered?  I called her back a few days later as I simply had to say that my silence didn't indicate my agreement with her the previous day, that some children DO recover, mine did and I know others that have also.  I wasn't going to remain "politely silent".

    So consider this another decision to not remain "politely silent".  Let's "broaden" our perspective folks and recognize that just as there is a SPECTRUM of how much children manifest and are affected by autism, so there is a SPECTRUM of how much kids can recover from it.

    Most sincerely yours,

    Dhasa Dreamer - one very happy mother of a RECOVERED child, now age eight, top student in 3rd grade, and speaks English, Mandarin, Tibetan, Spanish, and French.  When he grows up he wants to be a chef, own his own restaurant where  he says I can eat for "free" whenever I want, and also wants to be a country music singer.   Sounds good to me.  Plays piano and a mean game of Pokemon and is the joy of my life, along with his sister. 
    Thanks for the link.  BTW My DD is "recovered" through ABA and my DS has made more progress than anyone thought possible, also through ABA. Unfortunately, the cost of the Bionetics program is still too high as my financial situation is poor.  I agree that if someone can afford the program it probably couldn't hurt to try it, the only concern I have is that parents could choose this method and use funds that may be better spent on OT or ST or ABA. 

    I think it important for parents to maximise the effectiveness of their therapy dollar. There are so many "cures" out there and people willing to prey on hurting parents to make a buck. Now you sound sincere and I hope you are but I am still not convinced from the information presented on his website that J Genet has the answer to Autism.
    I can't afford the CD's to test it out so I suppose I will just continue doing what I have learned from participating in years of ABA therapy and hope that will be sufficient to help my DS continue to improve.

     As a single parent of two boys I understand everyone's concern with costs and with wanting to get whats best and most helpful to your child for the least amount of money.  About fours ago I purchased a series of Jean's CDs that were geared toward adressing other issues.  At that time I paid around $50.00 per CD.  I still have the CDs, I still use the CDs, the CDs are still effective and at this time I have paid approximately $1.00 a month for them.  Right now I am paying more than $1.00 a day for vitamins. 



    That is great to hear about your daughter being recovered and your son having made significant progress. 

    I agree with you that ABA, ST, and OT can be very effective.  Along with Floortime, VB (a type of ABA), and the Sonrise Program, which has a lot in common with Floortime.  Given one already has good interventions in place and can afford to add Byonetics, it is a good addition, in my opinion.

    I also agree with AdamsMom that "vitamins and herbs" are not necessarily "safe" and anything you give your child should be known to and discussed with their doctor in case there might be any "interactions" with other things the child is being given then or may be given in the future.

    Also, sometimes supplements or herbs may actions or side effects which are not listed in the information on the package and which you may not know about but your child's doctor may.  I have had a recent personal experience with taking a supplement, also marketed for use with ASD children, which "increases the oxygenation of the brain and body".  The manufacturer and distributor claim it does so through supplying a factor for a metabolic process.  In reality, it is a vasodilator and has it's effects due to it's causing "dilation" of blood vessels.  There is nothing "wrong" with something being a "vasodilator", and yes, vasodilators do increase the oxygenation of the brain and body, resulting in "enhancement" of various brain and body functions, but it should be labeled as such.  It isn't.  I developed sudden and severe memory problems, due to developing TIA's (mini strokes) from this "supplement".  I was only taking "one" a day.  Far less than the amount "recommended" on the package or the amount recommended to be given to ASD children.

    I have now "stopped" taking it obviously, and with some research on the internet found out it was actually developed by the same person who created "Laetrile".  Boy, was that stunning information!  I sat there stunned, as I said, and couldn't believe it.  In all the research I had read about this "supplement" over 20 years' time, as well as in the information packet I received from it's manufacturer many years ago, and the information on it's packaging today, that information was "never" mentioned.  Gee, wonder why? Might one cast a more critical and discerning eye on it if it were?  The only information about it's background was that it had been "extensively researched" in Russia.  Leading me, by "omission" of any other information about it's development or it's developer, to assume it had been developed there.  Which I am now sure was and still is the "intent" of that information about it's being researched in Russia being cited as the only "background" information on it. 

    Furthermore, I found out that Dr. Ernest Krebs, it's actual developer,  was indicted and convicted way back in 1961 for distributing this so-called "supplement, assessed a large fine for the time, and sentenced to six years in prison. This "supplement" ofen referred to as a "vitamin" in the "research" on it, supposedly was "banned" from being distributed, yet here, over 40 years later, it is still being made and distributed right here in the US.  And still having the truth about it's development and who developed it hidden by "omission".  Dr. Kreb's prison sentence was dropped in a deal he made with the federal government which involvedhis agreeing to stop distributing Laetrile.  In all the "research" I had previously read about this supplement,  it's being developed by the same person who developed Laetrile was never "mentioned".   In fact they were both developed AT THE SAME TIME, and this supplement was marketed in the past as an "enhancer" of endurance and pleasure "in the bedroom".  Due to it's vasodilation proeprties, I'm sure.  Do your own research on this.  All such "enhancers" are "vasodilators".  That past marketing as an enhancer of endurance and pleasure "in the bedroom" as they phrased it then led to further federal prosecution, by the way, and more than once.  Again, information about past federal prosecution and conviction in regards to this "supplement" is also never "mentioned" in the research cited on this "supplement". 

    By the way, Dr. Krebs also later took to calling Laetrile "Vitamin B17".  Why?  Specifically to avoid FDA drug testing requirements and regulation. 

    Does this "supplement" "work"?  Sure, it gave me more energy, increased mental clarity, and a feeling of increased "well-being".  As many vasodilators, do.  Almost gave me a major "stroke", too, due to it's causing dilation of a vein in my brain.  The caffeine in coffee is also a "vasodilator" - do the "effects" of this substance and "coffee" sound the same?  The "only" side effect of this supplement ever mentioned, which IS noted in the information on this supplement's use with ASD children, notes that some "exhibit hyperactivity" with it's use.  The recommendaton is to add another supplement to "counteract" that effect.  I know that if I took it at lunch, instead of in the morning, it would keep me "up" at night.  And taking more than "one" tablet per day would make me feel "wired" and even "agitated" as the day went on.  Again, much like too much "coffee" does to some people, due to the vasodilation effects of the "caffeine" in it.  That is "how" coffee makes people feel more "peppy" and their thinking more "sharp".  Interestingly, the "visual side effects" of Viagra, which are mentioned in media information about it, are actually due to "hemorrhages" in the delicate blood vessels of the eyes.  In medical literature about this, these are called what they are: "small strokes".   Funny, how I had never "heard" or "read" about that being the cause of Viagara's "mysterious" visual "side effects".   Just another example of 'information management" by "omission".

    So I am left sadder but wiser.  There is no such thing as something "with no known side effects".  Even water, if you drink too much of it, can cause various "side effects", including seizures in those with seizure conditions.   Giving a peson suspected of having epilepsy lots of water in a short period of time actually used to be one of the "tests" used to diagnose it.  When there are no "reported" side effects about some substance, perhaps the truth is that side effects are simply not being "reported" rather than not "occurring".  And of course, there is no "requirement" that side effects to "food supplements" or "vitamins" be "reported" at all.


    I have not tried Byonetics or any other non-medical therapy.  But I have to agree with the posts that say if it is so great we would hear more about it.  Also if he wants to help people it seem to cost a lot for some CD's. 

    I would like to go back to the begining of the thread were people were speaking about the vitamins and herbs.  Vitamins and herbs are NOT harmless.  Most medications were formulated from something in nature.  You do need medical supervision if you are giving your child any "Natural" supplements. 

    Also, if these other types of treatment, then the only way to tell would be if the child was only getting that and nothing else.  Most of us have done many kinds of treatment.  It is a combination of treatments that seem to offer the most hope.   

    Actually, if you want his "gift to you"  of the 25 myths of Autism you do have to give your email address. I'm sorry, but I have read quite a few of the parent responses and there isn't anything there that convinces me that it would be worth spending the money.  The changes they describe could have just been due to the kids getting older. Even though our kids have Autism they do still change and develop.

    I have a therapist who started working with a 2 year old 6 months ago and he couldn't even say one word.  Now he can talk in 5 word sentences, now that is a dramatic improvement. I still believe that if Bionetics was so wonderful then there would be more objective measures of its success available. At least with ABA there are many research articles available supporting the method. 

    I find I am very sceptical of people saying they are noted researchers but not actually giving you a link so you can check out their article or even saying where it is published.  The only support he has is a lot of parent testimonials that can't be verified. There are no contact details so we can check that these people actually exist.

    Still that is MHO and as you say people can make up their own minds.

    I am wondering if someone that has used to the CD's allows can allow others to see their child fully interactive in a social situation. I am not going to lie and say that I am not desperate for a way to make my child's life easier (not mine, although that is an incentive as well), but I do find it odd that none of the professionals I have spoken to have ever heard of Byonetics. They are like "Byo-who?". I dont want to waste my time or my hard earned money, but I think if I actually saw what was supposed to be an autistic child fully engaged in a social setting, then maybe I could be swayed. Please let me know if anyone is available for this type of meeting with me.

    I just happen to be a parent with a lot of hope but not a lot of money. So if someone can make the price worth my while, then please let me know where you are located so that I can pay you a visit.  If I dont get any responses then I know that people are not being honest when they say that they stand behind this product.


    Sound wave therapy is not new. NASA has used it for years on their astronauts who in the early years came back from weightless environment of space with autistic tenencies.  Their brain and their bodies were not grounded properly.  The sound wave therapy NASA uses is FDA approved.

    The changes that parents describe are real. My son Blake has only used the first two cd's that come together since October 16.  You can't tell me that he suddenly learned to speak better because of school in 6 weeks.  

    Within 4 nights of the CD's- Blake had experienced exactly what Jean said was possible.  1.  He "reverted" for a couple of days and had accidents and wet the bed. That subsided after a few days.  He had not had an accident in 4 months prior.  When I asked Jean- he said that it was possible for a reversion for the first week or so.   2.  On day 5- after living our life without adjectives and description, with two word sentences since he was three--suddenly he says " Look Mom, Look I am walking on  the straight white line."  3.  HE CAN SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT WAKING OR HAVING BED WETTING ACCIDENTS. ( This is worth the $300 right there!) Because of the better rest, he is a lot better during the day.  More grounded. 4.  He stopped spontaneously talking gibberish in his own little world like he normally would to relax.  He is here with me now & not in his mind.  5.  He argues with me and his brother now.  Hallaleujah!  I know Kindergarten did not teach him that!

    I think it is sad to pass up the opportunity to help their child do better because they do not BELIEVE in something that MIGHT help.  Who cares, it is a CD that plays in the background and is relaxing.  If it helps what have you lost, if it doesn't--then it was worth the try.  Please do not criticize unless you try it.  The information forum alone is worth the $300. 

    Perhaps he needs your email address so that he can get your address to send the free book??

    Let's leave room for the possiblity for a moment that we do not all understand the nature of the universe. There is a lot of energy and power that swirls around us every day.  What if redirecting that energy, light and sound waves in a concentrated direction could help people who are disconnected from themselves and this world.  I do not doubt for a moment that the dolphins have a theraputic effect on damaged brains.  They are thousands percent more powerful than human brains.  We only use a tiny portion of our brains, perhaps if we used our brains more we could heal some of the miserable things that aflict the human race.

    Use the Cd's or not, but please do not try to dissuade others. These things are effective and do work. My son is so much more in touch. I doubt that 6 weeks of kindergarten was solely responsible for his advancement.  The teacher has remarked at the changes in him. 

    Let's assume for a moment that I am all wrong and all wet and the CD's are not effective--perhaps it is Jeans positive outlook then that is causing this revolution within my 6 year old.  Perhaps by turning my energy from negative to positive I have helped my son redefine himself as normal, and not as autistic.  Either way, regardless of the reasoning, the program helps, and Thank God for that!  My son told me a joke for the first time this week, and today let me know that he did well in school but a boy named John in his class got in trouble.  Blake has NEVER reported anything that happens to others.  This is a large milestone that other kids are even on the radar to be talked about.  Good luck everyone, why not try it. What is there to lose?  6 dinners out to semi decent restaurant??  Half a paycheck?  I would give everything I own if my kid didn't have to struggle. 



    Blake has only used the CD's for 6 weeks. But you are more than welcome to see us anytime.  Blake never used to talk on the phone, and now he will talk a few sentences. We are no way completely healed or anything, but I am looking forward to the next months.He has made such big strides.  I would give you my cd's when I am finished, but it will be awhile, and I do not want your child to wait.  I think part of what happens to severely autistic kids is these cd's help desenitize them to annoying and overwhelming sounds.  Please send me an email and we can set something up.

    I am not sure how to email you from this system, other than to post this comment.


    I think that if you tell your doctors that you are using Sound wave therapy or something like it they will have more for you. I find that my doctor does not know anything but how to suggest prescription drugs for the situation.  It is sad. I asked the pediatrician about acidophoulous while using antibiotics, he didn't even know how to dose it because it is not FDA approved...  Please email!Dear Cherylann,

    Yes, I totally support and respect everyone's right to make up their own minds.

    If you really want to read the 25 autism myths you can do so by going here:

    My free gift to you.

    I support a wide variety of interventions: ABA, VB (Verbal Behavior, a type of ABA, as taught by Vince Carbone), Social Exchange Theory as outlined by Martin Kozloff in his book "Reading the Autistic Child", the Sonrise Method see ,  PECS, PCS (Personal Communication Symbols available from Mayer-Johnson Company), Sensory Integration Therapy, dietary interventions, enzymes from Houston Nutraceuticals, neurofeedback, prayer, and "laughter" (as in doing things that make your child laugh and experience "joy" each and every day).  I firmly believe that laughter and a "merry heart" doeth good like medicine".  Laughter and "squeals" of "joy" also help to elicit "sounds" and exercise the oral motor and speech structures, which over time can be "shaped" into sounds on request and then speech and language. 

    I, too, back when I was still working, had great success in working with children with ASD of various ages as well as other disorders particularly in tha areas of speech and language, cognition, and academic skills.   I specialized in academic instruction of both verbal and nonverbal children with ASD and worked in public and private school settings, and also privately.  A skillful therapist who truly "likes" working with these children and who holds "high hopes" for them, in conjunction with parents who "carry through" at home, can accomplish much.  In this I think we are both in agreement. 

    There are many interventions which carry the potential of "risk", such as chelation therapy and the use of various medications and supplements.  Some children have been harmed by "forced holding", and two ASD teens, both boys, were sadly "killed", while being "matted" (rolled up in an exercise mat) and "restrained".  Sickeningly to me, one of them was then "sat" on by a staff member while still "matted"  resulting in his suffocating to death, while the other young man had a helmet on his head keeping him in the "dark" while also playing loud "white noise" while he died.  I believe both of those young men died of sheer "despair" and in great fear.  In my mind NEITHER of those two deaths should have ever happened.   I have never forgotten about either of those two young men. 

    Teachers and parents DO need to draw the line of what they will and will "not" do and what they think "is" and "isn't" safe.  In this you and I are again in "agreement" and I support your efforts to help parents draw their own lines.

    Byonetics carries no such "risks" and "costs" far less than many other interventions that do have some risks.  I certainly would not advocate it as a "sole" method of intervention, but see no harm in "adding" it in.  It could help, and it cannot "harm".  Parents find it "easy" to implement.  That's basically where I am "coming from" in sharing about it.

    And for the record, skillful use of "errorless learning methods", adjusting expectations, and providing a "break" area in classrooms which students can go to when they need to or allowing them to jump on a rebounder in a corner or take a walk up and down the hall, whatever they need to "calm down" and "regroup", can help to prevent the kind of frustration, escalating behaviors, and "acting out" that some people still choose to "consequate" with such inhumane methods.  If I did that to my "dog", I'm sure "cruelty" charges would be lodged against me, and rightfully so. 

    It is as a result of those two young men, and so many other children, teens, and young adults I saw early in my career not receiving effective interventions and spending their days and lives in such "bleak" environments, that I am so "committed" to making sure parents "know" about ALL  the options out there.  I saw the records of children I knew who were then teens, who when taken to UCLA by their parents for "help" were told by a certain MD and "expert" that there was "nothing to be done for them", when he knew FULL WELL that just a few minutes' walk away Dr. Lovaas was recovering many such children.  But he chose to "withold" that information.  Tears streamed down my face as I read one file after another of children who had had that done to them and to their parents.  Children who, from working with them, I knew might have "recovered" with appropriate early intervention, and others who would have been much better off.  My supervisor walked by, saw my tears, and said "Have you been reading those files I asked you to put in order?  I told you not  to read them".  He told me not to read them, he said, as he knew I would "cry" if I did, just as he had when he had read them.  He was one of the most skilled evaluators and teachers of children with autism I ever met.  At that time he was the head of a county-wide autism program which he had created that was nationally recognized.  He treated all  students with ASD with deep compassion and immense "dignity" at all times.  "Overhearing" him assessing or working with a child with ASD you would never "know" the child had ASD by the way he talked to and with them.  Only when the child walked out of the assessment room, would you know.  It didn't matter whether the child was "verbal" or not, high functioning or not, he talked to and with them in the same respectful and gentle way.  From the very first day I met him, I made a decision  to become as "skilled" as he was and to always treat my students with the same hope, compassion, and dignity.  And I vowed I would NEVER withhold information from parents about other methods, whether I agreed with them or not.

    What each parent then "chooses" is their choice.  However, many parents who would like to "do more" are "constrained" by finances, insurance, other children to care and provide for, and school districts that offer very little.  For them "adding" something like "Byonetics" is something they "can" do with very little effort, training, or money.  And no "risk" of harm. 



    P.S.  those children who were "teens" when I met them had been very young when they were taken to that Dr. and "expert" at UCLA, "young" enough to be accepted into Dr. Lovaas' research and "young enough" for many of them to be "recovered" through his methods.  Not every child recovers, of course, but some of them could have and  "all" of them would have benefitted from such intervention at such a young age.  There was no "charge" for Dr. Lovaas' treatment then, it was totally covered by research funding. 

    I saw before me in those child's files how someone had played "God" with their lives and their parents lives.   And I wept.

    I agree with dhasadreamer on this one. I have started the cd program with my 6 year old last month.  At first he was a little irritable.  But after the first 5 days he is more focused than ever and responding with more normal language, questions, and involvement.  His eye contact is better, and he has somehow become more focused enough to stay with me to learn to read. He now can read over 40 words and read simple books out loud to me---!!!!and tell me what the story is about!!!! Not mindless parrotting.   He is starting this week with common language-- like when I say "come to dinner!"  He will answer-- "but I'm busy..."  Not what I want to hear, but before he would ignore me, or not respond. Now he is speaking his mind.  I say yay to these CD"s and what the heck! We are gonna swim with the dolphins Baby!  My child is responding like wildfire!  next week I get my next CD.  I have not implemented any other treatments simultaneously with the CD's that we had not been using before. We were on GFCF diet since February.  Then I added the CD"s and nothing more.  I see definite improvement.  I was skeptical, and needed a scientific approach. Best $300 I have ever spent.  Also, when you buy them you get a very good email forum with loads of other information, questions and answers. It is a great thing!Dear Cara,

    I am glad you are having such good results with the CD's.  My son is nearing the end of his second CD and we should be received his third CD any day.

    I cannot believe, given the "risks" of certain medical/supplement interventions that anyone would "warn" parents off of simply playing a "CD" at night while their child is falling asleep and playing another CD as "background: during the day.  Go figure.

    I will go this way any day and stay away from the use of drugs and unknown antidotes.  I have wondered about many avenues.  As long as the non invasive and natural, nutrition based and cd based interventions are working, I will stay away from the rest.   I immediately believed in this program, because it is basically a biofeednack technique that is done for you while you sleep.  My mother controlled epilepsy through biofeedback.  If you can listen to foreign language cd's and learn to sepak french, why couldn't you also pick up how to keep your mind clear?  It is not harmful and makes total sense to me!  I am looking forward to my next cd next week!I must again speak out about two issues:  1) "attacking" someone you have never met or spoken with, who is offering a treatment for autism as "sick" and 2) statements in BOLD CAPS that autism "cannot be cured".

    ISSUE #1) So offering a treatment that could help a child with autism is "sick"?  Why do you then undertake any treatments for your child?  But then maybe you don't.  That is okay, it is your choice and right as a parent to choose what you do and don't do with your child.  Just as it is other parents "right to choose" what they do and don't do with theirs.  I believe strongly in "full disclosure" of all intervention methods so that parents can "choose" for themselves what best suits their child and family.  I have heard as a professional parents lamenting that they "wish" they had "known sooner" when their child was first diagnosed about certain interventions which they later found to be very effective for their child, but which they were not "told" about when their child was first diagnosed.  They were only "told" about those interventions which the professionals they consulted "agreed with".  They felt it was "wrong" of those professionals to take away their right to "know about", "choose" and "try" by deciding "for" them "what" interventions they told them about.

    iSSUE #2) To state that "autism cannot be cured" is simply an out and out falsehood and you do parents of newly diagnosed children a grave disservice in saying so.  Again, if you believe this, and again that is your choice and right to choose to believe that, why bother joining any forums?  I have met and interacted with many children and adults who HAVE INDEED RECOVERED from autism.  They were not "misdiagnosed"as many like to "dismiss" such proof, nor are their parents and involved professionals "in denial". Recovery DOES happen, my child "recovered" and is still recovered.  Recovered children do exist and parents have a right to be informed of all available interventions that may help their child to also recover.  Then it is their right to "choose" what they want and don't want to do and to also have "peace" about their choices.  It is hard to have "peace" however, for some parents when they find out later that there were many interventions they never "knew" about, or came to know about "too late" to produce recovery instead of just "improvement" in their child because what they "knew" was "censored" by someone else they trusted.   Please do not make such a "choice" for other parents, do not be the cause of any other parents having the same "lack of peace" about their child that you seem to have.

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Why, if you believe children with autism cannot be cured, do you then do anything at all to help your child?  Do you do it in hopes of "improvement" but not cure?  So it is "okay" with you for a child to improve "just so much" but not "too much"?  Can their really be such a thing as "too much" improvement?  Can you see the lack of logic to what you are espousing?  Why does the idea of a child "improving"  "too much", ie beyond your expectations, upset you so?  Why do you choose to believe that it's not possible for a child to improve to the point of recovery?  Is it more comforting to you to believe that? 

    I think that is really what the "anti-recovery" stance is about.  That it is more "comfortable" for certain parents psychologically to believe that autism "cannot be cured" and that there is no such thing as "recovered" children or adults.  "Why" this is so probably varies from parent to parent, but some commonalities can be seen in parents who don't just "hold" this belief but feel compelled to join forums and share it LOUDLY with others whenever the "R" word is mentioned or whenever another new intervention that is successful with some children comes along.  Perhaps they use such a belief to avoid feeling bad that they just weren't up to doing or weren't able, for various legitimate reasons, to do the kinds of interventions that may have recovered their child.  And holding this belief and SHOUTING it to others helps them to "feel" better themselves about it.  It really has nothing to do with "helping" other parents to avoid "ineffective" methods but everything to do with helping "them" to feel "better".  They "could" choose to simply "feel okay" about their decisions or their child's outcome despite intervention without having to "justify" it to themselves and others by denying the fact that some children with autism DO recover.  Yes, many of the effective intensive interventions are very time intensive, other medical interventions are beyond the financial means of many, why not just say so to yourself or others who ask and choose to have "inner peace" about your decisions, rather than attacking the "effectiveness" of interventions which HAVE been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be "successful", as in, for example, the case of Dr. Lovaas' method, 47% of those children it is used with?  Why are you so strongly "compelled" to not only "deny" the reality of "recovery" but also to attack and impugn the character and motives of those who develop and provide such interventions?  Is your "comfort" with your own decision not to pursue "recovery" for your child, for whatever reasons which you are perfectly right to "choose", so "shaky" that you are "threatened" every time you are confronted with parents whose children "have" recovered?   Or perhaps you DID do intensive intervention methods and unfortunately your child didn't recover. You have my sympathy, just as I am sure you would have the sympathy of many other parents.  However, just because not every child with "leukemia", for example, doesn't "recover" certainly does not mean that other children with it "don't" recover.  For certain leukemias, the "recovery rate" is currently "60%", that's good enough for many parents to choose to do whatever it takes to recover their child if possible.  If their child doesn't recover, they do not strike out at those parents whose children "have" recovered nor call the doctors offering treatments for leukemia "sick".  Nor do they go around telling other parents of children with leukemia that "leukemia cannot be cured".

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  "Might" it just be "possible" that your belief may be a "defense mechanism" that works for you?  There is nothing wrong with that, we all have need and have chosen beliefs that "get us through the night" when needed and I would be the last person to deny that parenting a child with autism can be very challenging, upsetting, and wearying at times.  I have no bones with what "works" for anyone in that situation.  I do have bones with their "imposing" their "truth" on others and dissuading other parents from trying interventions that can cause no "harm" and are far less "time intensive" or financially expensive than many other interventions.

    Personally, my opinion is that using the Houston Nutraceuticals enzymes instead of a gfcf diet is very low cost and low effort and well worth a "try" to see if it helps your child.  And I speak from having done the gfcf diet for four years before switching to the enzymes.  And using the Byonetics CD"s is also VERY LOW COST, just FYI its $300 upfront and then $25 a month for 12 months for which you receive about 10 CD's I think over the course of the 12 months for anyone that is interested.  If your insurance company covers Sensory Integration Therapy, and they often do IF you child is under 6 years of age AND the therapist knows how to "code" your child's diagnosis and the treatment provided, then I highly suggest trying that, too.  I also strongly suggest learning how to do "Floortime" therapy, which I learned by reading the book "The Special Child" from the library and again later in a bookstore, and also by having "two" training sessions with a certified highly-skilled Floortime Therapist who "trained" me how to do it with my child with my child "there" while she did so using him and his sister to "demonstrate" to me "how" to do it. 

    Lastly, I would recommend the wonderful book "A Slant of Light: One Boy's Courage" by Beth Kephart, about her son who was diagnosed with PDD around age 2 and had severe speech apraxia as well.  Why do I recommend this book?  Because she  addresses "why" she and her husband chose to do a "less intensive" intervention, "what" they did, the factors it was based on, her "inner peace" with her choice, and the reassurance this book can give to parents of a newly diagnosed child that a child "can" make significant iand satisfying mprovements with a less intensive intervention and that there are many "shades" of success for a child with autism with which parents can live comfortably and happily.  One doesn't need to feel "badly" about being "limited" in what one can "afford" to do or has the time and personal energy or ability to do.  She is a gifted professional writer and shares in depth her contemplation and analysis of her own personal temperament, personality, and feelings as she comes to grips with her son's diagnosis, her responses to it, her thoughts about its "causes", and her and her husband's choices about what to "do" about it.  Again, this descriptive personal analysis she shares of her feelings, thoughts, and choices is one of the reasons I recommend this book highly to other parents.  I believe it is important and very helpful for parents of newly diagnosed children to take the time to carefully think through and discuss their own thoughts and feelings about their child's diagnosis and what they want "to do" about it, just as Beth did, so they can make decisions about intervention which they can "live with" with inner peace.   Her son is not "recovered" by the end of the book but is very much improved at the age of 8 or 9 and doing well within a regular classroom.   And his parents are "happy" and satisfied with his outcome and their choices regarding what to do each step along his way to that outcome.  Many years later, after my own son was long recovered, after recommending this book once again to a new mother, I suddenly became curious to see how Beth's son "turned out" and I found that he did continue to improve after that and actually did reach "recovery" and is considered "gifted", as you can find out by reading some of her other books she wrote afterwards in which he and how he turned out is mentioned though not "focused" on.  Beth Kephart was a professional writer when her son was born and has written on various topics.  I highly recommend her books which are beautiful in their "eloquence" about what she feels is really important for children to be "doing" during "childhood" and how some of the "changes" in childhood today impact children today.

    Okay, I am "done".  I offer all this as an encourage to other parents to take the time to examine their own heart about their child's autism and about "what" they would be comfortable in doing about it.  Please "consider" the source of advice you may receive regarding "what" you should or "shouldn't" do and the possible "psychological" reasons or defense mechanisms that may underlie some parents' advice and "cautiions".  Ultimately, "you" are the best judge of what is best for your child and your family, what "amount" of intervention you choose to do, and "which" interventions you use.  As ultimately it is "you" and "your child" who have to "live" with the decisions you make.  What "if" your child, despite your best efforts "doesn't" recover?  My best advice is that it's important to prepare yourself for whatever results are achieved, accepting your child exactly as he or she "is" every step of the way, while still "hoping" and "working" for "more".  I think many of the parents who are so "hostile" to the "R" word are actually simply unhappy and "angry".  I wish them only "peace", and they have both my sympathy and compassion.  I just wish they might consider some being more sympathetic and compassionate with themselves and others.

    Dr. Lovaas sensitively addresses the painful issue of those children who do not achieve recovery in his book "The Me Book".  You can read his gentle and compassionate words in it.  I also heard him address this issue extemporaneously when asked about children who do not recover even though they received his intervention.  He gently talked about life sometimes being unfair in various ways and how things don't always turn out as we had hoped.  We don't always achieve the dreams we had for ourselves, and that sometimes even children without autism do not achieve the dreams their parents had for them either.  Many people do not achieve the dreams they had for themselves, and that in this experience of unfulfilled dreams and "suffering" that accompanies them, children with autism who do not recover are able to "share" with the rest of us as just an aspect of being "human".  I found his thoughtful and careful reply to be very compassionate and comforting.  This was many years before my own son was adopted and I had to face autism in my own child rather than a child I was "working with".  I reflected on what Dr. Lovaas had said then and also what he wrote in his book many times as I worked toward my own son's recovery in order to prepare myself to be "happy" and "at peace" whatever the outcome.

    Wishing everyone that reads this post only the best and "peace" themselves,

    Perhaps I should clarify that my previous post was in response to rereading all the previous posts in this thread, in particular the one by "JacksMum" in which she said that Jean Genet, whom she has never "met" or "spoken with", saying he is "recovered" from having autism as a child is "just sick".

    I spent YEARS listening to "professionals" denigrate Dr. Lovaas' work and when I questioned them privately one-on-one if they had attended any of his seminars or read his published research, or viewed videos of the children he recovered from before they started treatment, during treatment, and after treatment, or met any of his recovered children, they all said "no", yet they would pass judgment on him and his method to hundreds of people at a time. I softly suggested that if they actually looked into his method, read the research, looked at his video documentation, they might feel differently.  When I asked these same people, again "one on one" not in front of hundreds, if they had "outcome" data on "their" methods effectiveness, they said they "did not believe" in keeping such data!  I was shocked.  And one of them is one of the main people that espouses and encourages the "autism is lifelong" "autism cannot be cured" "children with autism do not recover" mindset.  How convenient to not "keep" outcome data because one doesn't "believe" in it.  When one "has" significant results of children changing functioning levels or "recovering" and losing their autism or pdd diagnosis and doing so by kindergarten or first grade trust me, you keep "outcome data" (!), when one doesn't have such results, one doesn't keep outcome data.  That's basically the bottom line.

    I did not use Lovaas' methods with my son as it wasn't what he needed, I am trained in and "aware of" and share with others who ask, "many" many other methods.  When I had a private practice working with autistic children, I used an eclectic approach, customizing what I did to each child's needs and also the parents choices after sharing what methods there were that could be used and which ones of those I offered.  I was "glad" to help them locate providers or sources of methods which I didn't offer but they were interested in learning more about or having provided to their child.  I kept a list, it's not hard to "do" nor does it cost much to offer a xeroxed list with contact info and books about them.  I have personally visited and observed firsthand several methods in action "where" they were developed in many cases.  Please be sure to "ask" if a critic of a method has actually read the research on it, seen it "in action", actually met the developer of it, or are they really just passing on what is basically nothing more than "gossip"?  Ie, they "heard" it from someone else, who heard it from someone else in most cases.  Really this is very unprofessional in my opinion, and so very "sad", and it ultimately hurts the very CHILDREN whom professionals are supposed to be "helping"! And whom their parents are "trusting" to help them make good decisions about what to "do" for their children.

    I was often discouraged at the "polarization" in the autism field, the hostility and aggressiveness with which one method's proponents would "attack" proponents of other methods.  Surely we could and should all "work together" for the benefit of the children?  Surely we should provide full disclosure of methods available to parents of newly diagnosed children?  Don't professionals owe parents at the very least "peace of mind" about their child's outcome and what was done to improve it?  Rather than their later feeling "betrayed" by professionals to whom they turned for guidance?  And now it's even "parents" attacking other parents regarding intervention methods!!  Shouldn't "parents" of all people "join hands" with compassion and careful speech and work together to help each other and each other's children?

    I am no longer a working professional in the field, having quit when I adopted my two children.  And I am no longer the parent of a child with autism, but I still "keep up with" various developments in the field because I am old enough to remember when it WAS true that autism was "lifelong" and children indeed DID NOT recover.  But due to many developments in treatment: medical, nutritional, educational, and psychological, children DO recover, they do.  And it disheartens me greatly that new parents continue to be told they "can't", "don't", and it "doesn't matter" what you try, how "early" you try it, or what you "combine it with" when actually it DOES.  It's been 10 years since Dr. Lovaas' results were broadcast with "before" and "after" videos on the nightly network news and "still" even his method, which has now recovered "thousands" of children, is still "dismissed" as not "recovering" children at all and school districts and other public agencies refuse to provide it.  I have also heard the Option Institute's Sonrise method disparaged and their son Raun described as "not really recovered".  I have had the pleasant honor of speaking with Raun  more than once and he IS recovered. 

    It is all SO SAD, just so sad.  Parents and professionals should "join together" and work to see just how many "more" children could be "recovered" through "combining" intervention methods rather than disparaging them and discouraging parents from doing any "else" than "their" method.  I have already seen child after child, and you can go to any bookstore (and I encourage you to do so) and read about child after child recovering from autism nowadays.  You can also view "videos" of recovered children before, during, and after treatment right on the net even.  You can obtain a video of Raun Kaufman through the years as he grew up, the child for whom the "Sonrise Method" was developed by his parents.  You could even call the Option Insitute and arrange to speak with him if you want.  It simply IS NOT TRUE that autism cannot be "cured" or that children with autism cannot "recover".  And people who say so are not "sick", just speaking the truth.  And I am no longer going to remain politely "silent" when others say autism cannot be cured and children do not recover from it.

    Not all children "recover", but many "can" with appropriate intervention for their needs.  And today, many "more" are recovering with the use of multiple simulataneous interventions at an early enough age hopefully as soon as possible after the autism is recognized. 

    DhasaBy the way, I have also talked with Jean Charles Genet at length, yes he is a relative of the playwright Jean Genet, and any parent would be very happy to have their child as able and "recovered" as Jean is.  Jean already made his money working with singers and performers helping them to perform their best, stay physically well, and psychologically well-grounded while on "tour".  He turned to helping autistic children when he ealized there were now "so many" of them and that he had something to offer them.  He lives in the Florida keys where he also works with dolphins. 

    Jean doesn't "solicit" anyone but parents do find out about his Byonetics CD's by word of mouth.  His fees are very reasonable and far less for an entire year of therapy and all the materials needed than many parents spend per month on medical or ABA treatment.  Not that I am disparaging those methods at all.  Just making a "cost" comparison.

    I have no financial connection with Jean Genet, just sharing for any curious parents that the costs of providing the Byonetics Program to your child is $300 down and $25 a month for 12 months thereafter.  You receive a book he has written, 10 CD's over the course of a year to be used according to his instructions, daily emails from him, and access to a support forum of other parents using his CD's.  He offers no guarantees of "recovery", just CD's that you play at nighttime and during the day as a "background", and then you find out as you use them "how much" your particular child responds and improves.  For many parents, just the "improvement" in their child being able to "go to sleep" and "stay asleep" alone is worth the entire cost of the program.  And without any "drugs" or "risks", just playing CD's.

    Oh, yes, you also have the "option" of arranging for your child to receive special therapy from Jean himself while in the water with dolphins in the Florida Keys.  The only requirement he has is that your child has been using the Byonetics CD's for a minimum of 60 days before doing so.  His personal fee for this service is also very modest.

    This is "all" the Byonetics program is about.  There is no reason for some of the posts in this thread trying to scare parents who simply want to know what "Byonetics" is about by talking about "poisoning" or "death" as possible "risks" of using it.  






      Contact Mr Genet at or call his 800 #  regarding the CDs.  My experience has been that you should have the CDs in a couple of days.  All the best.







    I just found this info on Sunday and I am so excited. How long should I expect it to take before someone gets a hold of me to tell me how to get my CD's for Jimmy?

     Ait, Listening, Byonetics all around great and are mostly likely to work. Most problems like this our done by Dr.'s The medical community doesn't recognize it cause it is considered UNConvential methods.  I disagee on the herb issue. I know people who live on them and our very healthy people. Those who know the Bible know God tells us to eat them. It is in Genesis.  Meds and herbs/supplemsents should not be given at same times. Here is how I do it. I take my thyroid stuff before bed time. This allows no problems from the supplements and herbs I do in the day. Caffeine/ Citrus lesson absorbtion rates. I take all daily supplements in a liquid form. I do cause they are 98% absorbed pills are only 10 % it is in a Dr. desk reference. Some people react different to stuff. We were told try DMEA for Focus our school said made him worse. I belive it is the cafateria food that really does it. I try it and if I see no difference we stop it. Never hurts to try.

    sorry to make it long.

    Can someone inform me of how and where to purchse the Byonetics CD's?  I know that there are some misgivings about the product, but are there any hardcore negative outcomes that anyone has heard about? I am just curious to know...  This is the email address for Jean Genet.  I think his web address is   My son has used the CD's with no ill effect.


    There is a possibility for a day or two that a child could regress such as bed wetting or what not.  It is really minor considering what you are trying to do. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my 6 year old since we have used the cd's.This Thanksgiving was so wonderful with him engaging other children in conversation. This is new in the last month since I started the cd's. 

    In addition, he has started arguing with me.  What a blessing to hear  "not now I'm busy!!!!"  He never spoke his mind before, just meltdowns.  Good luck. Jean has an email forum that has helpful information also; in addition things I would have never known about. 


    Cool. I'll check it out and let you know what I think.  This is all new to me so I have to research around and see what I come up with...I find it interesting that the only way to get information on the program is to divulge your email address. There is also no research information on the website with scientific studies of kids and their recovery rates.  Save your money guys. Cherylann, you don't have to "divulge" your email address to get information on Byonetics.  Just go to their website and "read".  I myself read every single posting by parents using it, which took quite a while.  But the information I needed to make my own decision was there.  I found out about Jean Charles Genet and the Byonetics CDs initially through him and his work being mentioned and included in a listing of autism resources.  After reading that, I was intrigued enough to google and find his Byonetics website that way, along with other information.

    Jean Charles Genet pushes his program on no one and does nothing to "peddle" it either.  It's simply parents sharing with other parents, and we receive no "financial compensation" for doing so.   It's what's called "word of mouth", often the most powerful "advertising" there is.  If someone wants to fund "scientific studies" let them have at it.

    I have a Master's Degree in Special Education and 20+ years of experience working with children with ASD.  I am nobody's "fool" and did my own "due diligence" on Byonetics to my satisfaction.  The financial outlay is very "small".

    I  simply am not going to "stand by" and be "silent" while people deride something they haven't looked into very far or actually "tried".  Especially something so "affordable" for parents and so "easy" to "use".

    I appreciate your good intentions in trying to keep parents from being "taken". The original question that started this thread was from a parent seeking more information about Byonetics.  That is all I and the other parents using Byonetics who have posted here are trying to do: provide the information about it that was requested.   I assume parents want to know "what it is", "how it works", and "how much it costs".  I have provided that information in earlier posts to this thread.
    I assume most parents can apply their own "due diligence" and will email parents using it for more information if they want it.  Or go to the Byonetics site and read for themselves. 

    Best wishes,


    Dear jperry,

    I am still using the Byonetics CD and happily so.  Many of the others who posted to this thread are also still using and very happy with the results.  It is a rather large group.  Few parents do "just" Byonetics alone, rather Byonetics is a "part", but an important  part, of their child's overall intervention.  Byonetics greatly increases many children's response to the other therapies they are receiving. Byonetics is such an "easy" thing to add into your daily routine and quite inexpensive, too.  Many young children have made tremendous progress with the Byonetics.   They are losing their ASD or PDD diagnoses.

    You can also email Jean Genet directly at the group asking for other users to email you with their feedback if you want to.

     I have been researching byonetics for my three year old son who is PDD-NOS. I noticed that there haven't been any more postings about the byonetics CD. Is anyone still having success? I have a friend using it with her daughter. We have seen AMAZING results! I'm looking for the "good, bad, ugly" research and can't find any. I want to make sure that this CD is safe! I have researched/attended a conference on sonomas and learned that it could put a child in a coma. I realize this is DIFFERENT that Sonomas, but there always seems to be words of caution to everything. Does any one have anything else to say in regards to this topic, good or bad? I'm also interested in this "regression" mentioned. Has anyone used it and stayed in the "regressed state" without advancing? Thanks!


    I can't thank Jean Genet enough for all that he has done for my grandson that I am raising. People are afraid of the unknown, and sometimes are skeptical. That's their prerogative.

    My grandson has improved greatly since the Byonetics therapy. I have not done chelation, but do give supplements. I all so send him to public Kindergarten, and he does well. The teachers have asked what I am doing at home, that is causing the vast improvement. I told them. They think the CD's couldn't be whats working for him.

    I think it a combination of the CD's and the good advice that come from the wonderful parents in Jeans forum. I have been a member for 2 and 1/2 years. Maybe Byonetics isn't for everyone, but is is working for my grandson.

    The best thing in this world that will help our children is for all parents and family to pull together, and help one another. Every child is different, and one thing doesn't work for every child or person.

    But, I know from our experience that Jeans Genets Byontics works!

    He all so has Dolphin therapy, we haven't tried that yet. However I have been thinking about it.

    It all comes down to what you think will work for your child. Have fatith in what you are doing, and have faith in your child. Most of all have faith in your self. May God Bless!


    I've read the web page with all of the feedback and all of these posts here regarding this treatment. I could not find one comment about the content of the CDs. What is the child hearing when he/she listens to these CDs. If it is just pretty sounds, how would this work rather than music? What is the science behind this? Is this similar to Auditory Integration Training? 

    It has been awhile since the last post. There seemed to be so many people that have children using this treatment. Where do those children sit now? What is their social abilities?

    The sound on the CD's is babbling water, like a small creek passing over some small rocks.  The therapeutic sounds are embedded within the babbling sounds that you "hear".   It is a very pleasant sound to listen to, and there is also a special CD you play as a "background" in your home all day.  In addition to the CD you play while your child falls asleep.  

    I have used one of the CD's to help me fall to sleep myself.  


         I know situations like this have come up in the past when a set of new people start promoting a product, you will not see a lot of people respond to this.  It causes people to wonder if the aim of the posters is strictly marketing.  I am just posting in case there are some other innocent new members getting caught up in this. This is a pretty thrustworthy site for parents, but please know that entry barrier is pretty low so you have to take some suggestions with a grain of salt.


    So this is good for the average insomniac? My son does not have trouble getting to sleep. You have stated before that you have used it on your child. I will not bother asking again about the status of your childs social abilities as there may have been more treatments used aside from this one, but since you received the CDs and have spoken with the maker you must know the science behind it right? please explain further than what they are willing to advertise on the web site.

    You know, I have absolutely *no* financial involvement with the Byonetics CDs.  I am just another parent who decided to use them.  I don't see that sharing my experience with the Byonetics CDs should justify being attacked or having aspersions cast upon my motivations.  I received a message in my email box that a question had been posted on this pretty old thread.  I kindly took the time to respond.  For this I get attacked?  That says far more about the person doing the attacking than it does about me. 

    As for my child's "social" skills, my child is completely recovered and makes A's in all his subjects.  He is now 11. My son did have extreme difficulty with going to sleep at night, leaving him very "tired" every day, especially on school days.  So he and I were both *very happy* that the Byonetics CD helped him to go to sleep much more quickly.  Seeing how it worked for my son, I bought my own CD from Jean to use for myself.

    Please spare me any more of your "attacks".  All I did was answer a question after receiving a message notice in my email box. 

    PS - If you want to know more about the "science" behind the CD's, just do what I did. Sign up to receive a personal phone call from Jean Genet himself.  Then ask your questions.  Only I suggest you be far more polite to him than you have been to me.  There was no charge for the phone call he made to me.  Just FYI, most of the information he shared with me over the phone I had already read by myself at the website.

    This thread was begun by someone asking if anyone had used the Byonetic CDs with their child and, if so, what results they had seen.  Some "senior members" of this group then began attacking the parents who had responded to the request for other parents' feedback. 

    My child has recovered, for which I am very grateful every single day.  I am sorry if the children of the parents who did the attacking haven't recovered.  Recovery does happen.  I worked in the field of autism helping to recover children for 20 years, before adopting two wonderful children.  One of whom I later helped to recover from autism.  I would give the most credit for my child's recovery to God, to whom I prayed for Him to heal him.   If you want to attack me for crediting God for my child's recovery go right ahead.   I can think of far worse things to be villified for.

    I am not disposed to "share" what I did to recover my son with someone as hateful as you are.  I have been quite open with others in other venues who were actually *interested* in knowing what I did.  Rather than just "asking" just so that you can then "attack" me again for whatever I then share.

    As my mother used to say "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar".

    I feel the only thing Jean Genet is guilty of is
    explaining his product poorly. Modern medicine Dr's
    rarely suggest or prescribe anything which is alternative
    medicine and they can't bill an insurance company for or
    get a kick back from a drug company for. You would have
    to talk to a Dr who has studied outside of the box.

    Quite frankly, everything that has helped my daughter
    become who she is today have been homeopathic treatments.
    The diets and naet treatment ( ) have worked
    wonders for her.

    I haven't used the byonetics treatment for my daughter
    but I can understand the basis of it. If any of you would
    like to understand more of what it's about, check out a
    few books on vibrational therapy. It will help you to
    understand how his treatment can potentially work.
    (Not saying it does or doesn't, I haven't used it)

    However vibrational therapies are very real and do work.
    Sound and light therapies work upon the same principles
    give or take.I have tried the byonetics program and have not seen any improvement. I think all the "repairing" switches in the brain is hoax. There is no such thing and please save your money towards therapy because it works. I have used the therapy for more than 9 months and gave it up finally.