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I need some advice, I would like to know, What is the best vitamin to give my 4 year old son? I know there are many out there that can help, but if I were to start him on the best one possile, What would it be? Please help!!! Fish oil - Omega 3's. I used to give Payne pediasure b/c he wouldn't eat a balanced meal. Thanks, Payne's Mom, Also, my son is non-verbal,is there any supplement that can help? I have heard that B-12 shots help with speech,any suggestions? "I just saw your post- I would try m b12 shots if you are interested. We are doing them but have not had success with any verbal activity. Connor is still nonverbal except for babbling and some sound imitations. We also do  omega 3 fish oil. probiotics, gabba, magnesium, and dr. neubranders vitamin powder. I have heard of great results with these- I wish Connor was one of them!! But I am afraid to stop trying. Good luck with whatever you decide!!

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Just saw your post:) We did it at least 3 years ago... it came in capsule form and I would puncture it and mix with syrup then draw up in syringe plunger device and give it to her but honestly can't remember how many capsules; others on this board can help with how many:) Good luck~they have better tasting ones out now:)

Thanks ShellyR, Sebastian was saying 2 word sentences at 10 months, but lost it all at 13 months. Would you happen to know how much I should give him? I will be using liquid form.

Omega fish oils are excellent for nonverbal kids and come highly recommended:)

I can't really say, Payne is verbal and has been since he was a baby. He just wasn't easy to understand and didn't understand words easily. I give my kids chewable Multibytes with minerals by GNC. I get it wet and roll it in sugar to get them to chew it.  I have tried expensive vitamins for Autistics, but my kids get such an increase in symptoms on them.  I have heard that an increase in symptoms sometime means good things but it is just so difficult to endure.  They are really extreme symptoms.  The best part about chewables is that Autistics supposedly have such bad guts that they can't absorb nutrition.  With chewables, the vitamins are absorbed in the mouth, so it circumvents that problem.   In addition, I just worry about giving them other vitamins with such high levels of certain vitamins because I don't know what thier current levels are and without that knowledge, it just can be problematic.  I then give them extra calcium, zinc and magnesium, B12 and Vitamin C.  Lots of Vitamin C.  I have had good luck with this regime.  Do you credit the mangosteen juice for the normal stools.  I never heard of it, but am always willing to learn.I am giving my son, whos 3, the nordic naturals omega 3, 6, 9 junior capsules. I have been giving him 3 a day and have noticed a lot more babbling since I started them about a month and a half ago.. Hope that helps. Good luck to you!

I am glad to see this information.  Thanks everyone!



I use DMG and Folinic Acid for my 4 yr old slightly verbal son as well as others (Super Nu Thera, Fish Oil)..we also take herbs for yeast and digestion

We also have been giving our son James Nordic Cod Liver Oil in lemon flavor and I have to say I have noticed a HUGE difference. We have been doing it for about a month now. He gets 1 TBSP a day and I sneak Flax Seed Oil into smoothies we call "Ice Cream Juice"  James was verbal before but had difficulty using real words not jargon and sentence structure. His length of utterance is better and he is using much less jargon.

I went onto the DAN! website and read about supplements they suggest. I just bought DMG, Vitamin C and more Cod Liver Oil. The website suggested after an introductory period of DMG (it is a vitamin b) then give with folic acid. Kirkmanlabs sells this stuff.

We have given James Xango (mangosteen juice) for about 6 months now which is supposed to be anti viral and kill yeast. I think it has helped him. His stools are great. We are not on the GFCF diet.   Johanna  

DMG, B12 shots, If the child has yeast you have to get rid of it might need Nystatin (speak to a doctor).All fatty acids we all do not have enough of. B complex either. Amino acids also. Now at walmart pharmcey we can get flavored addiditives against over the counter. Therapeutic levels are not the same as RDA levels. I like liquids can  juice taste can hide the taste plus they never know it's there. They say liquids absorb better. I hear liquid health is a good one also.

Hi, I use Provex it is a supplement my sons takes. has been working great for him. Sems to have more focus in school. For more info you can contact me.


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Well, my son's DAN doctor recommended Child Essence from Integrative Therapeutics and Citramin II from KirkmanLabs.  Well, at first the vitamins caused everyone to have an increase in symptoms and I stopped them.  But after thinking about it, I realized its best and put them all back on them.  For some reason, this time the increase in symptoms was minimal.  I didn't return to the Citramin II though, instead I am currently using Advanced mineral formula from  I found this one doesn't cause an increase in symptoms, and has a calming affect.  I also like the ratio of minerals better.  I believe they are helping with increasing socialization in general and much more talkative and talking more effectively.  I have my children on lots of treatments, so its difficult to say exactly which treatment is doing what, and they are nearly all symptom-free now.  But, currently, I am going with these two products for their vitamin and mineral needs.  But I also give chewable calcium, since my children and I all have difficulty keeping our calcium levels up in our blood.  I get them from KirkmanLabs too.    so basically b 12 shots help kids get more verbal and omega 3 liquid etc feeds the brain? am i right? my son is verbal ,just need a lot of understanding of how he combines words and to conversate properly. not sure if the omega 3 is good for him ? I use omega 3 's on all three of my children (Two are NT and the youngest
has Autism). One child likes the Coromega orange flavor and the youngest
likes Nordic Natural Omega 3-6-9 and Childrens DHA. I take the Coromega
as well ( it tastes good) My kids also take juice plus vitamins.

For my youngest, DMG , liquid selenium, lithium,liquid calcium and
magnesium, colostrum,Probiotic Support Formula,liqid Zinc,Essential GSH,
liquid Chelate mate from new beginnings, folinic acid is added to his

The above list changes from time to time as we try new things and delete
others. Also depending upon his test results. My sons motto is, if I can not
mix it in orange juice than he will not drink it.

Well, I guess if I were to credit B12 shots with specific improvements, at this point I would say they helped in all areas, but I really noticed it helped my 15 year old talk well.  He now talks normal, in a relaxed manner, and says stuff that is pertinant to the conversation. 

I credit cod liver oil with decreasing symptoms of hyperactivitiy, clumsiness, stuttering, incoherant communication, unorganized behaviors, and poor concentration.  It also helped with digestion -- I didn't know it was going to do that.   

Hi!  My son had lost all of his speech, went silent.  I had read on the Autism Research Institute about DMG.  We immediately started giving it to him and within 5 days his voice returned.  He sang, "babies on the bus go wa, wa wa".  I started crying.  This was  about 8 months ago.  Through behavior, speech at OT he has made many strides!  Good Luck!



Nordic Naturals makes a great-tasting liquid Cod Liver Oil, which supplies omega 3-6 and 9. *All* of us need fish oil. This one happens to taste good and be free of heavy metals.


Does the Nordic Cod Liver Oil blend well if added to a drink?

Endo-met laboratories "Endo-Mins."

most autistic and PDD children are suffering from Adrenal exaustion and malabsorption. These vitamins have extre adrenal support and digestive enzymes.

THe most important thing to consider with adding vitamins or any nutritional supplement is that it must be liquid for best absorption in the body.  I have had excellent luck with finding some great products.  Please feel free to email me if you would like more info at


I find this information interesting, especially about using fish oil, which I had been using myself so I know I have some in the cupboard.  I am wondering though if they work on older children with autism.  My boys are 16 and 19.

Yes, use cod liver oil.  Most people buy the Nordic Naturals over the net.  Anyhow, cod liver oil has a natural Vitamin A and D in it that is likely to be absorbed whereas the majority of autistics cannot absorb Vitamin A from plants.  I started taking it as an adult, as well as my husband, and my children all take it.  My 15 year old started taking it when he was 14, and he is definitely improved from it.  Love the stuff.  His Dan doc recommends giving him enough to where it equates to him getting 5000IU of Vitamin A  a day, which is about a tablespoon of the brand I get.  It works gradually, expect to give it at least 3 months, and some give it for many years.  We have been taking it a year and we love it so much we will continue.  My 5 year old son's speech becomes incoherant when he doesn't take it.  With it, he speaks beautifully.


The ways in which supplements work can be very complex.  To get an overview of the basic concepts, go to the KirkmanLabs web site and look at the roadmap...When you scroll over it, it explains what different supplements are and what they do...You can also see how everything is interconnected.

Now speaking as a physician, I always recommend that only one supplement be started at a time.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a good choice.  Andrew takes Coromega from Kirkman's.  I always wait at least a week if not several before adding on.

The first supplement we started in January was Methyl-B12 injections.  We had a consult with a DAN! doc and did the 5 week trial with no other changes...Andrew was a moderate to significant responder.  Since then we have added, one at a time, Coromega, probiotics, folinic acid, powdered multivitamin and mineral supplement dosed by weight, calcium, iron, and topical glutathione cream.

Dear Andrew's Mommy:

What do you think about the topical glutathione cream?  I have heard both good and bad about it.  I haven't tried it yet.  My son didn't test low on glutathione so maybe its not for him.  I haven't researched it yet.




We did the glutathione cream because although Sarah had no mercury she had high was horribly smelly like really strong sulfer... and cost almost 0  a tube because it has to be made up in a compound pharmacy.

...we only did it a few weeks because it literally made her stink so bad along with the whole house.  I never noticed any behaviors or side effects on it...her lead level was normal the next time they tested her:)

the glut cream has been a lifesaver for us. Worked to get levels up to near normal so far. Shelley is right--it does stink some but the smell only lasts 30 minutes or so before it is absorbed. Also, we gets our from LeeSilsby pharmacy and they now file some insurance. Our cream is per month plus shipping.Interesting, thanks for the info.